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The three Liaden Universe® universe “origin” novels collected together for the very first time in one omni edition  Across a fallen galaxy the Liaden have risen to take on the challenge of bringing trade and civilization to the stars and in the process made themselves the aristocrats of known space  Bred to scout to pilot and to trade Clan Korval is ascendant among other families arrayed within the incredibly intricate and formal Liad social structure  But along the way Korval makes powerful enemies  Lee and Miller uite simply set the modern standard for full on audacious space opera  Crystal SoldierThe galaxy is in danger  A mysterious alien race of energy being called the shereika is rapidly unmaking – dissipating lock stock and uark entire star systems  Humans are making their last stand  M Jela is a top of the line of soldier who realizes the peril and persuades a talented space ship pilot named Cantra yos’Phelium to help what humans remain to escape to an alternate reality with unpopulated but livable star systems the Liaden® universe   Crystal DragonCantra is revealed to be no merely a great pilot but a genetically engineered aelantaza or assassin and spy whose specialty is taking on the entire personality of her “cover” so much so that she believes it herself  She remakes herself as only a aelantaza can and infiltrates the scholarly towers on the university world of Landomist where she narrowly avoids being killed in scholarly conflicts  There she liberates the scholar Liad dea’Syl along with the euations for escape stored inside his head  Once in her new domain Cantra creates a hereditary alliance to protect her child by Jela – to be known and become legendary as Clan Korval Balance of TradeYoung Jethri Gobelyn is a young Terran working on his family's trading spaceship  Jethri has ambition and he sets out to make a name for himself in the time honored fashion of his family by investing in a trading scheme with what he takes to be a bona fide Liaden® master trader  But when Jethri discovers he’s been had Jethri must master the intricacies of Liaden society which include many formal rules and regulations of behavior to regain his place – and face – within the clan   About the Liaden Universe® series“Every now and then you come across an author or in this case a pair who write exactly what you want to read the characters and personalities that make you enjoy meeting them I rarely rave on and on about stories but I am devoted to Lee and Miller novels and stories” —Anne McCaffrey“These authors consistently deliver stories with a rich textured setting intricate plotting and vivid interesting characters from fully realized cultures both human and alien and each book gets better” –Elizabeth Moon“The many fans of the Liad universe will welcome the latestcontinuing young pilot Theo Waitley’s adventures” – Booklist on Saltation“Aficionados of intelligent space opera will be thoroughly entertainedThe authors' craftsmanship is top notch” – Publishers Weekly on Lee and Miller’s popular Liaden® thriller I Dare

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    Rating for each book varies detailed below The three stories in this Kindle collection are 1 Crystal Soldier 2 Crystal Dragon and 3 Balance of Trade Chronologically the series begins here 1300 years in the pastThis digital anthology comes with a dictionary of invented words after the third story but there is no table of contents to inform the reader so I didn't know to look for it even though I needed it Also there is a list of characters in the front matter I noticed some typos across the e books I was looking for light science fiction space opera something like Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan Series which I loved for the character relationship and plot development See Barrayar for one example This Liaden Universe series did the trick It took a few books but eventually I grew to love it SPOILED summary of books 1 2 view spoiler The authors explain how Captain M Jela Granthor's Guard — the soldier — is befriended by a sentient sapling tree the last species of its kind No other ssussdriad on the planet had survived the evil shereikas who destroy entire worlds Jela bonds with Tree and vows to cherish it like kin Tree goes with Jela leaving its dead planet behind and subseuently becomes important to the entire series slowly revealing some surprising abilities In these two books Jela Tree and our heroine Cantra yos'Phelium — the dragon — join forces to outwit and elude the evil ShereikasIn Crystal Soldier we learn how Jela discovered Tree how Jela and Cantra eventually become lovers and how the ruthless shereikas were decrystalizing obliterating entire worlds while the military looked away yeah right We also learn that at least two of the sherieka made magical wizards — called a dramliza — came to leave their creators rebelling seeking life love and liberty joining sides with Tree We also meet Uncle a mysterious unpredictable and powerful character who shows up in varied books across the series Dulsey a clone called a batcher also plays a role in this book and across the series In Crystal Dragon Cantra impersonates a scholar joining a dangerously competitive university in order to access the euations of famed mathematician Liad dea'Syl Jela goes with her disguising himself as her batcher a cloned grunt worker stupid but strong and servile With Liad's euations it just might be possible for the remnants of humanity to escape into a theoretical bubble universe before the shereikas aka the illoheen decrystalize every flawed creature in existence but Cantra is besieged in the ivory towers of higher education Jela must see her safely out but this is not easily accomplished She survives thanks largely to Tree and with her famous luck along with the help of her new young co pilot Tor An yos'Galan the sentient Tree and the wizardly Rool Tiazan she will pilot uick Passage to safety eluding a storm of shereikas and saving not only Clan Korval but many others some beloved characters die in this book and never set foot on the newly discovered planet Liad hide spoiler

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    I discovered the Liaden series looking for excellent science fiction to read and the ratings are consistently high throughout so I decided to buy the first book and try it out I found this omnibus of the first three novels for the price of a single novel so I grabbed it I thought to read the first few pages to see how the writing is and never put it down until I had read the entire three novels almost 1200 pages This series deserves the super high ratings that it has That is my no spoiler review

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    Overall I will be giving it a 4 starsI will just be writing short reviews for the books individually I was uite surprised by how much I enjoyed this book as a whole I wasn't sure exactly what to expect but it's a really enjoyable story Like I've said before I was under the impression that I had most good sff books on my radar this book just proves how wrong I was about that assumption I've only read the first 3 books in the reading order according to my friend who has recommended these books to me and I already kind of want to go back and read this book again well after I finish Trade secret Book 1 The Crystal Soldier 4 stars I was slightly surprised by how much I enjoyed it the story is uite fast paced and well written I liked both of the main characters Jela Cantra uite a bit they were both very interesting and both have this air of mystery around them where you don't know exactly who or what they are and you slowly find out some of it throughout the story and I assumed you will get in the second book I thought the world building was well done and the universe as a whole is uite interesting and I can't wait to find out I also really enjoyed the writing style that at times felt a bit like stream of consciousness from the characters perspective For example the character would be thinking something and then the thought would get interrupted mid sentence and the character would respond to whatever was happening While that's not a uniue thing I hadn't seen it in a long time and I really enjoyed that aspect of the writing style One thing I kind of disliked as that especially for the first half of the book I spend uite a lot of time not sure about what the heck was going on and feeling like maybe I had missed something important this wasn't strong enough of a feeling that it really brought the whole book down for me because I was enjoying what I was reading even if I didn't really know what was going on Book 2 The Crystal Dragon 3 stars the first half of this book is uite rough to be honest it wasn't exactly bad but after coming of the high that book 1 left me on it was a bit of a disappointment The second half was utterly amazing and had me in tears at several points it had a lot of the parts I loved about the first book and The ending was in my opinion marvelous and the perfect ending which now has me wanting Book 3 Balance of Trade4 stars This book is set many many years after the story of the Crystal Dragon has not much to do with that story other than the implications as seen by the ending which are somewhat spoilery so I won't discuss them here Jethri is an interesting main character much like with the characters in the crystal soldier there is a lot of mystery going on around him and I'm interested to see where it's all going to go

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    Love the BackstoryMy 3rd time reading this I finally have the whole set and am reading chronologically this time I love Jela and cry for Cantra every time

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    SUMMARYThis book contains the first three novels in internal chronology order of the Liaden Universe The Novels are Crystal Soldier Crystal Dragon and Balance of TradeCrystal Soldier and Crystal Dragon are close together in time By this I mean Crystal Dragon takes up where Crystal Solider leaves off Balance of Trade occurs a long time after the end of Crystal DragonCRYSTAL SOLDIERIn Crystal Soldier we are introduced to the struggle between mankind and the Sheriekas Solider M Jela Granthor's Guard is stranded on a dry desert planet during a space battle Close to death he finds one lone tree that is actually the sole survivor of the intelligent race of the planet The tree keeps Jela alive and in return Jela takes the tree when he is rescuedAfter his rescue Jela is recruited by a secret group within the military that is finding the way to defeat the enemy Carrying is small tree with him Jela takes command of a ship and starts searching for information about the enemyWhile waiting to meet one of his contacts at a restaurant Jela accidentally has dinner with Cantra yos'Phelium the ownerpilot of a one person ship who comes to the restaurant and asks if there is anyone who wants company for dinner The chance encounter ensnares Cantra and Dulsey a batcher from the restaurant who helps them in attempts to capture Jela Jela along with his tree joins Cantra as her co pilot with Dulsey as a passenager on Cantra's ship They travel around the rim trying to find a safe place to leave Dulsey and try to reach a point where they can disengage from each other and go their separate waysCRYSTAL DRAGONCrystal Dragon continues where Crystal Soldier ends A safe home has been found for Dulsey Jela and Cantra are still togetherThe book actually starts with the introduction of Rool Tiazan and his dominant They are a pair that form one unit Created by the Sheriekas they have powers to exist on different planes and the manipulate the strands of probability that determines all future eventsBut they and some others of their kind have also grown to hate the SheriekasRool and his dominant find Jela and Cantra and save them from ambush They tell them that there is no way to defeat the Sheriekas but it may be possible to escape into an alternate universe at the monment of the Sheriekas last victoryJela and Cantra must find the euations developed by great mathematician and adapt them to plot the course for star ships to follow to the new universe and to survivalBALANCE OF TRADEBalance of Trade occurs generations later in the new universe the survivors escaped into The universe seems to be populated with Terran and Liadens The Liadens are descendants of the people who escaped the destruction of the SheriekasThe Terrans and the Liadens interact and trade with each other But they don't understand each other and their is prejudice on both sidesJethri Gobelyn is a young Terran who comes to the attention of Liaden master trader Norn ven'Deelin when he gets taken in by a swindle that is using the traders good name He accidentally brings the swindle to ven'Deelin attentionAs a result of the interaction ven'Deelin decides to take him as an apprentice the first time a Liaden has done such a thing with a Terran The story follow Jethri as he learns the culture and the Liaden and adapts to live in their environmentCOMMENTSI don't have a lot of comments I had actually read the first two before I got this book I knew I had read the first novel before the purchase I remembered reading the second novel as I read it again The third novel was completely new to meAs you can tell from my rating I think they were excellent stories I think I'm going to try reading the books in chronology order I look forward to finding and reading the next book from the universe

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    Excellence As usual up to the high standards I expect from these two my favorite authorsThe characters are always complex and the settings always descriptive The pace was a bit slower for these works than I found in their earlier works I really love the importance of manners and the evocation of the alien culture that reuires dozens of different bows and dozens of different intonations and modes of speech I especially enjoyed the interactions between hapless Terrans who only speak one mode and the Liadens often conversant in a depth of shades of meanings that Terrans can't imagine The interactions between the separate species are brilliant The inner strength of the characters their intelligence intuitiveness and empathy are also big draws for me These books in particular added a different species one that is completely alien to the human based Liadens and Terrans The description of these energy beings was detailed and reasonable enough that it seems they could actually have existed; they seemed realistic The sentient Tree steals the show Lastly the action is fast paced enough to make the stories nearly un put downable A uick synopsis These three books describe the origins of the Korval clan who are so fun to read about in other Liaden novels The first novel Crystal Soldier in this omnibus follows M Jela an engineered soldier who recognizes the danger posed by the energy beings who are not so slowly devouring the universe M Jela is a wonderful character and his partner Cantra yos'Phelium is intriguing mysterious tough and likeable Together they set out to stop the dissipation of the universe The second novel Crystal Dragon follows the same protagonists as they get closer to their goal of saving the universe In order to do this they need a mathematical formula that will allow them to pilot to an alternate universe This reuires Cantra to re make herself into a scholar to infiltrate the tower where the mathematical genius lives The third novel Balance of Trade introduces Jethri Gobelyn a Terran with an affinity for Liaden culture and language and great skill in trading He gets involved with some pleasant and unpleasant Liadens as he tries to make a name for himself in the trading universe

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    March 2015 Reread because I was craving a Liaden fix Only the two Great Migration books; I'll revisit Jethri another time And since I've now come full circle with the Liaden Universe I did have a few eureka moments certain developments were meaningful to me this time around or carried emotional weightThe most significant hint I caught was that view spoilerRool Tiazan's beloved Lady sacrifices herself to protect him but her consciousness somehow survives anchored to Rool's physical form EXACTLY LIKE DAAV AND AELLIANA I can't believe I didn't remember that when I read Mouse and Dragon Does this mean that Daav and Aelliana are avatars or incarnations of Rool and his Lady like Shan and Priscilla are Lute and Moonhawk? It would explain so much about Daav for example the way the Healers are constantly throwing him out of sickrooms because he's so loud to their dramliza senses Even the names match up; Daav and Rool four letters with a doubled vowel in the middle MIND BLOWN hide spoiler

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    Crystal VariationI have listened to a sample of the audiobook Crystal Soldier many times Very enticing recording A dying soldier is stranded on a desert planet He plots a course to where he figures there might be water As he moves towards his goal he observes and records gigantic trees that have died As he moves down the canyon he hypothesizes that the trees have purposefully followed the same path as himself It seemed as if they had marched down the canyon toward what once was an ocean As he prepares to end his journey having no food and very little water he discovers a small tree with a few green leaves Figuring that he will die anyway he gives the last of his water to the tree and decides to lay down around the tree when he dies so that the tree will have the nutrients and moisture from his body The sample ends with the soldier and his tree being rescued but with an uncertain future You are left wondering what happened to the tree? At least the botanist in me wonders You need to read or listen to the book to find outCrystal Soldier is the best of the three books in Crystal Variation Crystal Dragon deals with the great migration from the old universe which is being destroyed to a new universe Balance of Trade is hundreds of years later The old racial and class prejudices are still apparent The old war and migration largely forgotten There is humor intrigue mystery and action Everything you need for a great escape from reality

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    So I've read the first of the three books in this volume This is a huge series and it's all David's fault I'm reading them to begin with But I can't fuss too much because this first story is as enjoyable as the short story that made me seek the series out I'm reading chronological order as opposed to published order and I can see already that if I'd read them as they came out there are probably some things that I'd get a little enjoyment out of but not enough to affect my enjoyment of this book Will be reading the other books in short orderSecond book in the volume just as good if not better than the first Looking forward to the thirdAnd done Stayed up until almost 5 Sunday morning to finish it If it wasn't obvious I'm really enjoying this series Great characters solid stories Makes you care about the characters and that's a good thing

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    My first foray into the Liaden Universe It was fun reading the origin story although I suspect I might have missed some of the fun of it since it was my original introduction to this fictional universeI really enjoyed each of the books although I did find that it took me a few chapters to get into the plot of each one For a while everything was so confusing including the language that the characters were using that it was hard to want to keep going But for each of the three novels included in this volume I eventually found myself immersed and caring very much about what was going to happen next to the protagonistVery interesting stories I'm looking forward to reading about this universe