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read long ago but it is a book i have owned since a teenager thanks Scholastic books.this is a wonderful coming of age story of the strength of women.even if they are just girls ahhhh, the age that was pre technologyjust a girl, her bow, and her horse a good read.even for those of us a bit older than girlhood. This is a delightful and difficult to find young adult book I m extremely happy that I got a copy of it on my shelves to re read This is a short story about a girl in the middle ages who goes on a journey and has quite the set of adventures I remember reading this as a teen very fondly. Norah Lofts is one of those authors whose books really do need to be reissued I think contemporary readers would like her a lot Most of her novels were written for adults, but The Maude Reed Tale is a YA book The characters are related to the family in The House at Old Vine, but you don t need to read that book in order to appreciate this one.Maude Reed is a daughter of the emerging middle class Her mother was gently born and her paternal grandfather, with whom they live, is a successful wool merchant Left to her own devices, Maude would prefer to train to take over her beloved grandfather s business someday However, in 15th century England, this was not within the realm of possibility Instead, Maude will be sent to the home of a minor noble to learn how to run a household.The first part of the book focuses on Maude s travel to the home and her attempts to find her way in the large household Maude makes friends and she has at least one relative living there, but the author does a good job of showing just how this place doesn t entirely feel like home to her I liked that instead of being a thoroughly modern rebel, we see Maude pushing the boundaries of what would be acceptable within her own time She is definitely not a stereotypical lady of her time, but neither does she read like a teenager from the 21st century She s brave, smart and willing to learn all of which were qualities I admired.This book does have a hint of romance to it, but only a hint Mostly it s a story about a strong young woman learning to find her way in the world and to stand up for herself It s definitely worth a read just ignore the spoilery copy on the back cover. A must reader for any young or young at heart person who loves historical fiction I first read this book as a preteen and loved it many years later I read the adult version in The House at Old Vine I enjoyed that, too, but will always keep Maude s tale in my library. A Most Unladylike Heroine Struggles To Outwit The System That Would Have Her Become A LadyI Do Not Want To Be A Lady I Want To Be A Wool MerchantIn Those Two Sentences Young Maude Reed Expresses Her Most Burning Desire But In Fifteenth Century England, Girls Of Good Family Do Not Go Into Business Instead, They Are Often Sent To Live In One Of The Great Castles, Where They Do Needlework, Play The Lute, And Are Taught The Complicated Customs And Manners Of That Age Of Knighthood At Beauclaire Castle, Maude Meets Two People Who Are To Have A Lasting Influence On Her The Beautiful Melusine, Who Serves Lady Astallon, And Henry Rancon, Destined One Day For Knighthood Nevertheless, The Moment Comes When She Can Face Life There No Longer, And On Christmas Day She Mounts Her Pony, Steals Over The Drawbridge And Starts On The Long Perilous Journey Home Then Her Real Adventures Begin One of my first forays in historical fiction as a pre teen I loved the time period, heroine and ending enough to read it several times during my early teens Wonder if I would love it as an adult I gave this book 5 stars not only for itself though it is very very good , but also for the author I don t necessarily have a definite favorite of hers, but whenever I m in a crunch at the library and just want to grab something I KNOW I ll enjoy, I get a Norah Lofts The really cool thing about her books is that generally they span several generations of people Now I m usually not a short story type reader, but in this case it s really cool because many times she ll stick with a house, and follow who comes and goes in it the owners and many times you ll see things tie together in cool ways Some of her books do not do this but many do and it is always neat Her books are not always happy, but always great reads Try one I might want to buy this one I m not sure whether this is part of a series or not, but I want to read Once, when I said something was unfair, she said to me, And what led you to expect that things should be fair Permit me to point out that you are living in the world, not in Paradise Zing This was a recommendation from another historical fiction children s book, and I m very glad I read it. Maude was a tomboy 400 or so years ago Over the course of the book, she grows to be a woman who can sort of conform to society s expectations, but she is strong and can take care of herself Even if there s a several centuries gap, Maud is an example to live up to. In medieval times, children with some title or that would come into property and wealth were always sent to be brought up in another household to come into their adulthood with grace and better behaved, also to make alliances and future prospects This is a fluffy medieval tale about a girl called Maude Reed that likes to catch some vitamin D riding horses and playing pretend with her friends out in the open instead of working on her needle work inside a dreary castle and learning feminine etiquette which can t be much in medieval times She learns to read and write during her time at the Beauclaire household Norah Loft also paints such a pretty picture of Maude Reed in pointed hats with veils that trails behind her as she goes to jousting tournaments, feasts, yew mazes and medieval castles.The War of the Roses is mentioned and we see it through the eyes of Maude that didn t realize the importance of the whole affair during her time and how it would affect the world afterwards And we hear all the gossip at the house because people usually speak freely in front of children of things that they yet do not understand So many medieval favorites are mentioned in this book from something grand like the pilgrimage to Canterbury to something small like the medieval pagan song Holy and the Ivy I love it, I love it all.There are so much little tidbits of life in medieval times in such a small book that one would not know the reason or meaning to some things if one has not had intense knowledge in feudal times and court life It was funny to see Norah Lofts mention the cesspools and drains being so clogged in some castles with overextended occupancy that the king would have to move from castle to castle that is information that many do not know today The gong farmer would clean the waste from the garderobe and for this reason, the court would go on progress to visit holy sites or visit their lords in their kingdom Noral Lofts only mentioned Spain in a positive note when mentioning Spanish steel and not in a patronizing inferior way that I so often see in other books.Our medieval fantasies of witches, wizards, magic, damoiselles, knights, etc started during these dark times and live on in our hearts till this day but this is a story that has everything you want to read in a realistic medieval tale about a young girl living in our true medieval past but still through her childlike eyes where magic and wishes come true view spoiler Maude Reed s twin brother Walter didn t want to be a wool merchant and became a minstrel instead Melusine didn t have her HEA, she killed herself because her beloved Maude s uncle Sir Godfrey was betrothed to another simpleminded Madge and he later married her for her dowry Maude Reed made herself indispensable, took over the family business and became a wool merchant She is betrothed to Henry Rancon and in a way, that is her HEA hide spoiler