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What Can Go Wrong Overseeing A Bunch Of Android Sex Bots On An Automated Whorehouse In Deep Space Great Job, If Megan Doesn T Die Of Boredom Then She Catches Sight Of The Sexiest Male She S Ever Seen On Her Grainy Security Monitor, She Watches All His Sexual Exploits With The Bots, And Fantasizes But That S All She Can Do Because He S A Cyborg Then Fate Steps InThere S A Crash And Megan Must Escape Or Die The Cyborgs Are Rescuing The Sex Bots Taking Them Onboard Their Ship She Knows Cyborgs Hate Humans They Ll Kill Her If She Asks For Help So She Devises An Insane Plan Pretend To Be The Most Realistic Sex Bot Ever MadeHis Name Is Ice, And Megan Is Now His Personal Sex Bot He Will Satisfy Every Sexual Fantasy She S Ever Had And As Many As She Can Dream Up She Just Has To Figure Out How To Keep Her Big, Sexy Cyborg From Discovering That She Is All Woman

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    This book was actually fun to read The main girl, Megan, is a complete idiot She is so f ing stupid that it s hilarious She pretends to be a sex droid and then actually thinks she gets away with it when the cyborg dude plays along with her It s the equivalent of expecting an adult to fall for the got your nose bit and patting yourself on the back for tricking them.But, although Megan is a moron, she and Ice have a cuter love story than the previous couples There are also a lot of other things going on in this world that are interesting than the previous stories So, things are looking up for this series.

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    Wow Ice is a cyborg that enjoys sex and refuses to go without When a trip to the robot brothel for a little artificial loving goes wrong, Ice finds himself in possession of a Sex Bot Only this Sex Bot is a human, trying to pretend to be a robot You sure you want me inside you, Megan Are you programmed for this I wouldn twant to blow any of your circuits You can tell me it s not in your parameters It would be okay and I wouldn t be upset Megan is the programmer in charge of a space brothel full of Sex Bots She s not suppose to view the clients, but she has been spying on Ice for months He s so damn sexy, muscular, and well endowed When her ship is damaged beyond repair, she seeks shelter with Ice and his sexually frustrated crew aboard his spaceship.Megan is afraid if the cyborgs discover she is a real human, that they will kill her So she decides to pretend to be a Sex Bot, for safety purposes So what if this includes a little quality time with the cyborg of her dreams, Ice I m going to play with you nice and easy, he said softly, his voice husky If you were real you d enjoy this I m hoping that you re programmed for moans and realistic sexual reactions OMG, these two were so HOT together I loved how Ice was so protective of Megan from day one I loved this couple and can t wait to find out about Coal s fate in the next book, Stealing Coal

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    Ice and Megan Ice really enjoys sex with android sex bots He avoids humans and other Cyborgs because he does not want to invest emotionally to either of them He is a loner who has suffered a lot by being used by the ruling council The rare color of his hair has made him one of the most desirable males for breeding As a result he has produced 27 children whom he is not allowed to see or be part of their lives in any way He had enough Now he regularly enjoys the company of female robots on an automated whorehouse in deep space and he feels satisfied.Megan works at the automated whorehouse in deep space, Folion She is not sleeping with the clients of course the working girls there are only robots Megan is hiding She is a programmer, responsible for the maintenance of the robots, the station and Clara the annoying voice behind the station s computer Megan is the only human there and she feels very lonely Her only feel good times are when she is watching the tall, gray and sexy Ice enjoying himself with the station robots And this is going on for months This is against the regulations of course, but she cannot help it She is extremely attracted to Iron When Folion is almost destroyed by a drunk spaceship driver, Iron and his Cyborg friends rescue the female robots including Megan who pretends to be one of them Now she has the chance to sleep with the male of her dreams as long as Iron does not realize that she is human and not a robot Can Iron really be that stupid Or is Megan the stupid one I really enjoyed the mind games both of them are playing Their scenes together are excellent And funny in a kinky kind of way DMy favorite part of the book is the claustrophobic scene in the emergency life capsule in the end of the book I am a bit claustrophobic myself and I could certainly feel Iron s terror, flowing in the dark space in a small box Good thing that Megan is with him.

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    Hot sex with an intelligent story I enjoyed it 4 stars to the first half, 3 stars to the last half.STORY BRIEF Folion is a floating whorehouse in space All the working girls are androbots Clara the computer runs things, but one human is onboard as a safety backup Megan Cyborgs are humans with some computer type implants Earth humans tried to kill them all, but some escaped and now live on other planets Ice is a cyborg who has visited Folion several times When he s onboard, Megan secretly watches him She fantasizes about him.A drunk captain accidentally rams his spaceship into Folion, causing total damage Twelve androbots and Megan escape onto Ice s spaceship While there, Megan reprograms all the androbots to not service Ice While the androbots are being transported, the guys make use of them But none of the bots will service Ice Then Megan comes forward pretending to be a bot and offers to service him She s sweaty with no makeup and wearing unbecoming clothes She s better than nothing so Ice takes her to his room As they are having a lot of really great sex, the reader wonders if Ice knows or is guessing that she may not be a bot.REVIEWER S OPINION Trust Ellora s Cave to give us some hot sex That s the best part It was fun watching Megan pretending to be a bot The story was best during the first half The last half was less exciting, but good I was intrigued with one scene concerning claustrophobia It was different.DATA Ebook story length 3 hours Kindle count story length 3834 Swearing language strong Sexual language strong erotic Number of sex scenes 10, some were lengthy Setting a future time traveling on spaceships Copyright 2010 Genre erotic sci fi romance.

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    The bots had their own brothel and the prostitutes were autobots May I be of service Megan worked as a programmer in the spaceship which was actually served as a whorehouse She had been secretly watching Ice Cyborg everytime he visited the brothel One day there was a crash, Megan and the autobots were rescued by Ice s ship I love how the author brought new development to the series The cyborgs were facing another threat not just from human, their existence could be known and it s dangerous I also love Ice, he s human that the other cyborgs I ve read This is my favorite so far, there were actions, romance, depth of emotions and the promise of a continuation of the side stories Now I m actually curious to see what s in for Coal and Zorus.

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    Re read Jan 21 22, 2017My favorite of the series so far.Megan is so lonely as the only human programmer on the space brothel Folion Her only companions are the annoying computer and the sex bots When a tall, gray and sexy cyborg visits the establishment she s hooked and not above spying and fantasizing.When some drunk idiot crashes his ship into the Folion, she must evacuate with the sex bots She ends up on Ice s ship and pretends she s also a sex bot since no humans are supposed to be on the brothel ship Ice knows she s human but doesn t know what to make of her So he decides to play along and see what happensand it s super hot.Can t wait to see what happened to Coal and the asshole Zorus.Scary run in with the creepy Markus androids.

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    I think this is my favorite of the cyborg seduction series so far The emotional punch of the story was the strongest yet There was some serious angst pathos here Megan is already enthralled with Ice before the story begins so there isn t any question of Stockholm syndrome All of the stories in this series so far have involved captured Earth women in one way or another Even though Megan is not a real kick butt heroine, neither is she a wimp She is a computer programmer who is a bit naive but very intelligent She is scared of the cyborg s because she knows that humans are their enemies but she s not brainless about it The book is told in 3rd person mostly from Megan s POV but some from Ice s POV There is a new threat to the cyborgs introduced in this book I don t know if they will be an issue in further books The next book is seamlessly set up in this one also The character was introduced in the 3rd book and was also in this one He was used to further the plot in each book and was not just wedged in so good job LD The writing is getting tighter and the plotting of each book gets better The romance element is the focus of the book but the sci fi is strong enough to fit the stories without being hokey or unbelievable.

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    So there are a few things about this book that bugged the crap out of me and they are listed under the spoiler section However, I still really enjoyed the book I liked Ice for the most part all of the cyborg have their asshole moments and I ended up really liking Megan It was hot and steamy So long as you can get past the spoiler issues.Safety Gang view spoiler Please read the spoilers from my review of the first book so you understand my first issue below.https review showIce has been called upon OFTEN to impregnate females He has 28 no shit 28 kids Including the one he just made a few days before finding Megan YUCK ok my other issue is that he frequently visits the robot whorehouse and she WATCHES him fuck the sexbots And he likes to use his mouth Just YUCK I can see her doing this sort of like watching porn but I just cannot see her actually wanting to screw him herself But to each her own.Getting past these issues and him almost killing her on orders from the Council, it was still a good book Megan really pulled through for him in the end and saved the day hide spoiler

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    Ice has been my favorite so far We got to see some of the male POV and I think that might be why He was the most agreeable about the whole ending up with a human scenario I like him a lot The only issue I am having with this books, is that NONE of the human females met one another In the New Species books they have interactions I would like to see them have some bonding They are suck in testosterone world with all these males all the time, I think they need the break of having moments together It just doesn t feel right that the human women wouldn t be brought together somehow Oh And when the heck is Flint going to knock of Mira already LOL Full review coming soon