read online Prime Operation Gadgetman!Author Malorie Blackman –

Beans dad, Gadgetman, invents a machine that can empty the money out of ATM machines This lands him in the custody of a couple of thugs who want the machine to themselves Now, Beans and her friends are on the case to find her dad and his kidnappers before they find out how the machine works A great book for the family to read a chapter of each night It got so suspenseful that we had to read the last two chapters in one sitting. Good pre teen book Short, but a nice story. It s fine, I just don t like it very much. A good mystery choice for kids enough details to make things interesting, but not very violent or scary The plot was a little bit predictable for me, but not too much so And the British English is fun exploding biscuits Beans Calls Her Dad Gadgetman Because Of The Weird And Wonderful Gadgets He Comes Up With Everything From Exploding Biscuits To Spy Kits But When Gadgetman Accidentally Invents A Device That Could Be Used To Steal Millions Of Pounds, The Wrong People Find Out And Gadgetman Is Kidnapped With The Help Of Her Friends And Her Special Gadgetman Spy Kit Beans Is Determined To Track Down The Kidnappers And Rescue Her Dad But Can She Find Gadgetman Before He Is Forced To Hand Over The Details Of His Invention