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Paisley Tillery Is The Drummer For A Country Rock Band If They Can Make It To The Stage At The Texapalooza Music Fest, Then Paisley Will Be Closer To Her Dream Of A Career In Music And A Ticket Out Of Her Small Texas TownDrumming And Music Are What Paisley Has Always Wanted Until The Band Gets A New Lead Singer, The Boy From Paradise, Texas With Paradise In Her Life, What Paisley Wants, And What She Needs, Complicate Her Dreams Coming True I wish I had better things to say about Paradise, but unfortunately, I don t I really just didn t see much point in the story.The Waylon Slider band is in desperate search of a new lead singer Believing that playing at Texapalooza is their ticket to making a name for themselves and finally getting the recognition they deserve, they re all to eager to accept Gabe, from Paradise, TX, as their new vocalist Thing is, Gabe comes with a smoking hot squeezebox, and he ain t about to give it up.Paisley s got a one track mind She is convinced that it is her destiny to become a professional drummer Nevermind that her momma don t approve or that she has to keep her involvement in the band a secret, she is determined to play at Texapolooza to show the world that she can keep time with the best of them She never expected to swoon over a cocky cowboy who plays accordion, much less fall head over bootheels in love with him.As far as whirlwind romances go, the one between Paisley and Gabe Paradise was pretty typical Their lust love at first sight set the tone for the story the minute they met and didn t really offer anything unique to trope In fact, I couldn t understand Paisley s deep feelings for Paradise since they really never had any meaningful conversations I felt like they never got to know much about one another other that what was on the surface Yes, Paradise had his swagger and charm, but he also came off as kind of creepy when he tried pushing Paisley into having sex despite the fact that she wore a purity ring.I also didn t think the narrative flowed very well It was very repetitious and disjointed I read the ARC so hopefully edits will eliminate those repeated phrases It just seemed like too much time was spent describing events rather than on character development.The conclusion completely did me in I couldn t support it at all I guess it was supposed to be the teen version of La Bamba, but it was so derived and emotionless.There was some small town Texas charm that I appreciated in the setting and song lyric inserts between chapters told a parallel story that was fun to read, but it wasn t enough to pull me out of the feeling that the characters and the story arc stayed on a superficial level when it could have dug deeper.More than likely I m missing something, so if you give Paradise a go, please let me know your thoughts. 1.5 Stars Paradise has been sitting on my shelf for a while so I thought I d include it in my TBR Reading Challenge so I could finally read it I hadn t really looked at any other people s reviews beforehand, but I really wish I had I believe Paradise is going to be book that you either like or dislike and honestly I really disliked it The story is based in Texas, where Paisley will do anything to try and become a star drummer She s joined a band made up of some guys from her school however, she has to keep this a secret from her mother, as she would not approve Paisley s mother tries to shelter her and her sister, to stop them making the same mistakes that she did, leaving Paisley feeling like she can t have the future she really wants in Drumming Paradise started off really well, I enjoyed the first few chapters and one of the things I admire about the author s writing is how well she captured Texas and made it out to be as I imagine it to be Bull riding, singing contests, town parties and church etc reading about this made me feel as though I was living every moment with the characters With the author being able to draw me in as much as she did, I loved that she could do that However, that s the only thing about this book that I actually liked I really felt the whole story was really unnecessary and it s one of them books that I wish I hadn t of wasted my time reading It was pointless Usually when I finish a book I m left satisfied and this just didn t do it for me.The characters were pretty boring and that s including Paisley and her sister And then we have Gabe aka Paradise, who is the main love interest but came across big headed and creepy He tried to push people into coming out of their shells but while doing that, he as a character just looked like a jerk One thing that really ticked me off was that Paisley wears a purity ring, given to her by her mother and even though Paradise knows she has the ring because he teases her about it, he still tries to push her into having sex with him not very heroic in my book Usually a love interest is caring and sweet but not once did I get this impression from Paradise Yes, there was a clear attraction between the two characters but I d say that s about it It s pretty clear Paradise failed to win me over Usually in at least one book I read there is one character that really annoys me and in Paradise it was Paisley and Lacey s mother She had good intentions but completely did it in all the wrong way Instead of supporting and listening to her girls, she put them down and made them hide their own dreams They couldn t talk to her or trust her She bad mouths everyone else in the little town they lived it and literally run boys off from going anywhere near her girls Even though she does redeem herself towards the end of the book, it still wasn t enough for me to forgive her And I m going to end my little rant on the ending Oh that ending How completely unnecessary and rushed it was It was emotionless and not very clear I actually had to re read the chapter to see if what I think I was seeing was actually real And maybe, If I d cared about a certain character than I did, maybe I would have actually felt something about the event happening, but I didn t and it made this story even unnecessary than it was All in all as a story, everything about Paradise failed to win me over but that s that to say you won t enjoy it too I hope you read it for yourself and find out. Read my review here had me completely engrossed from the start It actually reminded me a lot of the movie Whip It , except, swap the skating with drumming and the roller derby with playing at Texapolooza Paisley s parents really reminded me of the parents in that movie Paisley s mom wants her to have opportunities that stretch beyond their small town Her dad supports this idea, if not a little leniently than her mom, but backs her all the same I loved the way Jill S Alexander wrote the music parts in this book Reading about the sounds and how Paisley heard and experienced all of it felt like I was actually hearing and experiencing it all myself it was practically tangible The Waylon Slider Band, of which Paisley s the drummer, is comprised of her friends Michael Waylon, Levi, and Cal Michael is from a family of musicians and is trying to come out from under their shadow He is AMAZING on guitar, as is Cal and Levi is great on bass All they needed was a singer.Enter Paradise, whose actual name is Gabe but is given this nickname because he comes from Paradise, TX The boy is beautiful and he knows it Tall, broad, dark hair, green eyes, half Colombian Oh, and let s not forget his deep, sensual voice Paradise can sing Most importantly, especially to himself, is that he can play the accordion like no other He is slated to become the next accordion king His style is Vallenato though, which I was totally floored to read about in this book, especially when Paradise mentions Carlos Vives to Paisley If you want to hear what it s like, watch the music video below Being Hispanic, I grew up listening to a few Colombian artists, such as Shakira, Juanes, and Carlos Vives, so reading that was beyond cool.There s an instant attraction between Paradise and Paisley, and she doesn t really know what to make of it Until he came in the picture, her focus was solely on drumming She tries to ignore him, but he makes it pretty difficult, teasing and flirting with her any chance he gets However, his whole attitude changes after he lets the band down at a barn party where he took over the stage and basically left them in the dust Paisley and the rest of the band were through with him after that That was the moment he made a total turnaround He becomes this thoughtful, sweet, sexy guy and Paisley was a goner Their relationship was sweet but also steamy, and it was nice seeing them open up to each other and share their dreams and ambitions.I was a goner myself Completely invested in these characters and their aspirations.Then, when I was at a complete high right along with them the unimaginable happens It s safe to say I was shattered by the end of this book I still don t want to believe that s how it really ended I want to rewind however many pages it is to the part where my heart was walking on cloud nine and pretend it ended there Hey, a girl can dream, right Call me a masochist, but I m SO going to buy this book when it s released Despite of how the ending affected me, I loved the story and all the relationships in this book To some, hearing about the ending might discourage them from picking up this book, to others it might intrigue them enough to pick it up To the ones on the fence this book is great, don t let my sensitive heart scare you away Thanks to Jen from I Read Banned Books for the opportunity to read and review this book as part of her book tours This is not just a book about music It is also about standing up for yourself and going for your dreams It had a bitter sweet ending but that only made me love this book even Why did it took me so long to finish it I have no idea because once I dived into the story I couldn t put it down. This was my first time reading a book by Alexander and I assure you it will not be the last First off is that cover not HOT Whew somebody turn down the smolder I was a little unsure about the cover while reading the story because well I was wondering if it had any relevance BUT after reading about Paisley Paradise s relationship, it couldn t be accurate So Close.This was definitely a character driven novel, I loved them all of them Paisley s sister, the members of the band her mom and dad, even her uncle They were so well written, it almost felt like you were there in this small Texas town with them Paisley was an extraordinary character one that you will respect and admire.And the musical aspect, no pun intended, but it ROCKED There are lyrics throughout the novel written by one of the bandmates, Cal And although he doesn t say much at all in the novel, you truly feel like you know him and feel what he s feeling through his lyrics, I loved that rawness with his character.The ending killed me What the heck was up with that Seriously You re going to do that to me Totally did not expect that And honestly, I m not at all sure how I feel about it, and I ve had plenty of time to digest.Can t wait to see what Alexander has for us next I promised myself that when I eventually got up the nerve to start up a book blog, I would not resort to adding graphics and or videos to express how a book affected me Good or bad, I d rather articulate it into words There s absolutely nothing wrong with adding graphics, it s just my preference But let me tell you, I was so tempted to do that here This book had me by the throat from page one Engrossing characters with equally absorbing plot lines made it difficult to put it down I found myself reading every chance I got even when the car was idling at a stoplight There were so many things that made me fall in love with this book First of all, I m a sucker for Latino men I blame Simone Elkeles for this Gabe was a mixed Colombian blood, musically inclined, cowboy, handsome just your good old recipe for a hot tamale And Paisley was no chopped liver either The girl can hold her own as a drummer for an all guys band Everyone in this book pulled their weight and didn t read like they were fillers I really liked reading Cal s lyrics, which showed a good portion of who he was even though he barely said a word throughout the book I d go on with accolades about everyone but there isn t much room in this review With that being said, I just wished Paisley s mother wasn t made out to be such a b tch, when she really wasn t What was frustrating was the fact that everyone seemed to have this phantom fear to voice out their dreams in front of her when, there wasn t anything to be worried about Perhaps the author just didn t do a good job with convincing me that their fears were founded Anyway, this brings me to the painful point of the review Try to imagine this You re in a meadow full of sweet smelling flowers.Sun is shining upon your face Birds are chirping, the wind is singing a gentle song in your ears.Nice imagery, yeah And then just when you re getting comfortable and nature is about to lull you to sleep A LOUD FRIGGIN TRAIN CHUGS out of nowhere, destroying your meadow, decimating the quiet and flattening you into a pancake.Good golly, Miss Molly I will never, EVER, let my guard down ever again Where the author took this book made me want to give it a one star rating but I can t Because the fact of the matter is, I enjoyed the majority of this book I loved the writing, I loved the flow I m just bitter because the book was short and where she put the epic twist of all twists didn t leave much room for me to recover A few pages later, while I stared at the very last period of the last sentence in this book, I sat there reeling Screaming in my head Why Why Why Le sigh You want to know what Ms Alexander did READ.THE.BOOK. Paradise is the story of a small town country rock band It conjures up images of pasture parties, country fried cooking, sweet summer nights and Southern romance For Paisley, the band s drummer, Texaspalooza could be just what she s been waiting for a one way ticket to country super stardom But when she develops a romance with the group s fiery lead singer, Paisley must decide if what she wants is really what she needs.Okay, I must admit, I was a little worried about taking on a book like this I don t gravitate toward realistic fiction very much If it doesn t have supernatural creatures, it s usually not on my radar But I wanted to branch out and try something new It took me a chapter or two to get hooked on Paradise, but then before I knew it, I was completely caught up in Paisley s life her highs were my highs and her lows were my lows I loved Paisley Being a city girl myself, Jill Alexander s Paradise opened up a completely different world for me The way the characters spoke, their manner of dress and even the things they did for entertainment it all had a laid back kind of charm that immediately captured my interest There are creative song lyrics interspersed between the chapters which also helped to capture the mood of certain events transpiring in the book at that particular moment I thought this was a nice touch as well I enjoy music like most everyone but I don t live and breathe it The characters in Paradise did though and once I got to know them, I felt their passion Moved by the music, I wanted to pick up Paisley s drumsticks and play along with the band, caught up in the magic of a perfect set I even found myself googling Vallento accordion style music Who knew accordion playing could be cool, or better yet sexy But the characterization in Paradise is what really stood out to me, It was thoughtful and full of emotion Paisley s long suffering sister Lacey, her well meaning but overbearing mother and amiable father all captured my heart I felt like I knew them intimately I understood why her mother was the way she was and why her sister was afraid to do anything about it The way the family evolved and eventually became stronger was meaningful for me as well I loved Paisley s character most of all, but I know I fell a little bit in love with Gabe too.Be prepared to walk away from Paradise wiping away a few tears The ending is incredibly shocking and unexpected I can t say I m thrilled with how Jill Alexander ended the book, but it definitely left an emotional punch that I thought about for days And shouldn t a good book do just that I ve heard a lot of rocking things about this book and LOTS of complaints about the ending, which I think sort of made the book The ending made the book s message stronger and I liked it I realise I am in the minority however.A lot of people have raved about the romance aspect of this book, but I think the characterisations were the strongest part of this book I loved the little details that made up each individual Paisley s family were so clearly depicted in my mind that I could imagine them standing right in front of me, cooking dinner or mowing the lawn The familial relationships were interesting, complex and easy to relate to Paisley s mom is a great example of this with her bespangled jeans, desperation to get the best for her girls and I know best attitude.Paisley wants to be a drummer, please her parents and have it all She doesn t want to drink or do drugs and be a bad girl She knows who she is, or thinks that she does, but she s still learning about life and her place in it That s a refreshing kind of main character, when compared with other teen characters This book is about a stage in her life that matures her there may even one day be a sequel to this novel One of the things that I loved about this novel was the description From cloud formations, to the smell of freshly cut grass, there was a poetic bent to this novel Ms Alexander puts you in the moment with her characters through her prose you also get a sense that each moment is special That each scene means than what you might notice on the TV or on an ordinary day There s a wonderful, observant sentimentality to this novel.I liked Paradise, he was an interesting character His feelings for Paisley were never fully justified though and the reader was often left to guess about his motivations not a bad thing Because Paisley and Paradise seldom shared extended conversations, although this story was full of tension and awesomeness, this wasn t so much a romance novel as puppy love Which is why I think this story is a coming of age tale, with some wise and witty observations, not an all time greatest love story. Awhile back, I saw some early buzz about Paradise on Twitter, in reviews, and such The talk was mainly about the ending I had to read Paradise for the book itself of course and to see what happens at the end Oh yeah, and for the cowboys Who doesn t love a hunky cowboy or a whole story full of em Jill S Alexander can tell herself a story I m not a music fan myself, which I speak of all the time, but I was really engrossed in this story which is based on Paisley, Paradise a gorgeous boy , and a band I really felt like I was in Texas and in the band Jill is descriptive with her writing, but not overly so, which can be a pet peeve of mine I enjoyed read the song lyrics and how they coincided with the context of book.Paisley I loved as a character She s strong, but still wants to be loved and accepted like the rest of us Huge parts of Paradise the book, not the boy involve Paisley s mother and her acceptance into the band and with playing drums I initially disliked Paisley s mom, but she redeemed herself eventually I also can understand where she is coming from.If you re a fan of cowboys like myself, I would really recommend this book to you Paradise or Gabriela a boy, not a girl is described to be a super duper gorgeous boy He s super talented with singing and playing the accordion, yep an accordion first time I ve seen that He also wears cowboy hats and boots, has gold hoops in is ears, and the whole bit I ll be honest When I put Paradise down after reading the entire thing, all I could think was WHY I don t understand the need to have the book end that way Maybe I was missing something I m sure Jill S Alexander had a reason for her ending, but I personally didn t see it I will be looking out for books from Jill S Alexander because I adore her writing style.