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Just When She Thought She Had Life And Love All Figured OutDivorce Attorney Harper James Can T Catch A Break Bad Enough That She Runs Into Her Ex Hubby, Nick, At Her Sister S Destination Wedding, But Now, By A Cruel Twist Of Fate, She S Being Forced To Make A Cross Country Road Trip With Him And Her Almost Fianc Back At Home Is Not Likely To Be SympatheticHarper Can T Help That Nick Has Come Blazing Back Into Her Life In All Of His Frustratingly Appealing, Gorgeous Architect Glory But In Nick S Eyes, Harper S Always Been The One If They Can Only Get It Right This Time, Forever Might Be Waiting Just Around The Bend

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    4.5 stars If you re in the mood for a great laugh, My One and Only won t have to work very hard to drag it out of you This addictive, snarky and all around hilarious story played out like a rom com in my mind, scene by glorious scene A second chance romance I gobbled up like yummy buttery popcorn I ll admit, the beginning of the story was a tad cheesy for my taste buds, but considering my love for If You Only Knew, I decided to stick it out and it than paid off Turns out, the level of depth and emotion was so much than I initially gave it credit for Hey, I can admit when I m wrong.Harper is a divorce attorney with a cynical edge, a woman that comes off as no nonsense and driven So, it s kind of funny that she s trying to attach herself to someone that s of a man child than anything else Dennis or Den , as she likes to call him, is gorgeous, incredibly sweet and saves lives for a living, but anyone can see things don t quite fit or was it just me Having to buy your own engagement ring, learning to accept his rat tail and being referred to as dude I would run the other way Just sayin is there really a future there Harper is forced into mama bear mode when her little sister breaks the news that she s marrying Harper s ex husband s brother and after only a few weeks of dating Some might call that spontaneity romantic and sweet, but not Harper Not only does it take all of her willpower to bite her tongue, but she has to face the one person that s become her biggest regret, Nick.The best part of the entire story was Nick and those gypsy eyes of his Harper and Nick didn t hold back for a single second and I ate it up I m talking great one liners, hilarious jabs and snarky snark I couldn t for the life of me figure out how Harper walked away from him Why, oh why, leave this perfect man I know, I know, no one is perfect, but I ve gotta say, he s pretty darn close.The author strings us along with little tidbits of Harper and Nick s past silly and fun antics that happen along their forced road trip, and a few heart wrenching moments shared between the estranged pair, for good measure There are a few life lessons there, too you can t just bail when things get tough or no one has a crystal ball sometimes you just have to let go and trust things will work out in the end You sure are memorable I have to say, what an epically great ending to such an amusing story It s one deserving of a standing ovation or a resounding awww.

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    4 1 2 I freakin love these two stars ME I KNOW Seriously..With such a solid plot and lovable main characters..I found it very hard To find faults with MY ONE ONLY COME ON FLOREANCE I yelled out of the window CAN YOU MOVE IT The driver of the car extended and arm.and a finger.It was a male arm and a finger.And then the car door opened,with my ex husband stepping out ME Lmao..Seriously these Two LOL these guys are hilarious,and if not thatjust plain beautiful together.And that s just one of the reasons main reason this book will always hold a place in my Favourite shelf I ll tell you something, Harpy, he said, his voice almost a whisper now It never even occurred to me that we wouldn t make it And it never occurred to you that we would You were just waiting for us to go down in flames I thought we could get through anything I loved how the story stayed realistic and the way the author ploted out the story so skillfully that in the end ,neither Harper nor nick was actually to blame for the ultimate divorce.I could actually see how this kind of thing happening to so many couples out there..and that s just seriously sad RECOMMENDATION READ THIS.

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    Rese a completa pesan gustos personales No me van este tipo de historias,.Al fin y al cabo luego resulta que los dos han estado enamorados y separados 12 a os me parecen demasiados Pero ni he le do c mo se enamoraron de j venes ni como se han reenamorado ahora.Es una novela muy correcta, bien escrita, pero en la que pr cticamente no pasa nada Vueltas a lo mismo una y otra vez.Y dos personas con diferentes puntos de vista sobre el matrimonio l es un amor, s pero no deja de tener una idea bantante machista sobre el tema, pretendidendo que ella deje toda su vida para seguirle a l Ella vive marcada por su pasado y, pese a que en todo momento me puede esa frialdad y no he terminado de congeniar con ella, s que entiendo su actitud y me gusta su fortaleza y sus ganas de defender lo que ella creetodo gira en torno a miles de malentendidos que al final demuestran una falta total de confianza, para m lo primordial en una relaci n y nada digo sobre ese final peliculero jajajaDe todas formas, es una novela bien escrita con personajes bien definidos y la historia est bien apoyada en unos secundarios que me han gustado

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    4.5 STARSThis is going into the faves by Kristan Higgins pile It was angsty, emotional and beautifully written Nick Lowery, all I think is Bad Boys with Will Smith , is probably one of the most endearing and compelling male Hero s by this author He s right up there with Lucas from Waiting On You, with the same dark, gypsy eyes that never fail to tell a story, and the same intense temperament that manages to lure you in and trap you.His dedication on initially wooing Harper when they were younger to his singular focus on getting her back was incredible He saw what he wanted, and he s always wanted Harper, and went after it Harper was a tragic heroine this time around, abandoned by her mom at 13, raised by her recalcitrant father and ultimately being forced into accepting a new stepmom and her daughter And unlike typical stepmom s, Bever Lee was loving and sweet, even if took Harper years to acknowledge that But Harper always held people an arms length away, never letting them get close in fear of their impending abandonment Of course this included Nick So a marriage at 21 to the love of her life had tragically doomed written all over it Nick thought they d last, Harper didn t And you know what they say about self fulfilling prophecies The scene things crashed and burned broke my heart, I was sobbing like a baby.12 years later, Harper, now a successful divorce attorney, is shocked by her step sister, Willa, with the news she s getting married to Nick s stepbrother no less, and Harper s the MOH This dredges up all sorts of memories, sad ones, happy ones and most definitely hurtful ones A road trip brings them together and somehow reconnects them, but Harper is still scared, still fearful to let Nick in fully What ensues is a beautiful and emotional story of letting the ghosts of our past finally rest, and accepting the truth behind letting go and letting those close, in Did I mention I LOVED Nick He was amazing And while it took Harper some time to actually see what was in front of her, the scene she finally does was both memorable and heart melting You actually felt the electricity crackle off the pages reading about these two The epilogue was perfect, exactly what I d hoped it d be, and the secondary characters from Harper s family to Nick s was touching The thing is, KH always writes such comprehensive stories There s a huge and important cast of characters that only add richness to her books I cried, I laughed, I sighed.loved it, loved it

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    First of all, if you are on the fence about whether or not to read this book because it is giving you that chick lit vibe, you can climb down now sista and start reading this one is all about the romance.My One and Only is Harper Evan s story, a 33 year old divorce and divorced lawyer living year round on Martha s Vineyard with her Toto lookalike dog She is attractive, successfulbut OMG what a force to be reckoned with She is cynical, she is sarcastic and she has extreme OCD issues Having as much to do with her personality as with her profession, she gives advice think forcing it down one s throat to family, friends, strangerswherever she and only she thinks it is needed.Early on, Harper is telling Dennis, her hunky fireman BF of 2 years, that it s time to get marriedreading him a list of changes he needs to make before they do the deed, and then whips out the engagement ring she bought for herself I don t like doormat heroines, but would I enjoy an opposite to the extreme Fortunately, we learn early on why Harper is so controlling, why she refuses to leave anything to fate, and why she is in the business of breaking up marriages, although to Harper s credit her clients come to her when their marriages are already in trouble, and she simply counsels them with her motto accept in your heart what your head already knows Having been through a divorce, I might have spared myself the unnecessary grief and wasted time spent trying to make the marriage work if someone would have counseled me with that advice Under Harper s many layers of self imposed protective armor, we find there is a frightened and vulnerable girl beneath who has had her heart broken twiceby the two people she loved the most Nick Lowery, Harper s ex husband and the love of her life, is one of those two people Now Harper is on her way to Montana to serve as maid of honor for her sister, Willa, who is marrying Chris Lowery, Nick s brother Harper and Nick haven t seen each other for 12 yearsThis is the first book I ve read by Kristan Higgins and I was totally blown away by how talented she is I admire authors in general simply because they have the ability to come up with an idea that they can stretch over several hundred pages Then there is that select group of authors who are, to me, what movie stars are to my mother I want to see them in personbe the first in line to buy their latest bookstalk about them, talk with thembe eternally infatuated with each and every one of them because they provide my entertainment, and, therefore, are responsible for a big chunk of my happiness In short, they are my auto buys With one book, Ms Higgins is in She is a fantastic storyteller and funnier than hellwhich, IMO, is no small feat I make an effort to avoid authors that try to be funny because it rarely works for me in a romance novel But KH has that great talent of being subtly funny kind of in the dry humor family and I was LOL throughout the entire book Not a big deal, you say A common mechanism used by writers Then let me rephrase that KH love the initials has the unique ability to make you laugh out loud on one page and have you sobbing miserably on the next No kidding It happens so many times you are emotionally spent but in a good way by the end of the book.My One and Only is also a great character study Whether it be the wise cracking priest, Father Bruce, Harper s Tammy Faye Baker like stepmother BeverLee, or Nick s half brother Jason I wannabe Tom Cruise, everyone who has a speaking part in this book is a lifelike, 3 dimensional character Assessing these people through Harper s eyes is a delight, and for the first time I truly enjoyed a book written in first person Harper is the smart ass extraordinaire and so downright candid that it is a little shocking at first but wicked cool once you get used to it In fact, I think I was suffering from a little heroine worship there for awhile as she acted out in situations the majority of us would never have the nerve to attempt At that moment, Jodi Pickering, Dennis high school girlfriend and a waitress here, shoved the prow of her bosom in Den s jaw Are you all set here, Denny she asked, ignoring me and giving my soon to be fiance a docile, cowlike gaze Hey, Jodi What s up Dennis said, grinning past her 36 Ds to her face How s the little guy Oh, he s great, Denny It was so nice that you stopped by the game the other night He just loves you And you know, without a father in the picture, I think T.J really needs Okay, we get it, Jodi with an i, I said, smiling pleasantly up at her You have an adorable son and are still quite available Dennis, however, is with me If you would just take your boobs out of my boyfriend s face, I would deeply appreciate it LOLEven Harper s dog, Coco, a tiny Jack Russell Chihuahua mix, had a personality albeit that of a drama queen Though I d checked on Coco numerous times throughout the day and Dennis had taken her on a few walks, she was in full Chihuahua orphan mode, huge eyes, still body, not raising her head from her tragic little paws, looking at me as if I d just locked her in Michael Vick s basementI realize I m putting emphasis on the book s humor but overall the storyline is very serious and quite heart wrenching This is Harper and Nick s very precious but very sad love storytwo people who had found that true, once in a lifetime love together but were unable to hold on Their siblings wedding will bring them back together for the first time in 12 years Will they at least be able to get the closure they both need so desperately My throat tightened, and the nearness of him, the only man who ever made me feel cherishedit just sucker punched my heart Sleep tight, I whispered You, too God, I d missed him.Nick was quiet, his skin as warm as I was cold We lay like that for a long time, not talking, not moving The wind blew, Coco adjusted herself and gave a little doggy snore Nick s breathing was slow and even, and thisthe two of us lying together, was as comforting and wonderful as anything I d ever felt And horrible, because it brought such a pain to my heart We d had something special and rare, Nick and I There had been to our marriage than loneliness and tunnel vision and wretched communication skills There d been times like this, lying in the darktogether.When I was sure he was asleep, I touched his hand Just a little, just a little brush of my fingertips against the back of his lovely, wonderful hand You asked why I couldn t forgive you, Nick said, very quietly, and I jumped a little It was because you were the love of my life, Harper And you didn t want to be That s hard to let go sigh Such a good book.many, many stars

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    Divorce Attorney Risks Hell and High Water to Win Her Man One of the better second chance romances I have read and I LOVE a good second chance romance.Harper, a successfully and often UN impartial divorce attorney, had her world turned upside down when she was forced to face her painful past in the form of ex husband Nick Her sister was marrying Nick s brother, Christopher, and Harper hadn t seen Nick in thirteen years.On the outside, Harper had been ticking off all the boxes that would give her the perfect life But she had a very firm wall up to protect her from ever feeling abandoned again and with good reason As a result, her ticked boxes were not so well thought out as she imagined.I loved Nick from the first moment he showed up on the pages I felt an immediate connection with him and hoped he would do what was needed to win Harper back In no time at all, it was clear he had never really moved on from their relationship and I couldn t wait to see how things would progress.I really should have hated Harper She had one of the character traits I hate most in books the I m afraid of being left hurt so I m going to sabotage this situation for no reason and leave hurt you first Instead, I truly felt for her Nick was no saint in their failed relationship and in most scenes, I took Harper s side and felt she was justified in her feelings I kept thinking to myself Nick, please pull your head out of your ass and admit your role in the breakdown of your marriage.As is always true with Kristan Higgins books, this story was about much than Harper and Nick s romance Told in the first person from Harper s point of view, I got a very up close and personal look into Harper s relationships with than just Nick and it really allowed me to understand what made her tick She was witty, sarcastic and always on the cusp of really putting herself out there My heart bled for her.If you have ever read any Kristan Higgins books, they are often filled with funny blind dates, misunderstandings and internet mishaps Though this book didn t have that, I have to say that Dennis s rat tail and all that went with it was thoroughly enjoyable I think I will giggle every time I hear Dude for the next little while.Truly enjoyable read.

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    Agridulce historia sobre segundas oportunidades 12 a os despu s , con el que me he re do mucho menos de lo esperado conociendo a la autora y con cuya pareja protagonista me ha costado mucho simpatizar A pesar de sus ojos de gitano, Nick a veces es muy machista y qu decir de Harper, aunque llegas a entenderla, me ha ca do mal la mitad del libro El final me ha parecido precipitado y muy peliculero, pero tengo que reconocer que me he emocionado en algunos pasajes, como en la charla con BeverLee, el mejor personaje de este libro con diferencia De ah , esas 3 estrellas RitaKristan RetoRita3

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    4.5 StarsWhat a wonderful story I just love Kristan Higgins writing Her books always leave me with that warm fuzzy feeling She has a knack for taking you on a bit of a roller coaster ride with her characters that will have your heart doing funny things and put a silly grin on your face I adored Harper and Nick s story This has nothing to do with the book rather it is an image result for warm fuzzy feeling

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    3.5 starsA fun but also sad story about divorce and the complications of everything left unsaid My favorite quote If only the saddest words in the English language

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    YA EST LA REVIEW COMPLETA EN EL BLOG Les dejo el link abajo ver Hab a pensado en ponerle cinco estrellas pero creo que mejor me las voy a reservar, as que lo dej en cuatro estrellas porque de verdad me gust mucho.Una vez aclarado esto voy a comenzar con la rese a diciendo queDefinitivamente quiero un Nick en mi vida y es que fue encantador desde el principio, supo conquistarme lentamente justo como lo hizo con Harper suspiro La historia es preciosa, de esas que son pausadas y se van metiendo poquito a poquito en tu coraz n, simple, pero bien tramada y con una narraci n que me record mucho al estilo vivaz y jocoso de mi amada SEP, la historia ten a amor, dolor, miedo y un mont n de sentimientos Fue una historia profunda a mi modo de ver, de descubrimiento y de segundas oportunidades El tema es uno de mis favoritos pues siempre me ha llamado la atenci n el saber qu pasa despu s del SI ACEPTO y con Harper y Nick he logrado conectar completamente Debo decir que soy consciente de la cantidad de clich s en este libro pero vamos Soy amante de los t picos, y si nos ponemos a pensar dudo mucho que a estas alturas alguien pueda crear una historia totalmente nueva Por cierto, el estilo de la autora me cautivo totalmente, solo hab a le do un libro suyo y esa cercan a con el lector me supo a miel Ahora, con una narraci n gil pero pausada PARA M , EL NICO Me encant Ahora, hablando de los protas Nick era el protagonista perfectamente imperfecto, y lo sigue siendo, 12 a os despu s de haber terminado con la que fuera la mujer de su vida Am que nada m s conocerse el viera en ella su futuro, ame que la apoyar cuando lo necesito y am que la dejara ir tanto como ame que luchar por recuperarla.Nick es, insertar emoji con corazoncitos ufffff pero es que no s ni siquiera como describirlo Hace tiempo que un protagonista masculino no me dejaba tan sin palabras, pero es que amaba su perfecci n, su sarcasmo, su actitud, su dolor, su esperanza SU TODO Me enamor totalmente Y es algo realmente sorprendente ya que odio solo tener el punto de vista del personaje femenino pero es que me encandil Siento como que no puedo expresar todo lo que fue con palabras En cuanto a Harper, qu puedo decir Algunas veces pude reconocer que su actitud era m s bien la de una ni a asustadiza y peque a que iba de dura m s de la cuenta, pero no s si es que ando hormonal, estoy haci ndome vieja o que se yo, ella logr que la comprendiera, con sus locuras, miedos y metidas de pata me mantuvo en vilo por cada cosa que le pasaba.La historia como dije es sentimental, tierna y profundamente inspiradora Al menos a mi as me lo pareci Dicho est de m s que no dure ni un d a para terminar el libro As que adem s de la narraci n gil es una novela que te seduce poco a poco y cuando menos lo esperas ya te tiene en sus garras Totalmente sorpresiva pues no me esperaba para nada algo como lo que encontr , tanta cantidad de sentimientos escondidos y luchas internas que no ten a ni pensados Yo cre a que iba a re r a mares con el libro y no me mal entiendan que si lo hice pero la calidez y tristeza pod a palparlas entre las hojas Sorry ya me puse onda po tica, no me crean tanto as que mejor denle una oportunidad que dudo que los decepcione.LA RESE A COMPLETA PRONTO EN EL BLOG.