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Great fun read. The Magic Tree House Transportss Jack And Annie To The Freezing Arctic There, They Must Solve The Final Riddle To Become Master Librarians But It S Not Going To Be Easy Especially When They Have Cracking Ice, A Seal Hunter, And A Prodigious Polar Bear To Deal With Will They Be Able To Solve The Riddle Before They Get Iced Themselves I read this book to my students We read one chapter a day and the students really enjoyed the story I thought reading Polar Bears was fitting for winter The Magic Tree House transportss Jack and Annie to the freezing Arctic There, they must solve the final riddle to become master librarians But it s not going to be easy especially when they have cracking ice, a seal hunter, and a prodigious polar bear to deal with Will they be able to solve the riddle before they get iced themselves Did I enjoy this book This is the first chapter book that we read to our nearly 3 year old son We read it over the course of three nights bedtime story , and he loves it Polar Bears Past Bedtime is the twelfth of the Magic Tree House series, so the beginning of the story was a little confusing because we didn t have any background knowledge about the series, but that didn t detract from the story.My young one was excited to follow the story of Annie and Jack through their arctic adventures There was enough mystery and plot to keep him interested despite the fact that there s only one page of pictures per chapter The chapters have just enough content without being too long and a few cliff hangers to urge young readers to keep reading.As a parent, I enjoyed the fact that Polar Bears Past Bedtime interjects interesting facts about the arctic into the story Not only was my child having fun reading about an adventure, he was also learning about husky dogs, polar bears, and the native seal hunters of the arctic This is a neat way to increase knowledge and vocabulary in a fun and kind of sneaky way Learning is always easier to do and effective when it s fun Would I recommend it This is a good book for parents to read to kids with a good attention span It would also be good for young readers say, 2nd grade level who are looking to read chapter books on their own.As reviewed by Sara at Every Free Chance Books. As I always say, my 8 year old niece brought me the first 2 of these books to read She loves them and she wanted me to read them too so we can talk about them I find them fun and informative for kids about different time periods and different things around the world I decided on book 5 to start reading them aloud for my dogs enjoyment too I know, you may think I am crazy but they like them Well one gets rather scared sometimes, but the other loves to listen This book isn t really that different from the rest other than there is a different location, different information the kids learn while there, and different animals and a different person they meet However, I still think these books are great for kids They can help kids learn to love reading by tagging along with Jack and Annie on a different adventure in each book They also LEARN stuff along the way which is another thing that makes these books great for kids I like the way that the author started in books 4 8 and now the different theme in books 9 12 that involves an overarching story line that keeps kids interested enough to read the next one or next few to find out what happens This can only be a a good thing because it keeps the kids interested in reading and keeps them learning new information in such a fun way I would recommend this book this series to anyone who has children in their lives I think these books are especially good for children who like to learn different things in an adventurous way They may even help kids who do not like to read learn to love the written word They could help kids improve their reading skills too along with their knowledge.SPOILERS BELOWIn reviewing a book, the part I enjoy most is making notes on what I liked best and sometimes even least from a story I like to make notes on things that occurred during the story, so that when I come back later could be in a day, a week, a month, a year or even many years later , I can see what notes I made about a story and it helps refresh me on it If I read my notes later, I am often able to remember the majority of the story.This story was just as interesting, fun and fact filled as the rest have been so far I love how in this one there is an owl who wakes up Jack and he decides to go and ask his sister Annie what it is saying I love the author s tendency to keep up with some re occurring things in each book one being that Annie can talk to animals and knows what they are saying In this book, the owl was sent by Morgan to let Jack and Annie know she was waiting for them at the Magic Tree house The owl was telling them to hurry, so they scampered off in their pajamas to find out what Morgan had in store for them I really enjoy reading about the different places Jack and Annie get to go in these books and the Arctic was just as enjoyable as the rest so far I liked that Morgan had their 4th riddle ready for them and when Jack was worried about being in pajamas she assured him she was sending someone to help them The hunter with his dogsled and seal skin suits for Jack and Annie was a nice addition to this story I really thought it was cute that Jack and Annie got to play with the Polar Bear cubs and had so much fun during this trip Their trips have usually seemed to be filled with urgency and danger, and this one seemed to have a lighter tone which was nice for a change However, fear not There was some danger in this one too when Jack and Annie ended up on thin ice with the Polar Bear cubs It was great planning with the writing that Jack had been looking at the Polar Bear masks before he had to chase off to find Annie If he had not been looking at them, he would not have shoved them in his backpack in a hurry before he left It turned out that once the mother Polar Bear came looking for her cubs and Jack and Annie put on the masks The mother Polar Bear did not get mad and attack them, she just wanted to save her cubs from the cracking ice I liked the information added in that a Polar Bear can weigh over 1,000 pounds but can move across thin and cracking ice without falling through by lying down and evenly distributing its weight This is how it rescued its cubs in this story It was great that Jack and Annie had the book with them to learn this, so they could try the same thing and were able to return to safety as well I liked the addition of the information on the northern lights and the way of the Arctic people thanking the animal spirits and learning from the animals It is the little facts in these books that I enjoy so much about them It is such a great way for teaching children how to be appreciative and knowledgeable about different cultures.I did not even get the answer to the riddle in this story until RIGHT before it was revealed I was too interested in following along while reading it out loud to my dogs What a great riddle I was surprised when they made it back to the Tree House though that there was even a 5th riddle added in using the first letter of each of their previous riddle answers and then unscrambling to find a word This again is a great addition to the writing by Mary Pope Osborne.In the end, I was happy the kids learned something, had fun, and solved the riddles I am glad that Jack and Annie completed their missions and now have become Master Librarians like Morgan I can t wait to take these back to the library and get some to continue reading in this series I will have plenty to talk to my niece about on our vacation which starts next week I can t wait to find out what Jack and Annie have to do next I am wondering if there will be another over arching story that takes place through than one story like in 5 8 or 9 12 I am sure there will be something up Osborne s sleeve. The nostalgia Since I couldn t think of any witty opener to this review I will simply INSERT ICE BREAKER HERE Jack Annie are at it again They are on a mission in the Arctic to solve the 4th riddle so they can become Master Librarians and help Morgan even Can they take the freeze Do polar bears fly Along the way they will meet polar bears, Siberian huskies and a seal hunter My favorite picture was the one with the Snowy Owl Until the next adventure I liked all of the parts I thought the glowing in the sky was interesting. The kids did the audio version of this, narrated by Mary Osborne today Her voice has the right combination of soothing yet still engaging An odd choice to explore the tundra and igloos and Inuit culture while we are in the throes of soon to be summer heat down here in Louisiana The mysticism was a bit much, what with the spirit of honoring the polar bear, but it was a nod to the folklore of the culture that I can appreciate. Read at the request of my boys I get the feeling I m missing background information, such as why Morgan le Fay is a librarian sending the children in a quest And why they have to solve a riddle in the Arctic that is so ridiculous no one could solve it or guess the meaning unless a very specific combination of events occurred The sole redeeming feature was that there were two or three facts to learn about the Arctic