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Friendly monsters help teach parts of the body—and indulge in a silly dance—in this Sandra Boynton classicSerious silliness for all ages Artist Sandra Boynton is back and better than ever with completely redrawn versions of her multi million selling board books These whimsical and hilarious books featuring nontraditional texts and her famous animal characters have been printed on thick board pages and are sure to educate and entertain children of all ages

10 thoughts on “Horns to Toes Boynton Board Books Simon Schuster

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    There are so many Boynton books I love

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    I think everyone loves Sandra Boynton Good for babytoddler storytime Good for counting or body parts theme

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    This has been a favorite Boynton book for both boys since they were babiesof course the actions bring the book to life and the tickling has us all laughing by the end

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    I have been stymied in my desire to read Boynton board books all the time at my baby story time by the fact that most of them are so small and I get 75 people at that story time at my current branch But then I read a suggestion on a blog that you could use a color copier and enlarge each page and now I have at least a big board book size I think they call it lap size or something copy not in book form but I hold up the book at the beginning and explain about the size issue and then just read through my photocopied pages which is much better than only being able to read Moo Baa La La La which is the only one I have in the larger size and one of the only ones that's available in that size at all

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    This one I haven't liked uite as much as other Sandra Boynton books It doesn't seem to have the same rhythm as the others When it ends I always feel like there's something and the book somehow got cut off

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    Great book for learning the names of body parts

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    We enjoy the rhymes and this does help teach my son body parts But note that this book is not inclusive and uses language such as we all have 2 arms we all have 2 eyes that can see and does not teach that bodies and abilities differ

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    It's very short only a few sentences per spreadIt's just not very interesting to me Not as funny or catchy as most of her books But if you're trying to read to a baby or young toddler you need all the short books you can get and this one will fit the bill

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    NotesWe've read every Boynton book there is but this one never held interest like the others Focuses on body partsI think the monsters are just too abstract for my realistic kids to be drawn to

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    These whimsical creatures will worm their way into any child's heart and teach them their basic body parts too Just a lot of fun and sure to be read over and over again