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This Volume Contains Freud S Speculations On Various Aspects Of Religion, On The Basis Of Which He Explains Certain Characteristics Of The Jewish People In Their Relations With The Christians From An Intensive Study Of The Moses Legend, Freud Comes To The Startling Conclusion That Moses Himself Was An Egyptian Who Brought From His Native Country The Religion He Gave To The Jews He Accepts The Hypothesis That Moses Was Murdered In The Wilderness, But That His Memory Was Cherished By The People That His Religious Doctrine Ultimately Triumphed Freud Develops His General Theory Of Monotheism, Which Enables Him To Throw Light On The Development Of Judaism Christianity

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    Moses and Monotheism is Sigmund Freud s last book and was only published after his death It contains a concise summary and revision of his major theories but even importantly he expresses his true beliefs about the history of the Judeo Christian religions Freud believed that the origins of Judaism begin with the Egyptian heretic king Akhenaten He was so concerned about this premise that he believed he could be assassinated by the Catholic church I understand that many of Freud s teaching have been discarded however, his views on history are unique and depart from main stream orthodoxy His work on patriarchal dominance in ancient societies is particularly insightful.From his book The strong male was the master and father of thewhole horde unlimited in his power, which heused brutally All females were his property, thewives and daughters in his own horde as well asperhaps also those robbed from other hordes Thefate of the sons was a hard one if they excited thefather s jealousy they were killed or castrated ordriven out In time, however, the youngest son would usuallyget the opportunity to usurp his ageing father Thisson, usually the favourite child of the mother, willbecome the father and leader of the tribe.

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    In one of a couple of prefaces to Part II of this book, Freud explains why he will not publish it He is under the protection of Rome, so does not want to anger his hosts with Part II s argument that Christianity is a collective psychosis And he says this great thing, So I shall not publish this essay But that need not hinder me from writing it The so since it was written once before, two years ago, and thus only needs re writing and adding on to the two previous essays Thus it may lie hid until the time comes when it may safely venture into the light of day, or until someone else who reaches the same opinions and conclusions can be told In darker days there lived a man who thought as you did.