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Cas Lowood Has Inherited An Unusual Vocation He Kills The DeadSo Did His Father Before Him, Until He Was Gruesomely Murdered By A Ghost He Sought To Kill Now, Armed With His Father S Mysterious And Deadly Athame, Cas Travels The Country With His Kitchen Witch Mother And Their Spirit Sniffing Cat They Follow Legends And Local Lore, Destroy The Murderous Dead, And Keep Pesky Things Like The Future And Friends At BaySearching For A Ghost The Locals Call Anna Dressed In Blood, Cas Expects The Usual Track, Hunt, Kill What He Finds Instead Is A Girl Entangled In Curses And Rage, A Ghost Like He S Never Faced Before She Still Wears The Dress She Wore On The Day Of Her Brutal Murder In Once White, Now Stained Red And Dripping With Blood Since Her Death, Anna Has Killed Any And Every Person Who Has Dared To Step Into The Deserted Victorian She Used To Call HomeYet She Spares Cas S Life

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    a million stars for anna dressed in awesome.i was so hoping to be scared by this book the way i was hoping to cry reading a monster calls and it is fine that i wasn t and that i didn t apparently i have no discernible human emotional response except an ability to become enthusiastic over well written prose and that s enough, for a life.i don t even care that this book wasn t scary it was so fun, and that is usually all i need to be riveted did it have flaws sure were there things in the book that occurred that made me pause naturally but overall, i found her voice so refreshing and her characters so likable, that none of it matters this is a well told story i thought this was beautiful than scary really, karen even with all the ripped up corpses and blood everywhere yup i really did i read it as a ghost who had a shitty life, and couldn t even get any peace after she was dead, and a boy who was missing out on his childhood because of an overdeveloped sense of justice and revenge and of first love and first friendship and faith secular faith and there were so many genuinely funny moments i do love this kid , and one terrible thing view spoiler nooo, not tybalt why hide spoiler

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    Have you ever stood in your house, listening to a quiet, unfamiliar noise, and felt the hair rise on the back of your neck Cas Lowood has, and the unholy hell of what he finds when he investigates will make you jump a little bit in your seat He s a 17 year old who kills the dead with a magic athame, just as his father did before him and now he s faced with the task of killing Anna, a homicidal ghost who was murdered than 60 years ago.Cas is a fantastically strong and appealing protagonist, but it s really Anna who takes center stage Imagine the visual of a pale girl with inky hair floating in a dark house, her beautiful white dress slowly drip drip dripping with blood She s deadly dangerous and full of vengeful fury, however, because of the way she was killed When you find out what really happened to Anna, it s hard not to feel terrible pity for her and to understand why Cas has such a hard time killing her.If you ve been looking for a great YA horror novel, look no further Anna Dressed in Blood is a stunning novel, full of atmospheric spookiness and unthinkable horrors I cringed reading about ghosts with stones where their eyes should be, I yelped when Cas goes down into a basement full ofdreadful things, and my eyes got as big as saucers when the walls starting bleeding But although the descriptions are full of vivid imagery and there s plenty of brutal action, what happens isn t at all gross If anything, there s a dark beauty in the descriptions and an elegance in the writing that makes every scene a true pleasure to read My reading status updates will give you a peek at some of the lines and scenes that particularly made me shiver, but I really had to restrain myself from posting one every couple of pages, as there s so much to savor, even in simple but humorous lines such as She s wearing the same smile as her cat I found just as much to love in the writing as I did the fantastic story, and the cheeky humor made me laugh even in dire and inappropriate circumstances.This is the darker, grown up version of Hold Me Closer, Necromancer, and it s much violent and much polished Anna offers an unforgettable thrill of a ride and it catapulted instantly to my favorites list for the year I am so excited about this author and I can t wait for the sequel, Girl of Nightmares, to come out in 2012 Read it, read it, read it I promise it will make you shudder, in the very best of ways This review also appears in The Midnight Garden.

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    I don t believe in ghosts I don t believe in Ouji boards, aliens, loch ness monsters, abominable snowmen, poltergeists, republicans or any of that other stuff.My little brother makes me watch those ghost hunter documentaries I m using that term lightly and tries to show me the DARN FACTS, DAMNIT KATE WHY CAN T YOU SEE THAT THEY RE REAL Funny how he believes in ghosts but not the continued statistical evidence that indicates women still suffer from inequality and, yes little brother, even in western society Cue eye roll So keep that in mind when I say that this book scared the shit out of me.Nothing is less fun then getting up in the middle of a dark night to tend to your son You re creeping through the halls thinking over and over in your head, Ghosts aren t real Ghosts aren t real Fuck what was that Nothing, okay That was nothing because ghosts aren t real Ghosts aren t real It s not a perfect novel Apart from the pants shitting terror, there is Cas to deal with A lot of other reviews cover how his head space is occasionally annoying to be in For me, that just felt like realism because if I were a badass, devil may care, teenage ghost hunter if they existed, little bro then I d probably be really smarmy and annoying too.What I really enjoyed was Anna and her relationship with Cas Anna was like the girl next door If the girl next door tore livers out of people to play hackey sack with, that is She s this really lovely, murdersome, complicated ghost character Although, I have to wonder how much she has to complain about really I mean, sure, she s a dead horror monster stuck in a house filled with the spiritual husks of her victims but she died in a really awesome dress And it even changes colour from white to red depending on how sadistically evil and murdery she feels at that time Downside I can t think of one.I enjoyed the writing, the cast of characters, the plot and the pacing I enjoyed pretty much everything about this novel.I mean, who wouldn t want to spend the next two weeks pondering why the interrobang ever managed to fall out of popular use while roaming the dark halls of their house What the hell was that Is it going to eat me Will they hear me scream Why d I read that stupid, fucking book shitamIgoingtodie When is the next one coming out

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    Don t forget to check out the epic interview story with Kendare Blake over at Cuddlebuggery Book Blog Actual rating 2.5 starsSometimes you read books that are visibly bad So bad, in fact, that they make you want to throw yourself head first out a window, but you keep on reading and reading You might even feel yourself losing your will to live about halfway through But somehow, by the end of the book, you end up liking it anyway because it entertained you The badness was just that entertaining Then, there are other books that are really good books, but just do nothing for you Anna Dressed in Blood was the latter for me There was nothing wrong with this book It s just that ghost books and I don t get along I typically stay away from only two paranormal creatures ghosts and zombies I probably would have never picked this book up on my own, but I figured I d give Anna Dressed in Blood a shot for two reasons 1 It came highly recommended to me from several reviewers and 2 The last time I read a zombie book The Forest of Hands and Teeth I really enjoyed it So I was hoping to have a similar experience Unfortunately, I didn t.The three biggest issues I had with the book CasFor the most part I did like him, but in the beginning I found him to be a bit conceited When he first arrives in Thunder Bay, Ontario he walks around the school like he s way too cool to be there To his credit, I guess he really is I mean, he kills ghosts for a living But the way those girls just fawned over him, like he was some Grecian god, was just a little over the top I make my way to her table, seeing eyes growing wider as I do Ten or so other girls probably just developed instantaneous crushes on me, because they see that Carmel likes me. Then there was the issue with him being the only one able to kill ghosts He kept repeating, I m the only one who can do this and I kept asking, Oh, yeah Why Why, Cas What makes you so speshul Yes, I realize he comes from a long line of ghost busters hunters, but why his family What makes his bloodline different from anyone else I needed background info and I never got it AnnaAnna Dressed in Blood I was told to read this book with the lights on Usually, I scare very easily I wasn t scared one bit while reading At first, when Cas runs into Anna, I was thinking, Uh, oh It s about to go down And for a minute it did view spoiler Anna tore dipshit Mike in half hide spoiler

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    I M ABOUT TO SPAM THE SHIT OUT OF YOU WITH SUPERNATURAL SHENANNIGANS SO IF GIF HAPPY REVIEWS AREN T YOUR THING, LOOK AWAY NOW.I picked this up for one reason and one reason alone.This past week, I had the plague given to me by a yet unidentified coworker view spoiler YOU BETTER HOPE I NEVER FIND YOU, MOTHER FUCKER hide spoiler

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    Oh Anna you strong, saucy, serial killing, ripping bodies in two ghostess with the mostess where have you been all my life This book is a few menu items to the right of my normal literary diet and so I want extend a warm thank you to my YA sommeliers, Emily May, Wendy Darling and Maja, for turning me on to this You took right and proper care of me with this recommendation, and while I couldn t quite bring myself to give away the 4th star, I did find mucho to enjoy about this novel plan to grab the sequel when it comes out after it s been properly vetted and cleared by the YA Triumvirate PLOT SUMMARY With all of the wonderful reviews already committed to GR for this novel, I ll keep this portion fairly sweet Meet young Dean Winchester Cas Lowood Cas travels around the country with his Wiccan Mother killing so to speak ghosts Dammit, where were you when we needed you. Cas comes from a long line of ghost exterminators and took over from his father when daddy got murdered by a particularly nasty apparition Now, armed with his family s special ghost killing knife called an athame, Cas and his mom have arrived in Thunder Bay, Ontario to dispose of a particularly nasty ghost known as Anna Dressed in Blood It seems Anna has been butchering, and I mean slicing, dicing, mincing and tearing to chunky shreds of human jerky, anyone stupid enough to venture inside the house in which she resides THOUGHTS Things I loved The Mythology I thought the author did a stellar job of developing a mythology that was familiar and instantly comfortable for the reader and yet was also accented with enough unique frills and imaginative flavor to make the fantasy horror elements feel daisy fresh and original I also thought there was a depth to the world that the author did a great job of creating without resorting to a lot of info dumpiness The author kept the focus on telling the story and deftly spiced in info goodies from time to time as a happy seasoning The Daddy Factor As a dad, one metric I use to judge a story like this is to ask myself the following the two questions 1 Are the leading female characters people that I would want my girls to either befriend, emulate and or identify with 2 Are the main male characters guys that I would want my daughters to associate with or fall for eventually I mean when they are in their 30s and have completed Med School, traveled the world and written their first best seller For both 1 and 2 , with a few minor pickies, this book gets gold stars and a resounding YES from me I thought each of Anna supernatural beastliness aside , Carmel and Cas mother were richly drawn characters that I really came to appreciate over the course of the story Despite some minor Cas bashing below, I thought he was a good guy and his talented friend Thomas was terrific Of course, there were the usual suspects of stereotypical ass jacking jocks that I thought was a smidgen too easy and a few of the supporting females were a tinkle too googly eyed over Cas for my gag reflex but again, that s dad talking Overall, Ms Blake gets an A on characters Anna Anna gets her own special mention because I thought she was slathered in special sauce and I was smitten from the moment she ripped that shit sack in two However, what truly raised the bar for me from cool character to mega memorable was Anna s heart wrenching story and the origin of her current predicament All that strength and power and yet saddled by loss, longing and an almost unimaginable load of grief She tugged on my heart strings like a lawn mower chain The Villain I don t want to say and spoil the fun but nicely done The Opening Scene What a superb beginning to the book The intro to Cas and his first job that we tag along for is outstanding Grabbed me right away Anna and Cas The romance friendship was perfectly done No over the top melodrama or swoon filled heart palpitations, but a strong, believable bond based on mutual respect and soul mateness Cas I m going to end with Cas as he has the distinctly dubious honor of being on both my pro and my faux list Overall, I really like Cas and I think he was a positive aspect of the book At both the beginning and the end, I thought he performed admirably.However Things that irked me Cas as James Dean Winchester The Cas as the dark, brooding loner who knows he s just a little too cool and grown up for the rest of his piers nails on a chalkboard to me A few teeth gritting examples Still, people s eyes tend to linger on me longer, because even though I m new, I don t move like it Or Maybe I m just damn easy on the eyes Queen bees are just part of the job Sometimes that s hard to remember I m too proud to turn around I ve been through too much scary shit to be put off by any human attacker In a word BARF I really struggled with this I m so battitude and the whole causeless rebel posturing Still, to his credit, nothing Cas actually did ever rated him anywhere on the asshole scale and he turned out, as I mentioned above, to be a great guy and an excellent character Thus, I m going to chalk the above up to Ms Blake having a difficult time finding her guy voice view spoiler Tybalt The swinging of the tail by Mr Nasty bugged the shit out of me I am a major animal lover and cats are my numero uno I loved the character of Tybalt and how he could sense ghosts and I just thought that him getting the snack treatment was just plain wrong There were plenty of people to chew on hide spoiler

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    Dear Kendare Blake,Sincerely,A girl who never sleeps with the lights off.Before I jump into raving about this deliciously creepy book, I have to give you some backround details I don t do horror The only exception to my stay away from things that will disturb your beauty sleep rule is the summer I spent binge watching Supernatural, and let s just say that my motivations to start this series were far from noble.Yes, I am that shallow But the thing is, after the first few nights I couldn t look at the ceiling without imagining a dead woman hanging and bursting into flames, I became seriously addicted to the story of the gorgeous and badass ghost vampire demon hunting brothers And Anna Dressed in Blood took me back to those wonderful, spooky days Move, hunt, kill Like lather, rinse, and repeat Theseus Cassio Cas Lowood is a ghost hunter, just like his father before him, and his grandfather before him Each kill, each time he sends a restless dead to the other side, is one step closer to his secret mission to face the ghost that brutally murdered his father When he gets a tip about a gloomy Canadian city inhabited by a dead girl that mutilates her victims, he knows he has to investigate her Anna Anna Dressed in Blood, a girl who died under mysterious circumstances that turned her into a ghost somehow different More aware More ruthless More savage After getting beaten and witnessing a classmate torn from limb to limb, he knows he can t simply kill her with his mystical blade And so he dwelves into her secrets and the story of her death, only to find out that the Evil he s up against is terrifying that he could possibly imagine And that the dead girl is the only one to make him feel alive Anna, my strong, terrifying Anna Anna Dressed in Blood is a bone chilling paranormal story laced with tragedies and gruesome murders It holds your interest from the first page to the last, and frantically claws its way to your heart until it smothers it in a bleeding embrace Kendare Blake makes you face some vivid images you can t get out of your head, and leaves you pondering on the unfairness of it all, and the horrible realization that the living are worse than the dead Behind every spirit on a killing spree and massacres that twist your insides, there is a living and breathing human, who, driven by his passions, inflicted pain and triggered the series of unnecessary murders Because it is common knowledge that the ones who don t cross the other side are those who met a violent ending, those with unfinished business And I commend Kendare Blake for highlighting this terrible truth amidst the blood and gore But hey, at least we ll have this strange story to tell, love and death and blood and daddy issues And holy crap, I m a psychiatrist s wet dream There was something bitter and sarcastic in the narration of Anna Dressed in Blood Cas is a superbly depicted character, whose fear and frustration and longing become your own He doesn t elaborate much on details, but he paints the city of Thunder Bay clearly, and you can t help but smell the rosemary and the herbs in his wiccan mother s kitchen, feel Tybalt the cat rubbing his head on your feet, hear the leaves rustling and step into Anna s haunted house, only to gag on the decay and despair Cas doesn t spare us the awful sight of the victims he encounters But he also doesn t stay there than necessary The story of him finding Anna, and friends, and a place he doesn t wish to leave for the first time, is his story of becoming an adult Of coming across new and frightening feelings, of finally facing the demons of his past, accepting help when he needs it and giving help, even if it is to a dead girl trapped in her violent nature Anna is a tragic figure A victim and a killer Horrible and fascinating Beneath her murderous rampage hides a girl who didn t have a chance to live her life the way she wanted it You cry at the unfairness Your stomach churns and your hands turn clammy before the horror Your heart threatens to burst from your chest Yet you wouldn t trade this ghastly and eerie atmosphere with anything in the world You make me want things I can t have Anna Dressed in Blood was a stunning read, and if you re into paranormal and forbidden love stories soaked in blood and coated in smoke, you ll definitely love it Visit BookNest for this review and

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    Anna Dressed in Blood was a surprisingly good read I m not exactly sure what I was expecting, something typical of young adult urban fantasy perhaps same old characters, lots of romancing, maybe even an interesting little mystery to give the book some semblance of plot if we re lucky I was really quite pleased with this exciting, slightly spooky, and wholly entertaining start to the series I cannot stress highly enough how glad I am that Kendare Blake wrote a romance that was gradually introduced as the story moved along and the characters developed It would have been so easy and not at all unexpected for the author to just create an insta loving, destiny bound pair, completely devoid of all chemistry and certain to be walking off into the sunset holding hands and singing folk songs at the novel s close But no I was able to see how the relationship changed and developed and it was not unclear to me why these two would fall for one another.Also, I had been unaware that the protagonist was male, just assuming that the book would be told from Anna s point of view I will say of Cas what I said of another Cas tiel who I enjoyed reading about he was easy to relate to, but at the same time he was believably male Something which appears to be rather difficult if books like Tempest are anything to go by In this case, Cas is a ghost hunter just like his father was before him and he travels around the world attempting to rid it of spirits that are left with enough supernatural energy to be able to physically harm humans Someday he hopes to avenge his father s death at the hands of a particularly vicious ghost But before that, he has one final test A spook to rival all spooks, a powerful and wicked goddess of death Anna Korlov Anna dressed in blood.The story had me interested from the very first chapter and kept me glued to the pages throughout The book actually has two big mysteries to solve and an interesting twist towards the end so I remained thoroughly mystified Some people found this book scary, others not so much, I would say that there s one part which you wouldn t want to read when you re alone in your house at night but other than that it s gory and gross than actually frightening So beware if you re squeamish but expect a wild and exciting ride.

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    First off, I feel I should discuss the cover art I know, I know everyone loves this cover Unfortunately it doesn t do anything for me Look, I stopped being fooled wowed by cover art after reading Fallen That s a lie the cover for the third Paranormalcy book makes me ridiculously happy, but at least I m fairly certain I ll like that book since I like the first two books in the series In my opinion the following would have made a better cover for Anna Dressed In Blood Infinitely better, don t you think I mean, at least she s actually dressed in blood.Moving onYou know how Cake Pops are the newest, coolest thing in baked goods And everyone s all O mai, it ss teh caaaaaaaake popssssssss And you re standing there thinking, sure they re cute but they re just little glorified cupcakes on sticks Well, let me start by saying Anna Dressed in Blood is the Cake Pop of the publishing industry Sure it s cute ish but I fail to see what the big deal is Seriously, what s the big deal I ve read several reviews that claim this book is hilarious and disgusting and terrifying Plus Awesome Characters Weird Romance I was under the impression Anna Dressed in Blood was the YA version of Fargo, except with a Very Murdery Ghost instead of a woodchipper And I was all, sign me up My mistake was falling for the hype actually believing the rumors It s not laugh out loud funny Hey he says, pulling up a chair Aren t you going to eat your Jell o I effing hate green Jell o, I reply, and push it his way I hate it too I was just asking I laugh Don t make me hurt my ribs, you dick Bahahahahaha So funny, right Kidding I m not sure which parts were supposed to be funny, actually Even during the 30% of this book I did enjoy I never laughed, not even in my head I d have settled for a that s what she said joke I m not too picky when it comes to humor It s not terrifying Not even a little I keep reading reviews that claim this book is scary It isn t Yeah, there s a ghost a couple, actually Yeah, Anna likes to make it look like her dress is dripping with blood Yeah, she murders people But it just so happens that none of that scared me If there was a demonic clown in this book then I might have been a little frightened But, alas, no demonic clowns It s not a paranormal romanceAs far as I m concerned it s not PNR unless the romance is a major part of the story Believe me when I say this the romance is hardly even present What little romance there is between Cas and Anna is forced and awkward I only knew they were in love because I was told as much There was no flirting No longing glances No blushing and looking away No showing off Now I can t even remember if there is any kissing I think there might be a kissing scene, but the romance is so minor I just don t remember The only things Cas and Anna had in common is both their fathers are dead and view spoiler their mothers are witches hide spoiler

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    Just your average boy meets girl, girl kills people story. 4.5 starsNot many authors can scare you to death by eliciting vivid, gruesome imagery and, at the same time, take your breath away with sheer beauty of their prose I never expected Kendare Blake to be one of those authors that s why her book took me completely by surprise It was very different from what I thought it would be When I choose a book based on a beautiful cover and an intriguing title and yes, I really AM that shallow , especially one that none of my friends have read, I usually end up disappointed Anna Dressed in Blood undoubtedly looks amazing and has a memorable title, but the most interesting part is right where it should be between the covers.Cassius Theseus Lowood grew up in an unconventional family His mother is a white witch and his father was in the business of killing the dead for the second time, at least until one of the ghosts he was hunting murdered him in the most gruesome way In Cas s world, dead people often don t want to leave the place where they died, especially if they were victims of a violent crime Instead, they stay behind as monstrous echoes of their former selves most of them seeking revenge for the horrors they experienced.When Cas s father died, Cas inherited his duties and his powerful athame He s been moving all over the country and killing ghosts since he was 14 years old But he s never run into a ghost as powerful as Anna nor did he ever try so hard to understand what drives a dead person to murder innocent people Anna is different in every way She was killed in 1958 while walking to the prom in her beautiful white dress When her throat was slit, blood covered her entirely, thus earning her the name Anna Dressed in Blood Someone cut her throat, but that s an understatement Someone nearly cut her head clean off They say she was wearing a white party dress, and when they found her, the whole thing was stained red That s why they call her Anna Dressed in Blood.Ever since her murder, Anna s been tied to the house she grew up in Twenty seven people have tried to enter, and none of them came out alive Nothing is black and white in Anna s story she is both a killer and a victim, a horrible monster and an innocent girl and just when you think you figured her out, she turns around and does something completely unexpected Her entire personality changes as quickly as her appearance which forces Cas to doubt every single choice he made since the beginning of his hunt I don t usually watch horror movies and I always do my best to avoid horror novels, view spoiler Oh, so what I live alone and I scare easily D hide spoiler