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    This book made me cold The icy description of the landscapes and the howls of the wind blowing through made it very chilly Not to even mention the fact that Jack and Annie were wearing their wet bathing suits, talk about cold Jack kept mentioning the possibility of freezing to death if they didn t find warmer clothes, and as a kid you roll that off as an expression But reading this as an older, logical thinker, I began to realize how dangerous and awesome these magical adventures were I also wondered what would happen if Jack and Annie were injured or did die in this other place.When they go back home, time doesn t change in Frog Creek, it s the same time Would the world just freeze and never exist again if these two kids were never able to make it back These are some insane questions that can race through the mind of an over thinker, that is why this concept of magic and time travel via tree house is made for children.

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    Lights made out of carved out rocks, animal fat and moss cave bear a saber tooth tiger reindeer coats a sorceror resembling a reindeer and owl cro magnon humans and a mammoth bone flute are all things Jack and Annie encounter when they travel to the Ice Age in search of the third of four items that will help them rescue Morgan Le Fey Plenty of action and suspense abound Beautiful Ice Age art work is presented to the reader A wonderful story with plenty of learning and excitement.

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    It spun faster and faster then everything was still Absolutely still

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    Let s go to the ice age in our bathing suits the tree house kids died of exsposer No books.

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    This is seventh in the series of books the Magic Tree House Although it is a chapter book my son and I sat and read it for about 30 minutes or so Very interesting, keeping our attention Just enough Science to keep it educational but yet enough imagination in it to keep it fun too Looking forward to reading some .This was wasn t disappointing after enjoying the first one as much as we did Each book apparently will have a guide to the two children in the book but to the reader listener it will give History lesson or a Science lesson to the time frame of where the children are A really neat series of books This seventh book in the series was very good It s starting to wrap the series together although you CAN read them individually, it s just nicer to read them in order to understand what is really going on At the beginning of this book is a prologue that kind of summarizes the stories up till now so if you haven t read those before you can kind of catch up In this one the kids go in search of their friend Morgan and adventure to the Ice Age There were lessons about the Ice Age and the people who lived during that time in this book than there was in the other books BUT that made this story Helping the children that was trapped there to understand how to survive while teaching the reader listener about that timeframe Was a wonderful science lesson wrapped around a good book We look forward to continuing reading this series

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    MAGIC TREE HOUSE serious, RANDOM HOUSE, RL2.2 Oct 23rd 65min 7wordssibling,warp,snow land,sorcerer,mammoth,born,flute question1.Which do you like, too cold or too hot Why A.I don t like both of them, but espercialy, I hate too cold, because, I can t bear without a heating.2.Have you ever played the flute Yes When did you do it No Do you want to try it A.Yes, I have However, when I was a elementary school student, I played the flute, so I don t remember in detail about it.I did t understand why there was a sorcerer in the snow land, but this point so funny for me, because it s a strange thing

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    This was a good book I recommend this book to elementary kids and for all genders This book isn t a chick flick and is an easy read There were two kids in this book, their names were Jack and Annie Their tree house was a magic tree house The tree house took them back to the Ice Ages They had to find something that started with a M The thing they found that started with a M was mammoth.

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    My generic review for the Magic Tree House books We ve loved them all so far They are fun, easy to read and contain quite a bit of historical information We use them as read alouds, but most elementary middle school kids could read them on their own.It does have a touch of girl power at the expense of making the brother seem a little dumb That kinda bugs But it s not obvious and my boys haven t noticed They think Jack is just as cool as his sister.

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    This is a little like Clan of The Cave Bear for little kids LOL Jack and Annie go back in time to the Ice Age and see Cro Magnons, animals, and cave paintings.One thing I didn t like is that Jack and Annie ride on the back of a mammoth I don t think that was possible Maybe it was magic.Whoooooo

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    Sunset of the Sabertooth is about Jack and Annie who go on their most wild adventure when the magic tree house sends them back to the Ice Age They have to find something with the letter M It ends up being a mammoth that they find I recommend this book to elementary or middle school because of the adventures Jack and Annie experience.