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Give The Gift Of Sweetness With This Teen Cookbook Filled With The Desserts Teenage Boys And Girls Actually Want To Bake And Eat From The Authors Of The Best Selling TEENS COOK, TEENS COOK DESSERT Is A Sugar Coated Follow Up Guide Focusing On The Foods That Young Adults Are Always Happy To Gobble Up Cookies, Cakes, Pies, Puddings, And Featuring OverMouth Watering Recipes With Clear, Easy To Follow Directions AndBrilliantly Colored Photos, This Cookbook Gives Some Sweet Tips For Improving Kitchen Safety, Understanding Culinary Math, And Using Disaster Proof Shortcuts In The Recipes The Only Full Color Dessert Cookbook Written By And For Teenagers, TEENS COOK DESSERT Offers Foolproof Guidance For Teens To Bake Their Way To Kitchen Independence

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    Thought this would be fun to check it out with my daughter since she is a teen

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    lots of great recipes I m going to use the banana spring roll to change it into caramel apple empanadas inside wonton wrappers easy peasy

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    Probably one of the most creative cook books I ve read I m really excited to try the bleeding vampire cupcakes, which sound disgusting but are actually quite cute and creative This definitely isn t a health conscious book, going off of the insane amounts of butter, sugar and eggs in lots of the recipes think Paula Deen lol , but just invite people over when you bake em, and problem solved

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    The two girls who wrote this book came up with some really clever ideas and recipes Highly recommended for adults looking to find recipes that younger people will enjoy making and eating Also recommended to teens wanting to explore the world of making their own desserts Favorite recipe Pudding pops Just like when we were kids

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    This cook book was GREAT I loved the comments from the girls who put it together They included personal stories about the recipes as well as quick historical backgrounds on traditional recipes I plan on buying it for my graduating son to take to college.

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    once again an awesome book by megan and jill carle I love the pictures and the recipes they make it look so easy the best part is that it is easy.

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    Great recipes, easy to make.

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    My favorite teen cook book

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    The book was laid out well with all sorts of helpful blurbs I will be refering to this often