Kindle ↠ Grace the Glitter Fairy Rainbow Magic The Party Fairies #3

The party fairies have been busy preparing for the fairy King and ueen's 1000th jubilee Jack Frost isn't happy as it is also his 500th birthday and no one has remembered He sets out to steal each of the fairies' bags which hold key ingredients to the magical party Rachel and Kirsty must help each fairy

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    I liked the pictures and that's why I chose it for my Mummy to read The fairy's nice and I like her magic And I liked the diamonds at the top of the page

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    Jack Frost and the goblins are at it again In Grace the Glitter Fairy which is the third book in The Party Fairies miniseries Rachel and Kirsty helped their neighbors The Coopers plan a birthday party Of course one of Jack Frost’s goblins tried to ruin it by destroying the party decorations and putting holes in the balloons The girls knew that they had to stop the goblin otherwise the party would be ruined With the help of Grace the three girls set a trap to catch him Grace set her sparkly pink party bag on the table knowing to would lure the goblin It did just the trick The goblin was easily captured and sent back to Fairyland The party was saved and Jamie Cooper had a wonderful birthday party The Rainbow Magic series is perfect for readers new to the chapter book format There are illustrations strewn throughout the book which allows for less text on a page and aids comprehension The chapters are also short yet allow for many events The variety of plot events helps readers build deeper comprehension especially when they have to use the information they learned in the beginning of the book to help them predict the end events The storyline is predictable especially if the reader has read other books in the series Being that this series has uite an extensive list of titles readers will love that there are a multitude of fairy adventures in which to choose

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    Third set in the fairy books Rachel comes to stay with Kirsty in the village of Wetherbury again for a week Jack Frost is locked up in his ice castle but determined to throw a bigger and better party than the suprise 1000th Jubilee for the Fairy King and ueen His goblins are ruining parties all around Wetherbury to try and get their hands on the magical party bags that the Party Fairies haveMiss 4 and I like to explore different books and authors at the library sometimes around particular topics or themes We try to get different ones out every week or so; it's fun for both of us to have the variety and to look at a mix of new favourite authors

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    I liked this book as it was so silly the reactions that little boy had but cute as well Glad that this was such a good time filler Not the best review sorry

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    I thought this book was funny

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    Magic adventure friendship and danger what could be bundled into a short juvenile fiction book?

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    It was great I loved it

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    It's Kristy's neighbor's birthday party Jamie is turning five Rachel and Kristy help with his party There they find Grace the Glitter Fairy They have to help her keep her party bag safe from the goblin who's been causing trouble all the time with the decorations Grace has to keep her party bag far away from the goblin Rachel and Kristy help Grace look for the goblin and Grace keeps her party bag safe in her pocket They set up a trap to get the goblin to Fairy Land Grace puts her party bag on a table cloth and the goblin comes over to try to grab it Rachel and Kristy pick up the corners of the table cloth and tie him tight in it The table cloth was paper so he started tearing it into strips but he didn't escape Kristy held him and Grace and Rachel take the strips and tie him like a mummy Grace takes her bag back and sends the goblin and herself to Fairy Land

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    This is the third book of seven in the Rainbow Magic Party Fairies series by the group of authors who go by the pseudonym Daisy Meadows While the stories are basically the same and follow a simple formula they are entertaining for young girls who are starting to read chapter books and I love that our oldest is just ripping through them We both read the books separately and talk about what happens I'm not a huge fan of them but each story only takes about 5 10 minutes to read Our oldest is starting to read them very uickly too and she can read several of these stories in one day I can hardly keep up with her