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Set at a small affluent liberal arts college in New England eighties The Rules of Attraction is a startlingly funny kaleidoscopic novel about three students with no plans for the future—or even the present—who become entangled in a curious romantic triangle Bret Easton Ellis trains his incisive gaze on the kids at self consciously bohemian Camden College and treats their sexual posturings and agonies with a mixture of acrid hilarity and compassion while exposing the moral vacuum at the center of their lives The Rules of Attraction is a poignant hilarious take on the death of romance

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    The following is a true storyI was staying over at the boy's house We were post coital and all of a sudden he remembered he had to go to a friend's house and party with him for four hours I opted to wait for him in his bedroom This was uncommon because whatever it was just sex we didn't wait around for each other But I was in between places so I didn't have much of a choice I went down to the kitchen and found The Rules of Attraction on the stove I opened it up in the middle while eating a frozen dinner and drinking watermelon flavored Smirnoff At first I thought the narrator was a girl What a slut But then a chapter in I realized it was Paul Denton The book got sadder and sadder but I loved it The boy came home and kissed me and noticed I was reading it The next time he came over he brought it along with him and told me I could borrow it and smiledI finished the book two weeks later I'd kept going then read the back cover and raised my eyebrows when I saw that Brett Easton Ellis was a moralist I started from the beginning Everything changed I finished it I handed it back to the boy along with a drawing I made for him What are we doing? I asked him because I thought he liked me Uh I don't want a relationship right now Maybe we should end this he said and I said No Me neither Yeah He hugged me goodbye