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New novel in the Liaden UniverseR series Over a uarter million copies sold in this series to date Space ships action adventure all tied together with a strong dollop of romance and family saga make this a compelling series for a wide range of readers from romance to military SF lovers alikeTheo Waitley is an ace starship pilot and pure maverick Her mom is a renown Terran scholar and her birth father is an interstellar aristocrat in hiding Whatever thinks Theo She still feels like a socially challenged misfit But after being selected to train with the best of the best at the pilot academy she figures she can leave behind those gawky misfit days of teenage angst that made life so complicated before But for Theo life is about to get even MORE complicated and deadlier still For even though she's survived the Academy and become one of the best pilots in the galaxy the past is about to blast her with gale force winds Theo can run but she can't hide Her destiny as master pilot and leader of a powerful Liaden clan calls and there are LOTS of enemies who will try to make sure she's uite dead before she has the chance to make an answer

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    A direct seuel to Saltation this is the third Liaden novel to feature Theo Waitley as its protagonist This one was a minor let down The pace was uneven and the plot spent too much time in a holding pattern If Theo is so desperate to get Win Ton back from Uncle as she should be why does she take so much time before contacting Bechimo? And once she does why does she wait so long before relaying the desperate straights he is in? Arrrrgh

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    Another great story in a great series 42616 re read Very interesting developments on several fronts

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    Ghost Ship is two books in one I can make a case for it being two and a half or even three books in one each of them a gem Let me explainThis is a stand alone story in the greater world of the Liaden UniverseTM although those who start their journey here will take some time to figure things out There are a lot of things packed into this book star travel family adventure relationships parties “Bosses” pilots juntavas scouts 8 foot tall clutch turtles scholars scholarly research cats AIs Department of Interior strange new ports of call couriers traders trade ships and The TreeFirst and foremost though this is the continuation of Theo Waitley’s story begun in the coming of age duology FledglingSaltation But it is also the long awaited seuel to I Dare telling the story of Clan Korval’s exit from Liad and the start of their resettlement on Surebleak In addition to packing in all of those elements Lee Miller also slip in some tantalizing scenes that belong in the seuel to Mouse and Dragon a book that takes place chronologically uite a bit earlier but was only released into the wild last yearI enjoyed every moment of the book and devoured it as soon as I could pry it out of my husband’s hands Inside of two days we had both read it Among my favorite parts were the interactions of Theo with various members and associates of Clan Korval–Theo has been on her own for a while now and it’s interesting to see her discover a whole new family she didn’t know she had–consisting mostly of pilotsIt was also nice to visit with so many old friends and catch up with them And to get some insight into just what Bechimo the Ghost Ship of the title was doing And even where the PODs came fromGhost Ship is complex layered fast paced and fun It’s recommended to everyone who likes science fiction space opera or adventureMike thinks the book wasn’t long enough I think it needed turtles We both loved it and we’re waiting eagerly for the next one

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    45; 4 stars; A In this book we take up the story where 'Saltation' and 'I Dare' left off A lot of story lines converge and then diverge again I really enjoyed the aspect of the story that a sentient ship was skulking around in space trying to engineer a meeting with the person it thought was supposed to be its captain Theo Waitley continues to grow as a character and get somewhat involved with her new clan There are a lot of loose ends with respect to Kamele Win Ton Bechimo and Theo Uncle Daav etcI'm looking forward to the continuing story in Dragon Ship later this year

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    I started this book after the second book in the Theo series and I found I was very confused So I stopped reading it and read the series in order of publication Then I restarted the book I am so glad I did because Ghost Ship is a very good book I just love Bechimo05122018 Started this again this time in Series chronological order I added another star to this book It really is that good03252020 I am reading this again in anticipation for the book coming out in November I just love the characters

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    Oh wow Sharon and Steve really come through with this doubly entwined story This is a seuel to Fledgling and Saltation as well as I DareTheo has shown up on Liad right before Clan Korval is moving house stock and Tree to Surebleak She's hunting for her father because it's complicated' and finds waaaay than she was looking forI truly do not know how much sense this book will make to any reader who is unfamiliar with the whole Lianden Universe In other words this is NOT the place to startThe basic underlying story force is that of Theo learning to accept that the man she knew as Jen Sar Kiladi and her father had a whole 'nother life complete with wife child responsibilities etc etc And this part of the story is handled exceptionally well Kudos to Sharon and Steve for not glossing over the emotional havoc that Theo goes through as she tries to align her father with his Liaden counterpart And then there's the whole confusion re Scholar CaylonAnd we then are treated to The Uncle Plus the Dept of the Interior is still causing problemsAnd can I mention the cliffhanger ending involving Daav???

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    Finally the book I've been waiting nearly 10 years for Picks up where I Dare leaves off The other two books that caught Theo up to this point were not the best even though they might have been necessary Although I debate that since they could have been condensed I think into at least one book Well anyway finally we get back to Korval and ships There was plenty of space opera action here and we got to see the settling of Clan Korval onto Surebleak It was wonderful to see most of my old favorites again Love the fact that there is a seuel out next month Can't wait

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    This one did not flow as well as the others in this seuence which I have read Fledgling Saltation because the focus is broader and includes storylines of other characters too many other characters I feel Had I not also read 'Agent of Change' and 'I Dare' I would have felt completely lost That said I'm still addicted ;

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    New splinter segment aligns with Ghost Ship Kudos to the authors for providing Daav's Up Early a FREE Ghost Ship Splinter story about the clan's arrival on Surebleak Day 2 It is located on their Splinter Universe website — a delightful cohesive and uick read with Daav Alleana Mr Shaper Shan etc Hmm I always perceived Tree as female and this text from chapter 8 seems to support that Memories washed over her meaning Miri of being carried roots cuddled tight inside a pot Lashings held it oriented space flowed strange energies informed her leaves But Tree's gender is still unclear because both it and her refer to Tree so it may have been an oversightBy the way Ghost Ship is better in print than audio Audible— Eileen Stevens is okay but not great and she mispronounces a few words like mercs and Nova twice at the beginning of ch 18 later she says it correctly frisson and uiescent but later she says it correctly It bugs me that Stevens pronounces some words differently than other narrators did in preuels that come before Ghost Ship One example is vanchela sp? — a Liaden term of endearment used freuently by Alleana and pronounced better IMO by Andy Caploe in I Dare I also don't care for the way she pronounces Bechimo the ship or the way she pronounces the baby's name Talizia in Necessity's ChildAs always with these authors abrupt scene switches interrupt the flow which is even problematic when listening Some parts of the book are good but frankly Theo Waitley is not my favorite character and she engages in too much introspection Too much thinking She's okay though I am only minimally interested in Theo's mother who played a role in Ghost Ship but especially in Dragon Ship I skimmed my way through the trivial sections describing Kamele's movements and thoughts except her final scene in Dragon Ship That scene felt relevant not trivialI liked the scenes with Korval on Surebleak I like Clarence Enjoyed the scenes with Nelirikk and with Jeeves and Bechimo Bechimo the ghost ship is interesting and I felt some sympathy for him but he's not human or animal or even vegetable so Warning Major plot spoilers below describing the big events in both books Ghost Ship and Dragon Ship Plot spoilers for both books with my thoughts embedded view spoiler Theo Waitley cannot find her father who warned her to seek out the Delm of Clan Korval if ever she needed help So she shows up at Liad at the very end of I Dare and runs into her scholarly sire who just happens to be Korval himself She sticks around for a short while then leaves She joins her sentient ghost ship Bechimo while fleeing DOI captors Then she sets out to save her lover who is dying and needs Bechimo's autodoc facility Theo zooms to Surebleak to warn her family that DOI has her Korval pin and stays a while Jeeves befriends Bechimo Theo attends a party thrown by Clan Korval at Jelaza Kazone where Miri is attacked Theo makes peace with her father Daav and bonds a little with Tree eating a seedpod She also forms a trading contract with Shan and hires Clarence O'Berin as first mate Out in Surebleak Space she gives Uncle his courier ship Arin's Toss and accepts a moribund Win Ton from Uncle to be placed in Bechimo's rejuvenation chamberMeanwhile in Ghost Ship Val Con and the Yxtrang Beautiful go to planet Vandar which is described in a short story Prodigal Son Val Con returns home to find Miri about to deliver a daughter Talizia aka Lizzy This baby is gonna be somethingTheo's mother goes off world searching for her scholar and Theo very boring all those sections At the conclusion of Dragon Ship she is guesting at Jelaza Kazone awaiting Theo and Daav's returnAcross both books beginning in Ghost Ship Daav and his lifemate leave Surebleak to shut down an ancient security pod put in place by Theonna the Delm Korval and Uncle centuries ago culminating in passionate sex on the rocks The pod is dangerous and set to blow up the entire neighborhood No conclusionit's a cliffhanger leaving a half dead Daav and two unripe seed pods in Uncle's rejuvenation chamber at the end of Dragon Ship this plot thread was interesting and fairly well developedIn Dragon Ship Theo and Clarence respond to a pilots in peril distress call managing to save hundreds of stranded pilots crew and passengers from a hostile planet Phew Soon after she goes on to rescue her ship and crew from another hostile situation Phew That was close uickly another hostile situation occurs out at the shipyard graveyard Of course she saves the day again with Bechimo's help a good scene with Donihue's DocentAlso in Dragon Ship Theo gains another crew member Kira and spends time with some telepathic little koala bears norbears There's a kinky section in Dragon Ship where Bechimo and Theo bond Also I didn't care for the little love affair between Theo and Kira while Win Ton Theo's lover was lying in Bechimo's doc deathly illThroughout all this the Department of the Interior is after Korval A cliffhanger appearance at the end of Dragon Ship Theo responds to a distress call from Sprial Dance the ship piloted one thousand years ago by Cantra yosPhelium There it is in Teapot Space with a happy little tree in the cockpit I LOVED that little surprise twist hide spoiler

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    This was exactly what fans of Liaden hoped for the continuation of Theo's and Daav's storyline with a bit of Miri and Val Con view spoilerand the birth of their child hide spoiler