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Her Job Is To Make His Life Miserable His Job Is To Make Her Submit Whose Heart Will Surrender First Across The Country, Rebellious BDSM Submissives Are Being Systematically Kidnapped, One From Each Club When Her Friend Falls Prey To The Slavers, FBI Victim Specialist Gabrielle Volunteers To Be Bait In A Club Not Yet Hit The ShadowlandsShe Finds That Being A Bratty Sub Comes Naturally, Especially When She Gets To Twit The Appallingly Conservative Master Of The Trainees But She Soon Discovers He S Not As Stuffy As She D Thought Or As Mean She D Expected Punishment, Even Humiliation, But She Sure Never Expected To Fall In Love With A Damned LawyerCourtesy Of A Prima Donna Ex Wife, Marcus Loathes Disobedient Submissives When The Club Owner Insists He Admit An Incredibly Bratty Trainee, He S Furious But As He Comes To Know Gabrielle And Sees The Alluring Sweetness Beneath The Sass, He Starts To Fall For HerUnfortunately, Marcus Isn T The Only One Who Believes The Feisty Redhead Is A Prize Worth Capturing And In The World Of The Slaver, Such Treasure Is Worth A Hefty Fee Publisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Anal Play Intercourse, Strong BDSM Theme And Elements, Violence

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    Master Marcus, Sir There s no doubt about it, Make Me, Sir is the book that proves Cherise Sinclair is than merely an erotic romance author Is it hot Hell yeah, but it s also a deeply emotional, compelling story delving into the horrific world of human trafficking.Across the country, rebellious BDSM submissives are being systematically kidnapped, one from each club When her friend falls prey to the slavers, FBI victim specialist Gabrielle volunteers to be bait in a club not yet hit the Shadowlands.She finds that being a bratty sub comes naturally, especially when she gets to twit the appallingly conservative Master of the trainees But she soon discovers he s not as stuffy as she d thought Or as mean She d expected punishment, even humiliation, but she sure never expected to fall in love with a damned lawyer.Courtesy of a prima donna ex wife, Marcus loathes disobedient submissives When the club owner insists he admit an incredibly bratty trainee, he s furious But as he comes to know Gabrielle and sees the alluring sweetness beneath the sass, he starts to fall for her.Unfortunately, Marcus isn t the only one who believes the feisty redhead is a prize worth capturing And in the world of the slaver, such treasure is worth a hefty fee.From the very first story I read, Club Shadowlands, Ms Sinclair became my favorite BDSM author Fortunately, I was able to read the first four books, back to back, but unfortunately had to wait for Master Marcus story Let me tell you, it was well worth the wait My emotions ran the gamut while reading Make Me, Sir One minute I d be laughing, the next minute I d be crying, and often than not, I d be reaching for a fan and a cold drink, but all these months later when thinking of this story, Master Marcus still makes me sigh.If you ve not yet ventured into the BDSM genre but are looking to give it a try, be sure and start with Ms Sinclair s Shadowlands series They are fun, romantic, and very sexy, and sure to have you longing for a good, sound spanking My favorite line comes from Gabrielle to Marcus I can t believe that out of a hundred thousand sperm, you were the fastest

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    Gabi has very little BDSM experience, but she will need to pretend to be a bratty sassy sub at the Shadowlands club in order to help the investigators to find her kidnapped friend by slave traders Master Marcus has taken Cullen job and now he is the Master of the trainees Unfortunately he cannot stand brats and Gabi is the worst sub that could happen to him.Since he is unaware of Gabi s assignment, there will be a lot of tension between these two in the beginning and many power struggles Gradually Marcus will start being attracted to her and he will see behind her pretence that she is truly a sweet sub looking for the perfect Master.I loved Marcus with his southern accent and he definitely the ultimate Master And Gabi is truly hilarious trying to play the spoiled brat You mean you re not God Nooo, say it isn t so While you are here, li l sub, I am your god

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    3.5 All About Master Marcus Stars Overall, story wise this was my favorite of the series so far It s setting up a suspense element that will carry over into the next few books What was introduced here, I thoroughly enjoyed.This book was ALL about Master Marcus for me A gentleman Dom.Sexy demands with a sophisticated southern twang.He was aggressive yet mindful, possessive yet gentle, honest and intuitive and I was defenseless to every one of his charms Gabi, on the other hand..yeah, I just couldn t get down with her She suffers from being an idiot, which for me is anger inducing I mean, I definitely understand that but it seems that the heroines in this series focus too much on their negatives to notice that there is no evidence evident to support their feelings During the climactic drama, Gabi showed unbelievable strength and determination and I thought But then she reverted back to being a dumbass and I realized, yep, still not a fan.This series has been a mixed bag for me, but I ll definitely keep going I m intrigued by the other Doms and the new suspense element that is unraveling I ll just have to remember to keep in mind that disappointing leading ladies come with the package.

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    Another wonderful addition to the Shadowlands series I liked the longer length of this story, the mystery involved, the spunky brattiness of Gaby and of course, Master Marcus You really can see Sinclair s growth as an author in this book It s complex, has good subplots and the characters have depth And of course, it s exciting that she left the door open for stories to spin off from this one.For me, the one thing that makes Cherise s books is the way she portrays her doms They are masterful dominant men BUT, and this is the big one for me, they are caring We see the aftercare, the tenderness, the thinking that goes on as they try to understand the sub, the way they check the fit of the cuffs, communicate about limits and safe words, the constant watching and observing of the women in order to read them and ensure the female s pleasure before their own etcToo often in BDSM books, the men are plain and simple abusive jerks out for their own gratification They treat the women like dirt and show no real care beyond a few platitudes that seem to be thrown in at the last minute There s too much emphasis on the sex acts and not enough on creating characters we can actually fall in love with Cherise Sinclair has risen above this, setting a higher standard that I only wish other BDSM authors would try to reach.Nicky Charlesp.s One of the other reviewers mentioned that this book seemed a bit violent than the others I m not sure about that Perhaps, but it could also be that the story is dealing with a crime and everything can t be light and fluffy or it wouldn t be as real I will admit that the first part of the book made me feel a tad uncomfortable and I wasnt sure why but then it came to me The female lead is uncomfortable and Sinclair is conveying this to the reader through her descriptions of the club activities as seen by that character

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    I honestly think this is Ms Sinclair s best book The plot and character interaction were developed in this book than they have been in any other I enjoyed the story very much, and highly recommend to fans of erotic romance w BDSM elements.

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    Posted on Under the CoversHold on, I ll need a moment.I m still a puddle of goo after reading this book MAKE ME, SIR is Master Marcus s book and wow, where can I get me one of those Cherise Sinclair delivers yet another book that surpasses and goes beyond all my expectations Never would have I imagined to read a story that uses the sensual allure of BDSM to coax an emotional recovery from a character quite like this.Sinclair really goes above and beyond what most authors would do to accomplish not only steamy, earth shattering sex scenes, but also delving deeper into the subconscious to mend old wounds that have lasted years and still haunt the heroine, Gabrielle.As a FBI social worker, Gabrielle volunteers to go into the Shadowlands as a decoy for a kidnapper who is abducting feisty subs and selling them for profit, Master Marcus has the task of teaching this difficult sub to surrender herself to him.Master Marcus is unaware of Gabi s assignment, so while she is truly submissive, she must play the part of a bratty sub to rouse Marcus s anger on purpose, hoping to draw out the kidnapper and target her.As this interesting and sometimes hilarious back and forth occurs between the hero and heroine, Cherise adds in the emotional element that makes a reader like me melt How can I resist such a touching story I also thoroughly enjoyed the updates on the previous couples we ve met from the others books Reading about them is like seeing old friends You can t help but smile when you read about them.There is some creative use of punishment in this book and I have to say that I enjoyed it thoroughly The use of some items such as the ginger root, floating pool swan, tire swing and doggy tails were both hilarious and very, very creative If that tease doesn t get you to want to read this book, then I don t know what else will.The great thing about Sinclair s books are that with each subsequent instalment, you know you are getting a story that will bring a blush to your cheeks, get that heartbeat racing and leave you satisfied and perhaps begging for me.I highly recommend adding Sinclair s books to your keeper shelf if you are a BDSM lover Nothing gets better than a Shadowland Master

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    5 You re so sexy starsThis book is delightful Gabi is a social worker with very little BDSM experience when she volunteers to play decoy in Shadowlands in order to help her kidnapped friend Too bad she has to play the bratty sub in order to get the kidnappers attention Even worse, her minimal experience in BDSM could never have prepared her for Master Marcus intensity.Marcus hates bratty submissives, especially when their brattiness is just for show When Master Z assignes a new trainee without asking him first and this new trainee is obviously trying hard to play as bratty as possible he is majorly desmayed Still he can t help his attraction to the real glimpses of the woman behind the fake brattiness He knows that not all her behavior is fake and what he sees of her has him craving .I ll just say that I love the book and move on Everything else has been said many times Ignore the gif It s here just for Aly s benefit

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    This review can also be found at quote from this book 100,000 sperm and you were the fastest I have issues with restraint So many issues that this book was bought on PDF to read on my kindle which is a pain in the ass by the way but it was worth it I noticed a change in Sinclairs writing in master of the abyss The writing was less short story like and like a fully fleshed out novel I have loved every single one of her books but these last two were fully fleshed out erotic novels with a fabulous suspense driven side story.Master Marcus kinda hooked me in Cullens story The man with the sharp suits and southern drawlyum I can honestly say Im pretty sure I d struggle saying no to him but that is what Gabi has to do Gabrielle is a social worker working undercover in Shadowlands, with the FBI, to smash a human trafficking ring who are targetting stubborn submissives to be sold to the highest bidder to be broken I always think that it is brave of an author to use such a side story but Sinclair did it justice The lengths that Gabi went to to be seen as stubborn was quite heartbreaking as, as with all Sinclairs heroines, she was damaged because she truely wanted this ring to be stopped and get the women back Marcus had to take her on as a Trainee and, although he doesn t try to, he can t help but feel drawn in by the little sub who seems to be going against her true nature to get punished No one but Z knows why Gabi is there which leads to some awkward misunderstandings with Jessica and a bit of a nightmare with the unusual lengths that Master Marcus uses to get to the bottom of his little sub I loved Marcus I m afraid Cullen has ruined me for all other Masters but Marcus could come a close second He is strict, charming and completely relentless His punishments were unusual there is a scene with a piece of ginger that Terry Pratchett would be proud of but never made me feel squirmy The lengths that he went to to try to get to the bottom of her fears were typical of a Dom in love I didn t need Cullens comment of another one bites the dust to figure this one out and the man was like chocolate all the way throughall smooth, tasty and completely sweet I did like Gabi She wasn t a ball buster like Andrea but still had enough guts for me not to hate her I m never going to like a book where the woman hasn t got a little bit of balls and spirit about her The lines she came out with to get the Masters annoyed with her made me cry with laughter I liked when she called Raoul Munchkin and I actually felt for her when she realised that she was actively destroying her burgeoning relationship against her submissive nature with Marcus for the good of the case.I recommend this book You don t need to read the others although they are in it its only as side story but reading Jessica s story could be good as her and Z feature in this book quite heavily towards the end Marcus still comes in second to Cullen but I d still get chased aroud the capture gardens by him any day of the week Now off to petition Ms Sinclair for a book about either Vance, Galen or Raoul

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    This book was excellent in so many levels First we have Gabi, undercover agent for the FBI at the Shadowlands Club She is posing as a trainee, but her job is to be the most rebellious and irreverent trainee the Club has ever seen So she gets to say hilarious insults I can t believe out of one hundred thousand sperm, you were the fastest Sometimes even stupid insults, that are all the hilarious That s a dumbass idea You re a dumbass Even Jesus thinks you re a dumdass And even though at heart she s a submissive, you can see that some of her wild moments have nothing to do with the job, she s just crazy.She couldn t take her eyes from the dancing flame No, this was so wrong Candles should be used for meditation for romance Or on a birthday cake at least.So where was the cake The present The song As he stepped closer to her as the damned flame got way too close she started singing Happy birthday to me Happy birthday to me Marcus paused, looking at her in disbelief See I knew he didn t have a sense of humor Happy birthday, dear Gabi she lifted her head and blew out the candle happy birthday to me We have Marcus, the unaware trainer, who simply doesn t know how to deal with her Why would you think I m not Master Marcus he asked Well, good grief She waved a hand at him and kept the duh from slipping out Just in case he really was Master Marcus Maybe he hadn t changed yet or something The suit Where are your leathers or latex or biker jacket or vest And black Did you forget to wear black He stared for a second, as if she d turned into a drooling idiot, and then simply roared Deep, full laughter amazing coming from someone who looked like he should have a stick up his ass.Then there s Jessica and Z s subplot Z is the only one who knows Gabi is an undercover agent and he has sworn not to tell anyone, even his sub Plus, Z has been keeping her at arm s lenght for the last year because she s younger and he wants her to be able to step back if she wants to But not only Jessica doesn t want to step back, she s worried because everyone else is committing and Z doesn t seem to want sigh Thank God they are cute view spoiler Okay, you re older Not much, really And considering you love staying in shape and I refuse to run, we ll probably get all old and crippled at the same time If not, then I ll learn to use a cane, and I ll get to beat on your ass for a change hide spoiler

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    I ve been a fan of Ms Sinclair since I read her first Shadowland s title I ve enjoyed all of her books this is definitely my favourite I wasn t sure what the book was going to cover, but I figured it would feature a stubborn sub since it was titled, Make Me, Sir The sassy sub kept me laughing throughout the book.Gabi definitely comes across as a confused and stubborn sub The reasons for her mixed signals are apparent to the reader To the doms, not so much I found it amusing as her behaviour makes no sense to them and they try everything to figure it out What I love most about Ms Sinclair s world is the existence of this club, populated with different dom dommes This safe, sane, consensual environment is attractive and only makes me wish one existed, just like this, near me.One specific scene sticks out into my mind The doms finally figure out the truth, by forcing Gabi into subspace From my experience, this is very true Unlike Gabi, I don t remember the questions asked I do know I answer ever question asked Makes me wonder if this works on everyone The doms Ms Sinclair creates are all different but with the same underlying appealing characteristic they all experienced doms who can read a sub I also like how none of her doms are perfect Each one has an experience in their past that causes them to have certain quirks I find it a bit too perfect in each story the sub matched to the dom exhibits the characteristics which pushes the dom s buttons Even so, I enjoy this matching and want to keep reading about it even though it isn t realistic.Speaking of realistic, Ms Sinclair s dom are a fantasy which I find alluring I only wish I had one unfortunately this is fiction, so I am resigned to disappointment in real life I do recommend this book Beware once you start it, you may not put it down until you finish it.