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From the sentimental to the soulful this book explores in absolutely no depth whatsoever yet with a number of lively and perhaps profound illustrations the many and curious modes of love Also it rhymes This lovely volume is a terrific gifty object hey have you ever tried to write book jacket copy? as varied and delightful as a fine box of chocolates yet with the decided advantage that there aren¹t any of those icky little pineapple jelly things

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    The many sides of love for you to share with that special person

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    More of an unfamiliar title by Sandra Boynton but I think one of her best Her illustrations are perfectly delightful and enjoyable for kids of all ages even the big ones We hope to add this to our family collection soon

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    Consider love Look here and there Consider love It's everywhere Consider love Observe a while It comes in every shape and style And so begins this absolutely adorable tribute to love in all of its many guises From tiny love to love unbounded logical love to love unfounded all manner of devotion is considered hereWith a sing song narrative that just begs to be read aloud and comical but heartwarming illustrations featuring a variety of creatures in love Consider Love is a delightful little picture book gem Recommended to all Sandra Boynton fans and to anyone looking for the perfect Valentine's Day title for the younger set

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    According to the jacket description which would earn this book five stars in and of itself Sandra Boynton is an internationally ignored authority on romance Thus this book is a real gem The poetry is cute and funny and the illustrations as in all her books are uirky and wonderful Consider Love would make a great Valentine's gift so feel free to drop a hint to my future husband in about ten years What could be romantic than pictures of love struck hippos penguins farm animals and poetry thereof?

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    I’m not sure exactly what it is that makes readers fall in love with Sandra Boynton’s sweet little picture books and board books Probably the adorable pictures filled with such emotion and expression? Or the tenderness and feelings the stories evoke? Whatever it is I love them In this one Sandra B expresses the many many types of love; from shy love to overly dramatic love and everything in between

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    Boynton makes me so happy with everything that she writes and this book is not exception She goes through the various types of love with her familiar characters and illustration styles The book is appropriate for all ages as children will love her style and adults will find the truth in her provided situations The book is extremely funny and will be reread by many readers

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    I am a Boyton fan Love the rhyming and the silly text This would be fun to read with older elementary kids Probably too many big words for little ones like elouent overzealous and problematic but that is definitely part of its charm too

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    Boynton is a favorite of many and this book will be on my favorite Valentines books shelf It would also make a cute wedding or engagement gift Love the cover flap that reads Ms Boynton is an internationally ignored authority on romance

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    CONSIDER LOVEIt's many shapes and styleIt's moods and many waysA celebrated tribute to affection devotion and all things lovelyFUN gift book for ALL AGESPERFECT for Valentine's Day OR any day you want to tell someone you love them

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    Gave this to Mom for a Valentine's present Too cute and funny to pass up