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My Name Is Gwen Frost, And I Go To Mythos Academy A School Of Myths, Magic And Warrior Whiz Kids, Where Even The Lowliest Geek Knows How To Chop Off Somebody S Head With A Sword And Logan Quinn, The Hottest Spartan Guy In School, Also Happens To Be The Deadliest But Lately, Things Have Been Weird, Even For Mythos First, Mean Girl Jasmine Ashton Was Murdered In The Library Of Antiquities Then, Someone Stole The Bowl Of Tears, A Magical Artifact That Can Be Used To Bring About The Second Chaos War You Know, Death, Destruction And Lots Of Other Bad, Bad Things Freaky Stuff Like This Goes On All The Time At Mythos, But I M Determined To Find Out Who Killed Jasmine And Why Especially Since I Should Have Been The One Who Died

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    SKEPTICAL STACIA IS A LITTLE LESS SKEPTICAL TODAY Bitch, she said That was my favorite dagger She had a favorite dagger Seriously And she thought that I was a freak 3.5 stars Welcome to Mythos Academy Warrior Academy Oh sure, there are all kinds of mythical races present, but let s get real here all I could see was a story about who could kick ass the most This is like House of Night without the raging diarrhea Meaning this book still has the fun adventures, but you re less likely to want to slap the hell out of each and every character Honestly, I was sort of expecting something similar to the Covenant series because of the mythology, but this really wasn t the same thing at all Gwen reminds me a little of Claire from Morganville Vamps starts off klutzy and unsure of herself, but you can tell she s going to gain her footing as the series proceeds , and the relationship with Gwen and her grandmother reminded me a lot of Zoey and Grandma Redbird from HoN So okay, we had the insecure lead and the all too gorgeous male counterpart, which is pretty stereotypical for the genre, but what can I say Even I have days when I don t mind the stereotypes Yes, I can picture your mouths dropping open in shock at that statement coming from me If a book hooks me, it just does, regardless of how often I ve bashed the stereotypes in previous books Call me a sucker for hot guys who can fight and love to save the damsel in distress, but Logan was pretty swoon worthy every time he came to Gwen s aid Cliched, maybe But it was awfully cute I think so Logan stared at me, and a smile pulled up his lips But maybe you should give me mouth to mouth, just to make sure I rolled my eyes and stood up Do you ever think about anything besides sex His smile widened Not when you re around, Gypsy girl Also, I felt like a lot of Gwen s insecurities mirrored real feelings that many of us would have had at that age Random side note the signing of the mattresses thingI KNEW THIS GUY No joke I had a friend who did this Not that you needed to know this info about me, but an ex of mine and I went and hooked up on that guy s bed and signed HIS mattress Because I m craaaazy like that.The TENSION oh no he didn t issue at the end of the book has me wanting to run out and grab the next book or just download it because I m far too lazy to run anywhere For people who ve read the series view spoiler am I wrong in guessing that Logan could be Loki s champion, or am I way off hide spoiler

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    I freakin HATED this bookI can summarize why I loathed this book with just a few quotes Yucko repeated 6 times My Gypsy gift repeated 45 times yes I searched for this on my kindle And for the sentiment attached to quotes like this one view spoiler I loved Samson I really did But he s a guy, after all, and he s always thinking with his dick I expected this sort of thing from him But Morgan and I grew up together That s why she s going to pay for screwing my boyfriend hide spoiler

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    This review may also be found on A Thousand Little Pages.Gwen Frost is being forced to attend Mythos Academy, an elite school set apart to train kids who just so happen to be descendants of various mythical warriors Of course, Gwen doesn t believe in any of the supernatural skills her classmates supposedly possess The only type of magic she actually accepts is her own and that of her own family When the school s most popular girl, the icy Valkyrie princess Jasmine, is murdered right in the library next to a stolen mythical artifact called the Bowl of Tears, Gwen is determined to get to the bottom of the entire situation It s never a good idea to poke your head into other people s business, though So the results Who else is to blame but yourself Touch of Frost belongs to the new batch of paranormal stories that all seem exactly the same, only with different character names and fantastical elements This novel s back story is a mishmash of tons of various warriors from Norse gods to ninjas While that is certainly a nice idea, it s never really delved into Except for a few key warrior gods, all the others felt extraneous and were barely mentioned at all.The characters aren t especially mind blowing, either You have the blonde mean girl clique, the quirky and unpopular heroine, and the hot bad boy who falls in love with the heroine anyways just the same formula used over and over and over again The character with an actual personality was Vic, the ancient magical sword, who has a grand total of about five lines in the entire novel That is just sad A sword beats out all those other full fledged human characters Sad, sad, sad Touch of Frost is quite a clich , but lovers of stereotypical teen paranormal stories I know there are a lot of you out there will devour it with glee.Book Source ARC via Flamingnet

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    Everything that I ve already said for the prequel still stands.And in this one we get a shitload of pumpkins, too.Seriously, I don t understand the pumpkins.I don t understand the fixation with the designer clothes, either In every paragraph we are reminded that everyone in that school wears designer clothes And that there are pumpkins.From now on, I m going to cram pumpkins everywhere just to prove how annoying they are Well, I suppose now it s time to say something review like.Our heroine pumpkin has the gift of being able to tell the history of every object by touching it that works even for pumpkins.So this could have been a story telling how this girl became a stellar detective, who solved every case just by touching some odd scrap of evidence It could even have been the story of this girl becoming a famous historian, who unveiled weird events about weirder artifacts by simply touching them Or a Doctor House with a skirt, diagnosing unknown exotic diseases or healing sick pumpkins.I could go on for hours, but the sad truth is that this novel is none of the above.The girl uses her gift to retrieve stuff for her schoolmates, in exchange of petty cash.Just sad, isn t it Even the pumpkins are sad for that So, this girl has this fantabulous gift The author reminds us of it every single page, but sometimes the protagonist herself forgets how could she Call the avenging pumpkins My dad, Tyr, had died from cancer when I was two, and the only memories I had of him were the faded photos my mom had shown me.See She FORGETS She could just touch something and have full knowledge of everything concerning her father.This happens a lot, throughout the entire book.Bad editor, no cookie But you can have a pumpkin, here it is Our girl then goes to a special school for magical kids Think of Hogwarts, but without the medieval stuff and full of mythological nonsense.There she finds a lot of other magical kids who all have some special superpower and wear designer clothes It s important to highlight that second aspect again, you know.And there are pumpkin fudges, pumpkin rolls and other pumpkins.All very interesting.Do I have to go on I think you can get the gist of it.There s some abs staring and some oh no I didnt think you liked me even though you tried to kiss me Quite uneventful And boring And don t forget the pumpkins.

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    Ich muss sagen, dass der Schreibstil nun wirklich nichts besonderes ist und ich ihn teilweise schon zu einfach fand und trotzdem hat mir das Lesen total viel Spa gemacht Auch die Handlung ist nichts besonderes, konnte mich nicht gro berraschen oder so und trotzdem mochte ich das Buch sehr Wieso kann ich gar nicht so genau sagen Es war einfach das richtige Buch zur richtigen Zeit Kein Meisterwerk, aber gro e Freude hatte ich trotzdem dran.

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    Yucko That is the heroine s favorite word And it fits, a bit However, if I were to blurb the paranormal sleutheress boarding school romance Touch of Frost I would say Likable, but in the direct vicinity of meh.I feel a little bit like venting, but I am in bed with a cold So, please excuse me for amassing random thoughts here instead of a structured review English is not my mother tongue Therefore I am always happy to pick up additional tidbits that help me to understand and use it better While reading Touch of Frost , I learned that purple hoodie is actually a composite word The same might be true for violet eyes , a narrower term being my violet eyes The broader term can be found sixteen times within this series starter volume Both can be used in sentences of remarkable literary value, i.e So I just stared at him, my feelings for him so obvious in my violet eyes The only way Gwenny could be so unwaveringly sure of the expressability of her Frost Familiy Brand Eyes in PANTONE 261C is extensive self study via mirror or it might be that the author still has no idea how a first person narration is successfully implemented That might also explain the long, long and kind of repetitive analytical monologues the heroine has in her mind preferably in the face of imminent danger Connected to the point of view is a lot of meta information that gets dumped on the reader, which is either the result of judging the readers as being too dense to spot the author s applaudable ability to stick to certain paranomal romance or sleuthing story formula on the dot on his or her own or it is a tell tale sign of parodistic writing I tend to go with the first possibility Gwendolyn actually tells us Everything about Logan screamed bad boy, from the thick, silky, ink black hair to his intense ice blue eyes to the black leather jacket that highlighted his broad shoulders A thousand things just feel off to the heroine, which certainly makes her investigate But then she misses some important clues And in case the reader has not just noticed that things are a tad too obvious here and the heroine has a plot lengthening moment, she emphasises her own being behind I felt a memory stirring in my subconscious Something to do with illusions Something that I d seen or heard or read or thought about in the last few days Something that was important Well, duh In addition there is the let s have a paranormal heroine but how on earth can we make use of her powers dilemma In Touch of Frost it is not as bad as in, for example, Clarity But if the heroine would play her cards, or rather abilities, right, there would be no need for her to admit repeatedly that she is no Veronica Mars Gwen, whose gift is touch magic having visions when touching people or people s objects , breaks into a room to find clues about a murder, but actually tries to avoid touching most things in there She takes out a book with a sticky note tacked to a rather relevant looking paragraph, but a day later she has still not tried her power on it Gwen s reluctance is feebly explained away by her fear of reliving horrible moments or learning secrets without the consent of people she respects, but in the light of solving the case and the fact, that Gwen earns money by locating lost and sometimes embarrassing stuff that sounds far fetched The heroine s I avoid touching people strategy certainly works beautifully with the Save the heroine s virginity for the last installment or forever rule most paranormal young adult romance sticks to Gwenny is even of the unkissed sort and ohhh does she want to make out with the bad, but life saving boy, but then she would compromise him by learning all his and his family s dirty secrets and probably his hot and dirty thoughts on top Therefore she takes down her open arms in time, makes a double morron out of herself verbally, has the love interest s half melted ice eyes turn to popsicles and does not get a third chance in the end, because by then we have just in time switched to the moody broody I cannot have you know my dark secret and my utterly ugly side yet although I crave you part of the required plot development Who would have guessed, huh That would be all for now Before you say it, I have to bring it on the table myself I cannot successfully explain what made me read a paranormal boarding school romance again after so many disappointments Must have been the high average rating plus the enthusiasm of several of my friends or my indestructable hope that Enid Blython and J K Rowlings cannot be the only ones who were able to pull off addictive stories set in boarding school environments.

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    DNF at 41%This just isn t doing it for me Maybe it s because I m fighting off the sickness and have no time for nonsense, or maybe I just need to stop making excuses for this.I ve never been a fan of slut shaming I m especially not a fan of slut shaming when it s sexist and one sided To Gwen, chicks who sleep around are sluts and whores Logan, however, who has been in every girl in school s bed, is sexy, mysterious, and dark when he does it She even goes so far as to say she understands why he sleeps around, because his body is just so perfect Wait, what Yeah but don t you dare be a chick with big boobs, or it s straight to hell for you I also couldn t find any spare fucks to give over who murdered Jasmine Seems I m all out of fucks I should make a note to stop and get from the store on the way home from workFinally, if I have to hear one god damned blasted time how Gwen is different and just doesn t fit in at Mythos, my next step will be to start sawing off the end of a shotgun Seriously WE GET IT GWEN, YOU ARE A SPECIAL FUCKING SNOWFLAKE who happens to be poor and a geek in the midst of the preppy and rich Go feel guilty about your dead mother some I don t see how that could possibly be unhealthy You ll turn out fine.And because this review would be incomplete with out a zero fucks gif how could I deprive you like that , I give you one of my favorites

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    Ugh, what s with the slut shaming So one girl at her school is beautiful, popular, and sleeps around That s not exactly admirable behavior, but to bring it to the front and judge her and secretly slut shame her and have other characters talk about it behind her back is not cool Jasmine s not the only character that Gwen names as a slut either, Logan Quinn supposedly sleeps around Again, typical teenager behavior, and bringing it up constantly doesn t make for an entirely likable character when it says something that said character is judgmental like that.The book is just all right, the idea of an academy full of descendants of legendary warriors and servants of the gods is nice, but oh god, Gwen does not fit in And it s not only that, she is such a little whiner about it I m reminded of the goth and emo kids at my school who whines about everything and goes against the establishment just for the sake of being contrary Gwen is like that, and she s not a very sympathetic character in my eyes She s also hypocritical, since she breaks the rules herself by sneaking out of school to visit her grandmother every few days.New premise, but not an entirely promising nor attractive one Whiny, annoying lead character Will continue the series, but only because I m bored and lacking reading materials.

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    1.5 stars This book is one of those Oh I m the poor, humble girl who has to go to a school filled with spoiled rich kids books We re all supposed to be guilt trapped into feeling bad for the poor heroine, but sadly I found myself being annoyed by both the main character and the story.The author, Jennifer Estep tried very hard to make her heroine and her story humorous, but both come off very forced and awkward Not to mention the heroine also loves to label people with stereotypes such as the band geek , the slut and the spoiled brat and so on, such attitude makes her rather unlikable Yes, we re treated with tons and tons of slut shaming And according to the heroine, a girl sleeping around with boys is a slut and a bitch, but a bad boy who sneaked out from girl s dorm and asked another girl whom he had barely spoken to before to get back to his dorm makes the boy a sexy dangerous bad boy Oh.this is double standards.There s also no sense of reality in Estep s mythology and the magical school for mythical warriors Supposedly all students and professors were trained and prepared to battle the evil villains but their actions and how they handle the incident of a girl student being murdered on campus shows me none of them even the professors who are adults, can handle serious issues logically and maturely I mean, no one ever thinks about searching the murdered girl s dorm for evident or questioning her friends in order to find the murderer Are you kidding me So the whole thing looks just damn fake and make believe Ms Estep, why don t you take a writing lesson before you start writing anything else in the future Last but not least, how the murder mystery is revealed at the very end is so cliched and forced so the bad guy wastes time to inform dumps the entire evil plan to the heroine, instead of finishing her off then and there It s so cliched that it reads like some badly written detective novels It also reminds me of how J K Rowling reveals the mysteries of each of her Harry Potter book I m referring on the ones I did bother to read, you know.

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    Come inside and all will be revealed Originally what caught my interest was that this book reminded me of Vampire Academy except mythical creatures instead of vampires I was not disappointed From the first page this author caught my attention and I was eager to learn about Gwen, Mythos Academy, Daphne, and Spartan Licious Logan freaking Quinn Meet Gwen Frost, she s a gypsy, an outcast, a nerd and a comic book fanatic She s one of my new favorite protagonist She s also witty, charming, fun loving, empatic and smart So, the Valkyrie said, cracking open the lid of her Perrier This is where you eat lunch All the way in the back here What are you A vampire who s afraid of sunlight or something Vampires Were vampires real too I wondered but I didn t want to look stupid and ask, especially since I didn t know what Daphne was doing here in the first place Yeah, I said in a guarded voice You caught me I ve got this whole superhero thing going on, so I sit way back here to keep the paparazzi and rabid fans at bay Since tragedy struck at home six months ago she s been uprooted to Mythos Academy where Gwen finds herself surrounded by mythical warriors of all types Spartans, Romans, Valkyrie, s and she s the lonely new Gypsy on the block As you learn these whiz kids ferociously powerful warrior gifts are compatible with the mythical creatures in Clash Of The Titans whereas Gwen s gift of Psychometry appears to be no match for their talent and skills, or so it may seem Psychometry is the ability to touch someone and read their emotions, thoughts, interests and deepest dark secrets she s quickly labelled as a freak , a nobody , but she easily proves to herself that she s not a nobody Gwen s new unlikely friend a rich, popular Valkyrie Daphne was an excitingly charismatic supporting character Let me walk you to your room, Logan offered in a helpful voice You, me and the Gypsy girl could have our own bonfire tonight Daphne and I stared at eachother I rolled my eyes while Daphne sniffed Oh please, she scoffed Like I need a guy to protect me I m a Valkyrie, remember I could pick you up and break your back over my knee, Spartan Like you were a pi ata Kinky, Logan said, smiling at her I like it Overall this book is an easy 5 stars because I LOVED it The next book Kiss Of Frost comes out late this year as well I m eagerly looking forward to catching up with Gwen s life at Mythos Academy now that she s discovered her true Gypsy heritage while shes learning her inherited magical powers, as well as Daphne, and of course The Spartan Licious Logan freaking Quinn Like what you see here, check out of my reviews at