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Beautiful Trinity Yeager S Mission Join Nathan August S Star Hopping Team Of Mercenary Soldiers With One Condition Trinity Must Prove Her Resilience As A Lover For Him And His First Officer, Sebastian Cole Trinity Not Only Sees Nathan S Bet She Raises ItNow, From Galactic Dens Of Depravity To Far Reaching Planets Of Dominant Females And Strapping Male Slaves, Trinity, Sebastian, And Nathan Join Forces, Risk Flesh And Blood, And Push The Boundaries Of Erotic Adventure In Order To Protect, Honor, And ServiceTrinityThrallClaiming Cassidy

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    Mercenaries by Angela Knight is definitely going to offend some readers It s crude, it s lewd and it s vulgar It s got everything that this girl wants The first story stars Trinity and Captain Nathan August and Sebastian Cole Trinity is about to be auctioned off as a bride to some of the worst degenerate male chauvinists her chauvinistic planet has produced Desperate to escape her grisly fate, she approaches Nathan and Sebastian as they are waiting for supplies, hoping for a ride off her planet Both the mercenaries have imbibed waaay too much and with his mind befuddled with alcohol and a growing lust, Nathan offers Trinity passage only if she signs on as his and Sebastian s sex toy The sex here is pure Angela Knight at her most lewd best It s corny and funny and definitely naughty and it s also completely harmless The men mean Trinity absolutely no harm and once the alcohol clears in Nathan s brain, he immediately halts the fun, not wanting to push her too far Not only is Trinity game for , she s a natural at this and Nathan and Trinity soon take their relationship to a new and loving direction Sebastian s story follows a year after the events surrounding Trinity and Nathan They have been hired by the ruler of a provincial planet to rescue his son, who is being held prisoner in the neighboring province Sebastian volunteers to be taken to that enemy province disguised as a Thrall a submissive and try and ferret out the prince s location He s sold to Domina Zaria as her newest Thrall and as she parades him around the palace, he does his best to pinpoint the prince s location, while looking guileless and harmless This one was really over the top If you don t like the whole dominance submission thing, don t even bother with this one Sebastian plays the whole sadistic, merciless merc and Zaria plays the helpless prisoner The two worlds employ the whole D s lifestyle and everyone is relegated as either a Dom or a Dominatrix This short story is chock full of words like, domina, dominance, dominality, thralls and thrallines This one is beyond corny and if anyone takes it seriously and is offended, please, gimme a break The third story is about Cassidy Vika and Rune They are having an interstellar dogfight and both have to ditch out on a sparsely populated planet Rune is stunned to find a female pilot but once he gets a good look at Cassidy Vika, challenges her to a Claiming Duel If he wins, he gets her They fight to the death and Rune wins, overpowering both her mind and her body Pretty soon they are rolling around in this desolate landscape, having a rolicking good time, but once the good times end, it s back to battle Cassidy has no plans to give up her freedom and her life as a fighter pilot which is what Rune is demanding Even as Rune plots the future with Cassidy as his Breeder, he wonders if he has the right to take her, even as he wants her This one wasn t so kinky It was also the most romantic and had the most story behind it It probably would have been really interesting as a full length novel I enjoyed it but Rune was kind of a goody goody type warrior It was okay because Cassidy was of a sneaky merc so the two meshed well with each other Angela Knight s Mercenaries was a lot of fun and full of vulgar, harmless, kinky sex that is not for the faint of heart.

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    The story so far The mercenary crew of the Starrunner is called to the cleverly named BDSM colony, Bedesem, to aid the ruler in getting back his kidnapped son They are greeted by Dom Javier, advisor to the Dominor, who takes them in to see His Dominance, Xarles Ferrau, Dominor of Rabican The Dominess, Ila Orva, of the neighboring dominality of Corvo has kidnapped His Dominance s 26 year old son because His Dominance has reneged on their agreement to wed his son to the Dominess brutally dominant daughter, Marcelle The Dominas, Ila and Marcelle, are threatening to turn him into a Thrall, or submissive, which would be a grave insult to the Dominor and would cause war between the dominalities Sebastian, second in command on the Starrunner, has agreed to go undercover as a Thrall to the Dominess and find the location of the Dominor s son to bring him back before this happens Luckily it appears he ll have an ally in the Dominess youngest daughter, sister to the cruel Marcelle, Zaria Zaria is disgusted by big sister s dominance techniques and is worried that her mother will hand the Domince over to Marcelle and there will be nothing to stop her from dominating her Thrallsto death Will dominant Sebastian be able to temper his dominance and domesticate in the dominality of Corvo under the dominion of the domineering Dominess Marcelle long enough to bring the Dominor s son to freedom and stave of Domesday Stay tuned to find out

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    This book is soooo hot There are some sections I had to re read

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    Disappointed Too simple, too graphic

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    Sci fi steamy love short stories Very interesting.

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    Mercenaries is an anthology of science fiction erotic romances, leaning towards the erotic than the romance Each story gets progressively longer and in my opinion better As with all anthologies I m going to review each story separately, so without further ado TrinityThe first novella in the collection sets the scene for the rest of the anthology We re introduced to the crew of the Starrunner, and the universe Knight is writing in Due to a space war between humans and some aliens over 200 human settled planets got cut off from the rest of the human empire for 200 years Now they ve been reunited, but that 200 years left some of them a little weird One of those planets turned into an extremist religious planet that is very conservative and misogynistic That s where our heroine, Trinity Yeager, spent her teenage years and she s ready to get out Enter the crew of the Starrunner and its captain Nathan August In return for sexual favours for six months with the captain and his commanding officer, Trinity secures passage off the planet What follows is a steamy threesome sex scene with BDSM elements Then Trinity s people demand she returns Trinity refuses with Nathan and his crew behind her During this process, Nathan and Trinity fall in love That s pretty much the plotline It takes place over a few hours and honestly it was hot Like crazy HOT But the romance was severely lacking So I can only give it two stars.The ThrallThe commander, Sebastian Cole is the hero of the next book This time the Starrunner has a mission at a BDSM planet where a war is brewing between two neighbouring principalities Sebastian Cole has to go undercover to rescue one of the powers sons from the other, to do that he poses as a submissive to the queen s daughter The only problem is the queen s daughter isn t dominant, but a submissive A big no no in her society The Thrall had a better plot than Trinity, the world felt fleshed out, and again the sex was hot as hell It did feel a little formulaic after reading Trinity as the main characters, and the plot of each novel was reasonably similar Again it takes place over a short period meaning the romance element felt rushed.As it was slightly better than Trinity, I m giving it 2.5 stars.Claiming CassidyClaiming Cassidy was the longest and best story in the anthology It focused less on the sex element of Cassidy and Rune s relationships and on the romance I felt I got to know Cass and Rune as people a little bit first before they started having sex In particular, I liked the enemies to lovers aspect of the story with Rune and Cass being on other sides of the battlefield as they d been hired as mercenaries by opposing planets We d met Cass in the first two novellas, and Rune s character felt fairly fleshed out, particularly the society he came from.Although this was the best of the anthology, the romance and in particular the reconciliation part of the romance still felt a little rush All three stories relied on the love at first sight principle, which is one of my biggest pet peeves in romance So although I liked Claiming Cassidy the best for me, I can still only give it three stars.OverallThat means overall I m giving Mercenaries 2.5 stars so three on the Goodreads rating The sex was hot as hell, but I needed the romance to be stonger for me to truly enjoy reading these three stories.

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    wonderful smut the romance is there but it s mostly very naughty interactions between characters however, saying that there was also great character development and world building mixed in and just enough action to keep you on the edge of your seat I very much recommend this as a steamy read and I very much enjoy the fact that it stuck with the same set of characters.

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    Not my type Dom Sub. Hot steamy lovemaking is better than that D S.

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    Three fast future set tales, a little different.

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    I LOVED all three of these books Would have liked them to be a little longer.