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I admit it I bought this book with fiendish glee and a bit of morbid curiosity Then I loaned it to a friend with a maniacal cackle. I m not a huge fan of Christmas romance in general So it s really not surprising that my Christmas posts for the next few weeks will feature a couple historicals and, well, this I guess it s sort of futuristic I d called it speculative fiction rather than sci fi though because there s no real science going on in this book After all, I don t think anyone is necessarily working on technology to make fully formed husbands to order at all the mall the matrimonial equivalent of Build A Bear But that s just what happens at the Manporium in Elise Logan and Emily Ryan Davis More than a Man.When Noelle goes to the mall to order her third husband, it s a bit of a scandal Typically Manporium relationships are for life, but the particular traits Noelle had built into her first two husbands led to their early demises Her trip is just one stop during a busy day of Christmas shopping though and the mall is packed with shoppers and husband builders So it s not that surprising when an overwrought buyer collides with Noelle, causing her to almost drop her communication device, getting her shopping list a little muddled with with her list of desirable husbandly traits When a few weeks later Aya shows up at her door a little earlier thna expected, Noelle is thrown off balance and not just by his slightly untimely arrival.As for Aya, well, he s just been built He comes implanted with certain made up memories and experiences and habits, some of which Noelle requested, some of which seem unique to him And then there are the unintentional consequences of Noelle s collision at the Manporium Like the fact that he smells like gingerbread and has a Red Hot tongue, for starters, But it s clear from the beginning that Aya isn t some kind of pre programmed robot who is just going to do exactly what Noelle expects and exactly what she has envisioned Her previous Manporium experiences haven t prepared her for Aya s take charge attitude or ability to grow and change and adapt independent of her wishes almost like a real husband ha.Though on the face of it More Than A Man is a silly romp through some kind of alternate reality where women buy self designed husbands, It actually does have a broader point to make about how people go about selecting spouses The Jerry Maguire ideal of you complete me is completely subverted here as Aya demonstrates not only what Noelle thought she wanted, but what she needs Noelle wishes she were of a risk taker, for example, and she tried to build that trait into her previous husbands with disastrous results But sex in unconventional places proves to rev her motor, not to mention theumtentacles Yes, there are tentacles This betrays an adventurous streak that she should simply have claimed for her own rather than trying to invent a man to fulfill that need vicariously.This is an erotic romance and it s definitely on the hotter end of the erotic romance spectrum Readers will also have to be okay with Aya s, well, unconventional appendages They re not just there for show, after all But in a Christmas romance marketplace that sometimes seems overrun with puppies and children and sappy scenes in front of a roaring fire if you like that, so sorry it just isn t my thing , the gingerbread tentacle man does put a new spin on things.For a recipe inspired by More Than A Man, visit Cooking Up Romance SFR romance.Loved the hot loving and amazing dominant H, who just adored the h.But can I just say most irritating h ever She s like a chronically anxious ostrich.Seriously there s a cloud of steam on my head now Took off a star for that She could have been written in a sympathetic way.Also a bit of tentacle loving which I always thought was a bit erotic I guess you can read the book once, just for the H. At first with the mix up on the download I thought this is going to a very weird bready kind of guy and things will fall apart But actually he was super hot and the story was really good Loved the romance and the vulnerability between the couple Very good book. It takes a lot for me to say that a book has too much sex, but in this case I feel that it s warranted The idea behind the book is a good one What would it be like if you could create your own perfect man But, the society feels under developed and we are left with a lot of questions, like how does the society cope with supporting all of these extra invented people Are there make your own bride stores too or does the privilege only apply to women who want men If an invented person and a natural born person have a child we know they are only allowed to have one legally does that baby count as a natural born baby or an invented baby There was a lot here to work with in terms of a conflicted and complex advanced society, but the book misses the mark by focusing only on the potentials of the sexual relationship and passing on the culture study The sex is good though If you ever had an octopus fantasy, this is the one for you. I never thought there d be a day where a futuristic sci fi erotic romance would be my choice for a Christmas day read, but there is a first time for everything This was such a fun and interesting and super sexy story Noelle lives in a world where you can create your mate and so she s gone to the wedding emporium for her third try at a husband, having learned from her mistakes of the first two men she created She s got the perfect list now only she s also been writing up a Christmas shopping list with ingredients for gingerbread men, and a note to buy her friend some tentacle porn Naturally, there is a mixup at the store and she gets her perfect man with the additions from her Christmas list Hmm, a man who smells like gingerbread, with a tongue that leaves trails of red hot candy in it s wake, and some tentacles that can serve as binding options for a little bondage play, or extra appendages to replace multiple men So many possibilities But along with all the interesting sex is a really good romance too, as Aya, her created mate, wants her to realize that while he may have the traits she wanted, he is growing in his own opinions and wants too, and that he wants her equally, in bed and out She s not only got a lover, she s got a companion and a friend too 4.5 stars for this unique holiday story. Wow Yes, yes, yes, this book deserves to be an erotica bestseller as it is so much than just a book about hot, kinky smex It has tenderness and insight into how people relate to their family and their lover, their hopes, dreams and fears From the post script it didn t sound as if there was plans to make this a series, but it would be great to read about manporium again in the future. Good SciFi erotic romance Set far in the future where you can custom order a husband Just be careful you don t get your husband list mixed up with your grocery list Just imagine how licorice whips and ginger are interpreted by the Manporium I liked this book Kind of campy and silly at times but entertaining. Two words Tentacle Sex.Now, either that piqued your interest or you ve gone screaming the opposite direction If those words squicked you out, but you re still readingand you haven t delved into the dark abyss of hentai if you don t know what it isfor all that is holy don t Google it you re not ready consider this tentacle sex 101 or vanilla tentacle sex or sweet tentacle sex Yes, I can t believe I wrote vanilla or sweet with tentacle sex I m still laughing In fact, I m going to say two words Tentacle Stu Yes, I went there Our tentacled monster is really hot, ubber tasty, totally understanding and sweet and loving and a bit of bore really I think this is really kinda cute and kinky if you re not so jadedly twisted like me. Manporium It S Where Women Of The Future Go To Buy The Men Of Their Dreamsand Where Twice Widowed Noelle Lytton Is Going To Buy The Third Man Of Her Dreams Like A Child Crafting A Christmas Wish List And Checking It Twice, Noelle Has Poured Every Last Measure Of Hope Into The Traits She S Selected To Make Up Her Third Husband She S Checked Her List Than Twice, Weighed It Against Past Mistakes And Future Anticipations, And As She Uploads Her Life S Savings To Pay The Balance, She Knows It S This Man Or NothingSometimes Things Don T Go Quite As Expected At Manporium, However, And A Bride S Wish List Is, Ersubject To Interpretation A Man Might, For Example, Come Out Smelling Like Gingerbread Cookies And Possessing Extra Appendages All Of Which Noelle Discovers As She Comes To Terms With The Husband Who, Despite Mistakes, Is Everything She Wanted And Much, MuchWord Count ,