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My name is Amelia Gray I'm a cemetery restorer who sees ghosts In order to protect myself from the parasitic nature of the dead I've always held fast to the rules passed down from my father But now a haunted police detective has entered my world and everything is changing including the rules that have always kept me safeIt started with the discovery of a young woman's brutalized body in an old Charleston graveyard I've been hired to restore The clues to the killer and to his other victims lie in the headstone symbolism that only I can interpret Devlin needs my help but his ghosts shadow his every move feeding off his warmth sustaining their presence with his energy To warn him would be to invite them into my life I've vowed to keep my distance but the pull of his magnetism grows ever stronger even as the symbols lead me closer to the killer and to the gossamer veil that separates this world from the next

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    Like the sultry afternoon the jasmine gently floating on the breeze the cool sweat dripping from a glass Just when sun bids farewell and the moon says hello between day and night twilight a veil is lifted the unrest sprits rise to roam the land of the living once Amanda Stevens writes poetic and downright spooky novel in The Restorer set in the old south city in Charleston Amelia Gray is a cemetery restorer and can see ghosts but unlike the ghost whisperer Amelia has been raised by her father to never acknowledge ghosts whom attach themselves to the living they once knew or anyone who sees them slowly draining the life and warmth of the living person Amelia has lived by the rules her father set and lived a uiet by lonely life until one night she meets up with Det John Devlin whose haunted by his own ghosts one of the rule her father dilled into head never get involved with someone who is haunted Amelia has not real choice in the matter in the beginning when a body of a young woman is found at the cemetery Amelia is restoring Amelia is drawn deeper in the case for the clues left by the killer that only she can interpret This brings into her world a danger she’s tried to avoid all her life a door she may not be able to close With many behind her helping her to seeking justice There’s also another danger closer to her and that’s Devlin that Amelia knows she can’t let into her life but feels their lives are tightly drawn together Before I picked this up I was very happy I read reviews that said this was not a romance I think I would have been very disappointed Beyond that I loved this book even if I had to sleep with two nightlights and make sure my cat or dog was close by I’m not ashamed to say this book scared the crap out of me It wasn’t in your face scary but that cool breeze that tickle the back of your neck the feeling of being watch or feeling that shadow in the hallway moved The story left the reader in a state of suspense with a few close calls that spooked the reader at the same time giving the reader clues to lead to the killer their reasons behind why and how their trying to lure Amelia deeper in all set in the old southern city filled with lots of history and ghosts at ever turn I really liked Amelia stuck between two worlds and heaps of rules about her second sight that are to keep her safe but keeps a thick wall between her and others She’s smart and caring and very lonely The reader is given a deeper insight into Amelia with the book told in her POV At a young age you see how Amelia’s life has been shaped by her second sight and the hidden secrets her parents hide from her Much of her reactions are pretty on key to anyone whose may find themselves in a dire situation She takes a lot of clues at times a little overreaction but she takes them with a pinch of salt and adds them up to lead her to another clue The interactions between Devlin and Amelia could be said to be tension filled on one side Amelia’s You never know what’s going through Devlin’s mind as at times he seems so indifferent toward her AS loves to tease the readers with a few maybe scenes that could hint a little on Devlin’s side Of course being a total fangirl I love the dark brooding type with a torture side and Devlin fits the bill I can understand why Amelia is so drawn to him He just drew me in with glimpses of sides he tries to hide While there isn’t any real romance Amelia thoughts revolving around Devlin all the time got old and tedious I can understand her lusting after him and does she lust over him even when signs point she needs to stay far away from him when he starts draining Amelia’s own energy I can even understand as I have my own lusty thoughts over guys grins I just wants to get back on track with the story and gathering clues AS is a master on twists and turns and many times she threw me for a loop from school cults to even the killer while didn’t surprise me too much their reason behind it all did leave me with my jaw dropping I’m not a fan of the type of genre of book but AS made a fan outta me leaving me looking forward from from this series and author

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    I abandon most paranormal series because they're rather annoying Most of the ones I've tried to read have contained vampires werewolves etc and a variation of otherworldly politics and conspiracies one would have to use a great deal of suspension of disbelief to really get into those stories This series is believable it's not too out there as far as paranormal activities go One can be induced to believe that ghosts do exist and aren't visible to everyone This book sticks to ghosts the subtle haunted stuck to one place not poltergeist y type of ghosts which is just fine with me There are no fairies and angels and demons and other shit here I found the main character Amelia very sympathetic and likeable She is a level headed person not prone to hysterics and wild actions the way so many TSTL paranormal heroines are Her love interest Devlin is mysterious and likeable an alpha male without the jackassery; their chemistry and relationship development was excellent I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am making my way through book 2 And holy atmosphere BatmanI loved Amanda Stevens' vivid descriptions of the South

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    So beautiful and chilling The Restorer was recommended to me by someone I trust implicitly when it comes to books that someone being my favorite author Ann Aguirre so it’s no wonder I didn’t hesitate to pick it up as soon as I found it in my mailbox My intention was to read a chapter or two to get a feel of the story and then leave it for the night but I ended up reading it all in one sitting Let me tell you reading this book at night in a dark and silent house wasn’t the smartest move I ever made but it was definitely exciting First and foremost I need to point out that Amanda Stevens is an excellent writer She has a tremendous talent for creating the right atmosphere a very good sense of pacing and a way to evoke very strong emotions at exactly the right time Her detailed descriptions never failed to send chills down my spine Even though The Restorer is marketed as paranormal romance it is in fact urban fantasy in all its glory For one it is written in first person and told from a single point of view whereas paranormal romance is usually told in third person from alternating POVs Romance or lack thereof makes a big part of the story but it’s certainly not the main motivator as it always is with PNR Besides as someone who gets a strong allergic reaction whenever I come within a hundred yards of a paranormal romance novel I can tell you with absolute certainty that this is not it From what I understand detective John Devlin is not even present in book two The Kingdom which I suppose proves my point The worldbuilding is fairly simplistic the presence of ghosts is all that is unusual Amelia Gray can see them but she’s learned through life long instructions by her father not to acknowledge them in any way She restores graveyards for a living and is very good at hiding her reactions and emotions from the occasional spirit One of her father’s rules is never to get involved with someone who is haunted which is why Amelia is less than thrilled when an obviously haunted and devastatingly handsome police detective comes asking for her help Amelia is the type of delicate uiet and restrained heroine that you grow attached to in time She’s spent her entire life on cemeteries following strict rules imposed by her father She has a very lonely way of life and very few personal connections John Devlin fans self Amanda Stevens knows how to write a gorgeous and wounded romantic interest that makes you want to murder the heroine and take her place except in this case it would be pretty pointless The one Devlin wants is already dead He said my name then Just that Amelia But in the slow proper drawl of the Charleston aristocrat stringing out the syllables with an elegant imperious cadence that was tinged with decadence indulgence and the kind of secrets that can only fester in the deepest shadows of the South I absolutely adored the Southern setting Not many urban fantasy books take place in Charleston and I relished the opportunity to learn about the city through Amelia’s eyes Amanda Stevens and I share a fascination with Southern accents and the fact that she kept mentioning the famous Southern drawl never failed to make me smile I didn’t even wait to finish this book before I ordered book two The Kingdom from The Book Depository I’ll make sure to find a sunny and bright place to read it though I bet it will be just as creepy as the first oneAlso posted at The Nocturnal Library

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    25 StarsThe Restorer was a mixed bag for me Let’s start with what I enjoyedThe creepy vibe I do love the thrill of wondering what darkness lurks in the shadows I can’t think of a place I’d feel tension and an undercurrent of fear than an old cemetery in the South Ms Stevens made the setting sound beautiful but haunting just the way I love a spooky story The ghosts were a believable presence upping the scare factor big time The mystery unfolding although it’s one of my complaints as well because I don’t think we got enough of it and I think the story would’ve benefited from focusing on it instead of the romance The knowledge of cemeteries significance of headstone inscriptions history and the process of restoring a graveyard back to its original state I found it fascinating and even though I do feel cemeteries are a little unsettling I think the old historic ones are interesting and beautiful I had issues withHow the mystery was wrapped up It felt rushed and not enough was explained If you’re going to write a satisfying mystery you cannot leave so many threads loose I can understand leaving bits of the continuing story arc left unanswered but not the current mystery view spoilerHow did Devlin even know where to look for Amelia or that she was in danger in the first place? hide spoiler

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    Buddy read with the MacHalosHere is a book I have been meaning to read for years and can finally remove from my TBR shelf Amelia sees ghosts like her father They both restore graveyards Amelia is adopted There are rules with ghosts don't let them know you can see them don't be around anyone who is haunted don't tempt fateAmelia gets caught up in a murder mystery at the cemetery for a college she is restoring She meets a mysterious police officer who has a kind of dark past They dig each other Amelia spends a bit too much time pining over him named Devlin I liked the cool paranormal theories about shadow people energy vampires secret society rituals other types of entities that are like ghosts but differentIt was a solid start to a series I thought I'm curious because there is obviously a lot going on with her parents and Devlin but it's been teased for a future book and we didn't get any answers yet P

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    Repeat to myself I do not need another series I do not need another seriesoh well I guess I have found another series I read The Restorer for a challenge read a book with a grave on the cover for Hallowe'en Damn these challengesAnyhow it was a great book Nice and creepy without being too scary lovely Southern atmosphere and two very attractive main characters Amelia can see dead people which is always good for a start and Devlin is like a sexy vampire without actually being a vampire No blood involved anyway I enjoyed the mystery and failed to guess the murderer as usual A lot of things were left hanging at the end of the book and I will certainly be reading the next one soon

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    Amelia Gray restores graveyards having spent her whole life in cemeteries as her father is a caretaker of them And she sees ghosts and has since she was nine years old Her father sees them too and he's taught her the rules to follow to protect herself one of them being to never let ghosts know she can see them Amelia has also never told anyone else about her gift Amelia is on an assignment in Charleston restoring an old cemetery associated with a university and gets embroiled in a murder mystery when a body is discovered there She finds herself connected in odd and mysterious ways to the tortured handsome and sexy detective assigned to the case John Devlin as well the investigation This was a fantastically written story capturing the essence of old Charleston the creepy but ethereal beauty of the ancient cemetery and the assembly of odd characters connected with the case Amelia and John's relationship is in the background mostly but sets the tone for this captivating story While the murder mystery is resolved there are so many issues remaining to uncover and explore It's great storytelling and the next book is calling

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    Can you say creepy?Can you say wonderful?If you love spooky creepy darn right oh my god I just saw something in the corner of my room scary type books this is your book If you want to be frustrated by a blossoming relationship between two main characters this is also your book Let me explainI love to be scared While this book IS scary it is not the blatant in your face gory axe murdering serial killer type of scary Instead it is the hair rising I cannot see him but I knew he is behind me type of scary I loved it The author is a master at making you “feel” her descriptions There are scenes where ghosts touch people and the way the author described the touch made me think someone was brushing their hand along my neck and the hubby was nowhere in sightNow onto the relationship There is a non relationship relationship in this book Amelia the main character is seriously lusting after John Devlin Throughout the book the reader is unsure how Devlin feels about Amelia but on the contrary Amelia’s feelings are pretty darn clear Too clear Over and over again we get Amelia’s internal dialogue on how she lusts for Devlin but she is unsure of how he feels and how she doesn’t want to break the unwritten rules regarding messing with people who are clearly haunted This internal dialogue goes on and on and becomes tedious at times I kept wanting Amelia to jump Devlin’s bones and get on with it It NEVER happens Why am I telling you this? Because there is so much good about this book if you get caught up in the relationship or lack thereof you will be disappointed in the story However if you move on from the relationship you will enjoy the storyThe story It is complex and full of mystery I really had to pay attention because there was a lot of story and side story here However once you get the logistics down the story flowed Oh and the last few chapters seriously stumped me I did not expect it and frankly it saved the book from a 3 star rating I hated how the non relationship was going throughout the book between Devlin and AmeliaOverall I seriously enjoyed the book Take out the disappointment regarding Amelia’s lusting after Devlin and receiving no satisfaction in that department you then have a very good book

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    Sale Alert 14Mar18 not sure how long it will hold but right now this is 099 on 35 StarsForbidden love stories always hook me hard Add ghosts murder and a creepy cemetery into the mix and you have my attention Amelie sees dead people she always has as long as she can remember Rule #1 don’t let them know you see them Rule #2 never stray to far from hallowed ground and Rule #3 avoid people who have ghosts attached to them never invite them into your life Rules are made to be broken right? And Amelia is about to break them all for the attractive and haunted detective John Devlin “There was something so primal and hungry about the way he stared down at herthe way their bodies unconsciously strained toward one another as if nothing not even time not distance not even death could ever keep them apart” Things I likedObviously I liked the forbidden love angle between Amelia and the haunted John Devlin I loved the southern setting of the book and the graveyards The ghosts were semi creepy but not over the top and seemed like what a real haunting would be The murder mystery was engaging and I didn’t figure it out until the end with a little supernatural help I liked the setup for the backstory not yet revealed and hint of the overlapping plot line to the seriesThings that missed the markThe ending was a little rushed and unclear whether by design or not I’m not certain I really wanted a few details about the ghost’s involvement maybe those will come later in the series but it felt a little unfinished compared to the rest of the story I few parts of the story got a little jumbley whether that is because the revelations will come later I’m not sure it was just a little unclearAll in all I really liked the set up to the story and Amelia is a likable if slightly unusual heroine I will definitely be continuing on with the series

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    I gave this book 5 stars because some day I would love to reread itAmelia saw ghosts from the age of Nine Her father have her rules to follow and she was never to acknowledge a haunted man and to stay far away from one There were Three rules that she needed to live by and she had broken every ruleThis is a great spooky Gothic mystery There are several Murders where keeps you guessing till the end on who was doing it I love this Game Ghosts were everywhere If you love to read paranormal mysteries and love books about spooky ghosts this book will definitely give you chills and it is a sure winnerEvery cemetery has a story Every grave it's secrets This is a first book in a trilogy This was a fun read and I loved the characters The characters that I love are Devlin Amelia of course and the kid ghost and mother What an awesome read and if you like to be spooked it sure will spooky you out If you love books with the Gothic atmosphere brewing throughout the end this one is definitely for you Well I got to go so I can start on the second book Enjoy reading this and have lots of fun