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A beautiful book I read at age ten that continues to inspire me You already know if you like these kind of allegedly feel good books, full of pithy suggestions quotes If you ve never read one of these Chicken Soup for the Soul kind of things, or have yet to accumulate much life wisdom, you might find some inspiration here Heck, there are over 1,500 sayings to peruse.Some are pretty good, a few are horrible and or stupid less than helpful, and several are contradictory or repetitive Many are just common sense, or sayings you ve heard before And you do get a lot of em I suppose it might even be entertaining to read this with your kids or teens if you can get them off their phones long enough.VERDICT Unrateable Not a life changing 5 star deal for me personally But nice to pass on to a friend who enjoys living in the light Worth the 49 cents tax I paid for it. The Complete Life S Little Instruction Book Contains The , Entries Found In All Three Volumes Of The New York Times Bestselling Life S Little Instruction Book Series Bound In A Deluxe, Maroon, Leather Edition, This Collectible Hardcover Makes A Perfectly Elegant Gift For Any OccasionThough Originally Written As A Gift From A Father To A Son, Its Simple Message Has Been Enjoyed By Men And Women Of All Ages Most Of Us Already Know How To Live A Successful And Purposeful Life, Says The Author We Know We Should Be Understanding And Thoughtful, Responsible, Courageous, And Appreciative It S Just That We Sometimes Need Reminding Life S Little Instruction Book Is That Reminder this is one book i leave deliberately on my table to be picked up on days I hit rock bottom or clueless love the tidbits A must have for growing up kids,I believe What I think is that this book has given me lots to think about I have half a mind to transform it into a life s little checklist and cross the instructions off one by one Some of these mentioned I m proud to say I ve already accomplished, but others are absolutely wonderful ideas and suggestions that I hope to follow one day Basically, this book made me smile and than once while I was reading it There s a lot of truth and wisdom found within its binding Even if you never read it cover to cover, one can open it up to any page and gain insight from a single statement Don t pass this up That s what I think. How can I express my gratitude toward the destiny that put such a book in my path Beautiful deep funny short instructions from father to his son , full of wisdom and love Obviously , I recommend to read this book Be insatiably curious Ask why a lot Spend less time worrying who s right, and time deciding what s right Cut out complimentary newspaper articles about people you know and mail the articles to them with notes of congratulations Don t expect money to bring you happiness Never give up on what you really want to do The person with big dreams is powerful than one with all the facts Pray not for things, but for wisdom and courage Skip one meal a week and give what you would have spent to a street person. I am one of the rare people who don t like this book The lessons, to me, are all common sense, and some of them I don t agree with I suppose it would make a good gift, but I know I would never give it It s just not my style, I guess, and it seems to me that a lot of the lessons are personal opinions There also seems to be a christian element which also is a turn off for me. I read this book 2 years ago and it still echoes in my head,I ll return to it again as soon as I can to refill my memory with this smooth gentle little big instruction. After almost 4 months I am finally done reading this book I am not very consistent with this one that s why it took me that long to finish it Life s Little Instruction Book consist of over 1,560 tips and instruction about practical living It s pretty cool to me actually that I wrote down the things that I liked and from 1,560 I wrote 385 tips I didn t do it in one seating though But I m glad I read this Learned a lot I liked it in the beginning but then began to realize I didn t agree with many of the things.Some patterns were observed 1 Lots of business tips Clearly not for me.2 Pleasing your wife I don t intend to have one, so.3 Raising children Whatever4 Religious stuff Sigh.5 Sexist undertones mostly please protect weak ladies stuff Like stand up to let a lady sit 6 Contradictions Live beneath your means But then so many buy the best you can afford this, that.7 Totally random, meaningless things 8 Patriotism.There were some good advices, certainly, but nothing you haven t heard before.