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Terrence McCaleb is asked by the LAPD to help them investigate a series of murders that have them baffled They are the kind of ritualized killings that McCaleb specialized in solving with the FBI and he is reluctantly drawn from his peaceful new life back into the horror and excitement of tracking down a terrifying homicidal maniac More horrifying still the suspect who seems to fit the profile that McCaleb develops is someone he has known and worked with in the past Detective Harry Bosch A Darkness More Than Night is a fresh and lightning paced excursion into the dark side of Los Angeles and the hidden corners of the human heart by a writer hailed by the Los Angeles Times as one of the top rank of a new generation of crime writers Connelly's sales are rising fast than 200000 copies shipped of Void Moon Connelly has won every major mystery prize an Edgar Award a Nero Wolfe prize a Macavity Award and an Anthony Award

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    In this book published in 2001 Michael Connelly brings together three of the characters he had previously used as lead protagonists former FBI agent Terry McCaleb from Blood Work journalist Jack McEvoy from The Poet and LA Homicide Detective Harry Bosch whom Connelly had featured in several novels up to that point McEvoy plays a relatively minor role here while Bosch and McCaleb are center stageAs the book opens Bosch is assisting the prosecution in a high profile Hollywood murder trial A movie director is charged with murdering a young actress and then attempting to make the killing look like an accidental death Bosch was the lead detective on the case and made the arrestAs the case unfolds in court L A County Sheriff's detective Jaye Winston seeks out Terry McCaleb looking for help on a case that has dead ended McCaleb who was forced to retire after having a heart transplant is now living quietly running a charter fishing boat and carving out a life with his new wife their daughter and his adopted son But he hasn't lost the drive and the curiosity that once made him a leading FBI profilerWinston's case involves a scumbag named Edward Gunn who was once arrested by Harry Bosch for the murder of a prostitute Gunn managed to beat the charge and has now been found murdered in a ritualistic fashion Winston's case is going nowhere and she fears that this may be a serial killer who will be targeting victims after Gunn She appeals to McCaleb who had worked with her previously to look at the evidence and offer an opinionWell in for a penny The reader understands immediately even if Winston doesn't that once this case gets its hooks into McCaleb it's not going to let go Civilian or not and whether anyone wants him to or not McCaleb will wind up in the middle of it And the deeper McCaleb digs into the case the the evidence leads him in the direction of a startling suspectMeanwhile the trial in which Bosch is involved is having its ups and downs Just when it appears that the prosecution team has pretty much nailed the case against the cocky director things seems to take a bad turn And as the case seems to be hanging by a thread McCaleb's investigation intrudes into it with potentially dire consequences for everyone involvedThis is another very good novel from Michael Connelly Caleb and Bosch make a very interesting pairing and the plot takes one surprising twist after another One might argue that the ending is a little forced but that's a small complaint and this is another story from Connelly that kept me turning the pages well into the night An easy four stars

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    I started this knowing that it was Harry Bosch 7 but not knowing it was also Terry McCaleb 2 So not having read Terry McCaleb 1 I may have missed some of the overall goodness of the book However I got enough to give it four easy stars I have to admit I did not like McCaleb at all and this may be because I did not already know him He drew his outrageous assumptions about people based on ridiculously tiny facts and generally just pottered around being a nuisance Harry on the other hand dealt with his issues head on and I loved the way he kept popping up mysteriously just when he was needed This was an easy book to read I finished it in one day and am now looking forward to the next one

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    This 9th book in the 'Bosch Universe' pairs two popular Michael Connelly characters Harry Bosch and Terry McCaleb The book can be read as a standaloneHarry Bosch is a detective in the Los Angeles Police Department who almost always closes his cases but is usually on the wrong side of his superiorsTerry McCaleb is a former FBI profiler who after a heart transplant moved to Catalina Island with his wife stepson and baby girl Terry now runs a charter fishing business and tries to avoid stressAs the story opens Terry is contacted by Sheriff's Deputy Jaye Winston who asks him to have a quick look at the file of a puzzling murder case The victim is an alleged killer named Edward Gunn who was trussed up and murdered in a horrific fashion Terry is reluctant to get involved and strongly discouraged by his wife but is drawn into the investigation anyway In the meantime Harry Bosch is the main witness at the murder trial of David Storey a Hollywood director accused of murdering a young woman In court Harry describes the evidence against Storey AND says that when no one else was around Storey admitted he killed the girl and boasted he'd get away with it A scandal involving Harry would negate his testimony against Storey and it looks like one is about to break thanks to Terry McCaleb When Terry studies the scene of crime photos in the Edward Gunn murder file he observes deliberate symbols that remind him of a painting by 17th century Dutch artist Hieronymus Bosch called 'The Garden of Earthly Delights' The Garden of Earthly DelightsAs it happens Hieronymus Bosch happens to be Harry's given name and Terry puts two and two together to make five He tells Deputy Winston he thinks Bosch killed the trussed up victim Oh nosay it ain't so 😕As things play out Harry's old partner Kizmin Rider is tricked into talking about him information is leaked to reporter Jack McAvoy Terry's life is endangered and surprising secrets come to light A good deal of the novel is composed of courtroom scenes with witnesses being questioned and cross examined lawyers maneuvering to influence the jury and so on Courtroom drama is one of Connelly's favorite tropes and I always enjoy it but he goes a bit overboard in this bookand it slows down the storyStill I'd recommend the book to mystery readers especially Harry Bosch fans You can follow my reviews at

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    You get two character focuses in one in this story It really serves you well to have read Blood Work first to get a good sense of Terry McCaleb I believe it made a difference in my enjoyment While this is the 7th book in the Harry Bosch series it's the 8th in that universe and the second in the Terry McCaleb series For a large part of the story McCaleb and Bosch are operating independently until their worlds connect Terry believes Harry is behind the murder of Edward Gunn because aspects of the crime scene seem to provide a connection What makes this story compelling are the contrasts of the investigative styles of these two men Both have really good instincts but their approaches couldn't be different I wasn't all that happy with the narrator of the story particularly his interpretation of Harry In all fairness I'm an ingrained Dick Hill fan so he had a steep hill to climb Otherwise it was okay but I'm glad to see a change with the next book This is another fascinating chapter of the Harry Bosch world with the added bonus of Terry McCaleb While the ending left me a bit adrift it seemed fitting for both men

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    I have not read the first and only other Terry McCaleb book Blood Work and honestly I probably never will He is the reason I am annoyed with this dud of a book tainting what is otherwise a rock solid series This cross over book features characters from three of Connelly's series serieses? serii? Obviously Harry Bosch Jack McEvoy from The Poet and The Scarecrow and Terry McLame o Jack had a walk on role with a few lines but really was just there as a Oh hey That's that guy from that other book name recognition Easter egg He could be replaced by literally anyone else and the story would be unchanged Unfortunately Terry McBlah has a starring role and this book is of his story than a Bosch story Which is fine It's fine If I ever do a re read of this series I'll just skip this dud Anyway let's get to the point here Terry McWhatever is SUPPOSEDLY a professional prestigious retired FBI profiler recovering from a heart transplant and apparently a lobotomy and personalityectomy and he's looped into a case that has the lead not Bosch detective stumped and as soon as I saw that the lead detective was not Bosch I knew where this was going and was not wrong Mr Expert Profiler Man is led precisely by the nose to the conclusion that veteran detective Bosch is the killer because the crime scene was staged with imagery and symbolism literally taken from Hieronymus Bosch's the painter artwork FYI My cat makes a better profiler than Terry McDerpface The guy is so unimportant such a non entity in his own book that even the Goodreads book description of some editions can't bother getting his name right It lists his first name as Terrence but he's actually a Terrell I find this amusing As a GR Librarian I did attempt to edit it but I'm not sure if it took and honestly don't care that much Let him be Terrence or whatever if the GR gods will itAnyway Terrence McClam doesn't even make a good investigator let alone a trained profiler His style is of a I got a square piece of evidence here how do I cram it into the triangular hole of the 'gut instinct' theory I literally was fed by the killer's misdirection? method than Let's look at the evidence and see where it actually takes us method Literally as soon as the painter Bosch was mentioned Tryhard McFailure stopped investigating the case and started fitting the investigation around Bosch the detective Obviously Bosch is a flawed and imperfect man and that is why he is compelling and interesting and his series didn't stop at a duology Twobook McWho But a sadistic killer he is not There's never a single doubt in my mind on this point no matter how hard TERRENCE tried to force it all to fit And it was so frustrating that he tried so hard to make it fit Being forced to watch him work this case was exhausting to my eyes because they kept trying to roll out of my skull every 2 minutes or so as the logical leaps and fallacies abounded I'm going to do you all a favor and copy Turdy McGee's profile of Bosch which should be a red flag because he's shouldn't be profiling a PERSON in the first place in its entirety so you can understand how expert he is at this SUSPECT BoschInstitutional youth hall Vietnam LAPDOutsider AlienationObsessive compulsiveEyes lost lossMission man avenging angelthe big wheel always turning nobody walks awaywhat goes around comes aroundalcoholdivorce wife? why?alienationobsessionmothercasesjustice system bullshitcarriers of the plagueguilt?Harry Hieronymusowl evilevil Gunndeath of evil release stressorspaintings demons devils evildarkness and light the edgepunishmentmother justice GunnGod's hand police Boschpunishment God's workA darkness than night Bosch This friends is not a profile I'm no expert but I've seen many seasons of Criminal Minds and therefore I am an expert and a profile should be formed around the traits that a killer may likely possess to have committed the crime at hand and should be used to help narrow down a suspect pool It should NOT be a bunch of disparate thoughts and observations and out of context comments centered on and used against a single person who all too conveniently fits the theory that you're trying to square peg round hole together Damn this was not great Profiling is hard I say this as an expert WRITING a compelling story about profiling is probably just as hard because not only do you have to get into the killer's head and understand motivations that may be incomprehensible not that this was at ALL Sheesh so transparent but then you have to weave that into a compelling and suspenseful narrative with believable characters and plot and pacing and dialogue and everything And it just didn't hit the mark for me on most of those points I felt like the whole plot was too convenient too try hard It felt forced and stilted Every scene Terry was in felt awkward to me His dialogue was so formal he was so boringly wholesome with his I see God in my baby daughter's eyes shit Gag His relationship with his wife was eye rollingly pathetic Oh tell me about how she was totally fine with you coming out of retirement to investigate a murder that mattered to HER and even recently after heart surgery but NOW that she's your wife and the mother of your god eyed baby she's gone all mother hen about you working THIS case clucking about how dangerous it is and how scared she is and blah blah blah Stereotypical concerned wife bullshit and irritating as hell And ugh Tweedle McDee correcting his 10? 12? year old step son Raymond when he said yeah with You mean 'yes'? every time made me want to stab him in the face Dude don't be a dick He's a kid and you're a fucking stick in the mud Get over yourself Ugh so much to dislike in this book I sincerely hope this is the last I ever see of Troopy McCrawdad The ONLY saving grace to this book was that Bosch was in it In all the ways that Typo McSnooze failed as a character Bosch doesn't He's got a supporting role in this book but his sections were the highlight of the story for me I love his nuance I feel like I get his jadedness and identify with his disgust with a system that fails in its duty to carry out fair and blind justice often than not I understand him I think And I root for him Even when he fucks up badly I still feel like he's on the right side of things and I can understand why he does what he does even if I can't condone it So Bosch is why this is getting 2 stars instead of an otherwise well earned 1 star And now back to our regularly scheduled Bosch series Please? D

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    I'm close to giving this 5 stars It was a perfect storm in so many ways it makes me very glad that I read the books in published order not by series Not only does Connelly bring many of his characters together but he does it in such a perfect real way We start off following Terry McCaleb see a lot of Harry Bosch Jack McEvoy has a small but good part Cassie Black doesn't make an appearance but there is a nod to her as wellThe plot was as twisty as ever but the end wow Just wow I like Bosch even better now He's a miserable SOB in a lot of ways but he's a smart one

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    8510Surprise surprise another top notch book by Michael Connolly Man is this guy predictable I bet he sits there thinking about writing a terrible book and then just laughs it off as it’s easier to come up with a stonking effort No change with this one There was a slim hope for me at the start though with a split narrative and one of the leads being from the only Connolly book I have disliked “Blood Work” Then Connolly ramps things up to 11 and pushes what could have been a tedious read into the usual top notch affair As this is a Bosch novel things don’t really get going until Bosch turns up but do they get turned up In quite a role reversal to the usual Bosch novels Bosch is on the back foot and not the lead investigator He’s a star witness at a trial and is actually being investigated by an ex FBI agent after some murders point suspiciously towards Harry Bosch and a hidden vigilante Connolly has to be the best writer of courtroom scenes I’d be happy for any other recommendations? Whenever Bosch or Haller are in the courtroom I could literally read from start to finish The tension and excitement are really ramped up and that is exactly what happens here All the courtroom scenes make up for the slow start in this one Not one to start the series off with but definitely one to advance it I’m glad I read the standalone “Blood Work” before reading this even if I disliked it as the main characters from that are in this one and there are some things that happen in that which influence this book Not essentially but advisory Yet again though Connolly reminds me why he is one of my top “go to” authors with a great novel Looking forward to the next oneIf you like this try “Lincoln Lawyer” by Michael Connolly

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    “The monster goes back into the darkness from which it came”This novel brings together three of Connelly's protagonists Harry Bosch Terry McCaleb Blood Workand Jack McEvoy The Poet McEvoy only has a few brief appearances in the story The story opens with Bosch visiting a lowlife named Edward Gunn in jail Bosch has a standing request in with all of the watch commanders whenever Gunn is picked up they are to call Bosch He once arrested Gunn for the murder of a prostitute but Gunn was released on a technicality Bosch hasn't forgotten it and can't let it go It is New Year's Eve and Gunn is too drunk to even talk to This encounter sets the stage for the interaction between Terry McCaleb and Harry Bosch that is the basis for the story to followHarry is assisting the prosecution in a high profile Hollywood murder trial A movie director David Storey is charged with murdering a young actress and trying to make it look like an accident Harry was the lead detective and made the arrest Storey boasted to Harry that he was God and couldn't be touched While Harry is involved with the latest celebrity trial L A County Sheriff detective Jaye Winston visits Terry McCaleb the former FBI profiler who retired after a heart transplant Edward Gunn was found dead in his apartment on New Year's Day A ritualistic murder The case has hit a dead end but Winston is afraid she may have a serial killer on her hand and Gunn's murder is only the first McCaleb is now living quietly running a charter fishing boat with his new wife adopted son and daughter Winston had worked with McCaleb previously and she wants his help in putting together a profile of Gunn's killer Just look at the case documentation and give her a profile McCaleb may be retired but as he starts working on a profile he becomes hooked and can't let it goAs McCaleb works on his profile he learns of the connection between Edward Gunn and Harry Bosch He also discovers that the ritualistic murder scene resembles a painting by Hieronymous Bosch McCaleb soon realizes that the profile points to Harry Bosch How far would Harry go to see that Edward Gunn did not get away with murdering the prostitute?As the story unfolds the reader will find a connection between the murder of Edward Gunn and the David Storey trial What is the connection? Bosch and McCaleb may be the good guys but they deal with monsters They are human and they have flaws How does working with the worst humanity has to offer affect them?You don’t go into the darkness without the darkness going into you

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    I loved A Darkness More Than Night First off it is narrated mostly from Terry McCaleb's perspective This change in perspective did a lot to shake the slightly monotonous feeling I was getting from binge reading Harry BoschSecondly Harry Bosch comes across as the antagonist for the majority of the story This again helped in making the story much interesting especially seeing Bosch from a different perspective In fact I think this might be the first story where the book is actually way better than the prime video series The video series shows us what Bosch is up to right from the beginning while the book keeps this as a mystery right till the endBut on the flip side this is of a Terry McCaleb novel than it is a Harry Bosch At best it is equal billing

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    Ehh This one I did not feel at all The book went back and forth between Terry McCaleb's POV way too much of him and then Harry Bosch Since the book is set up as Terry trying to tie Bosch into a murder of a man that was Bosch's suspect in a prior case I just couldn't work up the energy to it The flow was bad in this one too since it kept jumping back and forth One of my friend's told me that I should have read Blood Work first to get a better sense of Terry but since I had a ton of books I went through like candy this weekend I was not going to circle back to figure out a character who I found to be a big pain the butt through almost the entire bookTerry is called in to investigate a possible connection between Harry Bosch and the murder of Edward Gunn Terry is called in by an old friend Jaye Winston She wants Terry's help in figuring out who could have murdered Gunn in a scene that calls upon a famous painting by an artist many readers will know from reading this series At this point I would have said this was some straight up obvious set up but we have to muddle through things with Terry as he realizes that maybe Bosch has turned a corner into being a murderer Bosch is up as a witness for the prosecution in the trial of David Storey Storey is charged with murdering his lover and making it look like a suicide According to Bosch Storey confesses but also says Bosch won't be able to prove it So the book flip flops between Terry's investigation of Bosch and Bosch's testimony in courtThe book only improves when we have Bosch's POV chapters Connelly has Bosch locked down And now we get why most of his chapters it felt like Bosch was holding a little back here and there We don't get to see until the end what our Bosch has up his sleeves And when we see how these two men's current cases tie together I may have said oh come on out loud I really thought that Terry's supposed insight into Bosch was weak as anything Also I didn't like the whole thing really being about Bosch going into the judge and jury The POV of Terry of Bosch had Bosch just being really close to going around the bend And also these guys Bosch and McCaleb has to be freaking clairvoyant to be able to figure out how the criminal trial case was tied up into the murder of Gunn There was way too many plot holes with the whole book Secondary characters don't really get developed in this one I assume some of these people popped up in Blood Work We have Terry's disapproving wife who just no I didn't like her or get her at all She was just kind of there weeping and being negative all of the time since she doesn't want Terry to be involved in profiling any The dialogue during all of the courtroom scenes was great I wish of that was included in the Bosch series We get to see how Bosch is on a stand and how his notes are crucial to key evidence during a murder trial The flow didn't work very well in this one All in all this felt like two books smashed together I wish Connelly had kept McCaleb investigating Bosch with no back and forths between the two men or just had Bosch being the main POV with no POV of McCaleb The setting of the book felt a bit disjointed We have McCaleb away on an island and coming back and forth to LA to analyze Bosch Bosch in court And then McCaleb on his boat I think those were the major settings besides a bar or two This really didn't feel much like a Bosch book The ending was definitely a what the heck just happened moment I still don't get everything that went down in this case