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I would like to write a review in the spirit of participating in a discussion about whether this book is dated and what, if anything, that means for today s young readers Though first let me get out of the way the fact that this IS unquestionably a delightful book, as is the whole Ramona series up to this point Cleary is a brilliant writer who has crafted a young protagonist who honestly and often humorously depicts the kind of excitement that most people only ever feel when they are young and the frustrations that are unique to that time in your life, as well Ramona is a precocious, imaginative, aware, excited, frustrated child, and Cleary brings her to life with SO MUCH life it s astounding This is all objectively true, and these are awesome books So, there s my endorsement Now on to the issue about which there is dissent Some people are calling these books naive and picturesque, some are saying they are clearly set in Another Time, some talk about how unrealistic it is in today s economy for a family where both parents have to work to manage to have a mom who is still such a Perfect Mom in the traditional stay at home 50s sense, etc, etc I would add that what come across the most dated to me are the mentions of Beezus life i.e the teen culture of Cleary s time I think parents and young children actually havein common across time than teenagers do, and it s Beezus life that seems the most unrealistically wholesome and tame in light of teen literature now.That said I don t think any of this actually detracts from the value of the books for any young reader who is going to grow up to be a reader Sure, short attention span kids who might occasionally tolerate a book but would rather play with their DS or watch tv might not love this book because there s essentially no material about technology or youth culture that resonates with them, and that s their primary criterion for whether something is relevant or enjoyable But real readers recognize at an early age, and continue to enjoy throughout their lives, the fact that books provide windows into different times and places, into characters who are not just avatars for ourselves in settings that are either identical to our own or so fantastically different that they are unequivocally Fantasy Children still love fairy tales, which introduce them toor less Medieval times Children still love The Moffats, All of a Kind Family, Little House on the Prairie books set in the 1800s and early 1900s The 1950s and 60s are rapidly receding and becoming the Unfathomable Past for current generations but I posit that if anything, that makes it easier for children to appreciate books set in that era as being windows into a different world as well as being compelling stories about young characters When a period of time is just recently past, it becomes uncool to be stuck in it and not looking forward When a place and time is as far past as post War America now is, however, that is no longer the concern of anyone who would be on the lookout to criticize someone who is not adapting to the times Those unfortunate sources of derision are now people who are stuck in the 1980s or 90s, not the 50s In that way, I think the Ramona books escape being dated and uncool, and now are just books about a cool kid set in a different time.These books provide an opportunity to ask questions and learn and discuss what has changed in the world and why, and how, and whether that s all for the best if children want to have those kinds of discussions But they are also spirited, fun, wry, intelligent works that can entertain children who want to enjoy themselves with books Any child who knows what it s like to wake up each day with a hundred ideas and questions and things you want to try, and feels like the world is always telling you No or Not now will identify with Ramona feeling for her when No is the final answer, and exulting with her when she finds some very creative ways around it to Yes. I have been a fan of Beverly Cleary since I was a little kid I love and enjoy all her book s, but I have to confess that this one has always been my favorite It begins with Ramona starting the third grade She is exited because she will be riding the bus by herself In this book she meets the boy she name s Yard Ape.The hard part for Ramona is getting along with Willa Jean Some of my favorite moments are the hard boiled egg incident, and when the girl s have to make dinner one night, because of their complaints Ramona faces the fear that her teacher considers her a nuisance At the end we find a happy family continuing to grow and change. Mr Quimby S Going To College, Mrs Quimby S Going To Work Now That Ramona Is Eight, She Can Go To A New School With A New Teacher And Ride The Bus All By Herself But After School She Has To Stay With Grandmother Kemp And Be Nice To That Bratty Little Willa Jean Until Beezus Who S Tempermental Enough To Ruin Anyone S Day Comes To Take Her Home Life Isn T As Easy For Ramona As It Used To Be All The Quimbys Have To Adjust, And Ramona Gets Her Chance To Prove That She S Big Enough For Her Family To Depend On Ramona was my heroine I just adored her I read every book published before I turned ten I ve not read the new ones multiple times I d hide them under my desk and pretend that I wasn t reading I pretended that I was sleeping, sometimes That was probably worse, but kid me didn t really think of that Y see, I did all the wrong things just like Ramona.Coolest things about Ramona from my memories books may overlap I loved how she d pretend that a camera was on her at all times Just in case she was spotted by someone for future stardom she d always act out in ways that she thought were totally cute Me I d feel embarrassed and affectionate for her at the same time Reading Ramona would make me stop doing it for a little while before I d forget and do it all over again It s still a feeling I get sometimes, like I m in a movie I m so crazy I get paranoid about it too I ll also make sure not to think about anything I wouldn t want anyone else to mind overhear, just in case there were mindreaders about Um, I haven t done that last one for a while Say for four years I loved it when she thought be there for the present meant be there to get a present Everything seemed so special and then she was deflated when she found out what it meant Got my hopes up in stupid ways like that too Ramona is the best She d get back up again I really love how badly behaved she was in the first book Ramona the Pest Maybe it s cause I m a little sister myself, but I never sympathized with Beezus My bird pulled a Ramona once and ate one bit out of every apple in the bag Because the first bite always tastes best Awwww.Ramona is awesome. For my eighth birthday, a box arrived from my aunt in Los Angeles, and she had sent me this book Every defining experience Ramona Quimby went through was mine, even though I was living a life totally different than hers It s obvious that Ms Cleary s straightforward language and writing talent will live on as long as reading exists Several years ago, I myself gifted it to my husband s then eight year old little sister, and had the pleasure of seeing her running through the woods of their home in Montana with the book tightly clutched in her hand as she ran about in wildflowers and grasses, pausing only to read from the book in favored stops There s a great writer for you. This book is so fun and interesting You learn a lot about Ramona and her family It is also so easy and hard to read at th same time like it has really good details about Ramona like how she felt an ho an e was acting Also in some parts when you read the author Beverly Cleary tries to make you think about what s happening and see if you could picture the scene in your head cause then, for me it helps me understand a lotwhat s happening I actually love this book is good for adults and children I love the details and the chapters and how it s written I am a child and I love it so I think a lot of other people will like it so please buy this book and read it ENJOY Ramona is a very lovely, intelligent and cute girl And her family is great too It would be good if every family would get along so well and would stick always together This reading was difficult for me at the beginning because the vocabulary is a little complex to an English learner and I finished that only with the help of an audiobook. I remember reading this book when I was eight, and feeling so thrilled that I was reading a book just for me. It s 1981 and Ramona Quimby is 8 years old.She s in the 3rd grade at a new school and she still doesn t have her own bike.She s also stuck in after school care with the cold Mrs Kemp and the annoying Willa Jean Her older sister s in the heart of hormonal angst, and her father s taking classes in college, resulting in two parents who are stressed about money.So, when Ramona accidentally overhears her teacher call her a show off and a nuisance, she doesn t know what to do She can t turn to her teacher about her teacher, or ask her emotionally erratic sister or her stressed out parents what to do It s 1981, and she realizes, quickly, she s on her own.As I ve told my own kids the 1970s were a very different time Yes, the music was a hell of a lot better so was the hair, but subjects that fell on the emotional spectrum Um, not so much.Strangely enough, I m the same age as Ramona, and I can tell you, if I d have had the same problem in the late 70s early 80s, I d have been on my own, too Not all teachers or all parents were the same, of course, and some of them were excellent, but my particular parents were infuriatingly hands off Mine would have acted the way Ramona s did, when she finally turned to them to let them know how upset she d been for weeks, knowing that her teacher thought of her as a show off and a nuisance Ramona Mrs Whaley doesn t like me She s supposed to like me It s her job to like me Mom If you re this grouchy at school, liking you could be hard work Ramona I don t want my teacher to say I m a nuisance Dad You didn t do those things on purpose Now run along I have studying to do Okay, so there s not a lot of hand holding here, but it s also refreshing that her parents aren t micromanaging her or calling the principal in a panic every time she sneezes.But, the best part of this dilemma is watching Ramona finally summon the courage to self advocate for her emotional well being It s pretty cool, it really is And, beyond that this is a book for the 2nd 5th grade crowd that I just can t find fault with or gush about enough It s basically a story about EVERYTHING that bothers you or inspires you when you re a kid, and it is beautifully, almost flawlessly, written. Yaaay, Ramona s 8 And Beezus is dealing with growing pains of her own actually, the whole family is dealing with growing pains, both as a whole and as individuals, so this was a nice book in the Ramona series dealing with realistic problems There s a reason the Ramona books are so loved, and the author has done a consistently good job with this series.