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Especially enjoyable after seeing the places mentioned A good depiction of what life might have been like. These are excellent treatments of the ancient world by a master storyteller Impressive in scope, one encounters historic figures going back to the builder of the first pyramid 4,500 years ago and ending with Ahmose s war against the Hyksos 1000 years later The pageant of Egypt, its people, traditions and the ever present Nile is brought to life unlike any Hollywood spectacle could ever accomplish Brilliant.A word of caution Do not read the introduction by Nadine Gordimer Why on earth does she summarize each book Instead, if you have no knowledge of Ancient Egypt, resort to a website which gives a brief description of the main pharaonic character and his time Far better this than know how each book ends. Naguib Mahfouz is fast becoming one of my favorite novelists along with Bessie Head and Sigrid Undset Previous to now I ve read two modern novels authored by him, The Thief and the Dogs just last year Though I suspect some flaws in the translation, I really loved these three novels of ancient Egypt They are majestic with larger than life but also very human characters The battle scenes in Khufu s Wisdom and Thebes at War are very detailed, cinematic and realistic which recalls to my mind how detailed Tolstoy was in formation and descriptions of battles in War and Peace Though all three novels have love stories inserted, Rhadopis of Nubia is the romantic novel of the group But it s than just a common romance Like Khufu s Wisdom it has a style in plot similar to Greek or Shakespearean tragedy I look forward to reading books by the author. I didn t even know Mahfouz wrote historicals I jumped on this when I saw it at the library Khufu s Revenge was excellently biblical You dare to defy fate, puny Pharoah Bwa ha ha ha I read the first short novel, really liked it and intended to save the other two for a later date Somehow I never got back to them But I still mean to. Thebes At War is firmly my favorite of the three It has the most complexity in the characters and the situations they are dealing with Ahmose was really easy to root for. The three novels at that make up this collection are riveting and excellent reading The first concerns the Pharaoh Khufru and his heirs, the second the love of a Pharaoh for a concubine based on an ancient story and with a Cinderella flavor , and the last the fight of the Egyptian natives to overthrow Hyksos The second story contains some wonderful poetical passages I also wonder how much the third novel is stands for British Egyptian relations at the time of its publication. Having never read and, admittedly never heard of Mahfouz, I was intrigued by reading historical fiction of ancient Egypt written by well an Egyptian His work is a nationalistic celebration of Egypt its kings are brave and powerful, both in battle and in wit, as well as supremely beautiful and noble Its noblemen and peasants are loyal to the point of death All stories celebrate a larger than life ancient Egypt, less historical than it is fictional, but brighter and brilliant than any real figures could be The first story, Khufu s Wisdom turned out to be my favorite of the three Khufu attempts to divert destiny after a prophesy is given of a newly born child overthrowing him Although not quite oedipal, his plan works out about as well as the Greek version of the story This was even less historical than the others, although featuring one of Egypt s greatest pharaohs, and has of a fairy tale feel The second tale, Rhadopis of Nubia, tells the story of an impulsive, demanding young pharaoh and his love affair with the unimaginably beautiful dancer Rhadopis and the fall out resulting from it It also ushers in the Middle Period of the Egyptian history and its weakened kingdom, as shown by the unwise actions of the unwise pharaoh, who cares about seeing his will done and being with his mistress than running his country The final piece, Thebes at War, tells the story of the fall of Thebes to northern invaders and a young crown prince s efforts to infiltrate the enemy and take back his kingdom, while hiding his romance with the daughter of his greatest enemy This is a story of war, redemption, and the glory of sacrifice and honor All the stories are fairly simple reads, but I especially enjoyed the author s deep love of history reflected in all the stories Although the tales may be highly fictionalized, they are a celebration of an idealized Egypt, as told by one of their own. 3 Historical Novels of ancient Egypt Pleasent reads with historical characters, but not for the purists Many historical inaccuracies Chariots appear thousands of years before they were actually used and national flags too, even the concept of nation But although historical setting, Mahfouz novels seem to very much reflect on the historical context in the time of writing. Within the first few pages of the first book, the author has Khufu Cheops riding in a horse drawn chariot Since the Hyksos only introduced chariots, horses, and bronze weapons to Egypt about 900 years after Cheops, I decided these books are a little too fictionalized for me It would be the equivalent of putting cell phones into a story that takes place in 1100 CE A bit worse than an oops Mahfouz Reaches Back Thousands Of Years To Bring Us Tales From His Homeland S Majestic Early History Tales Of The Egyptian Nobility And Of War, Star Crossed Love, And The Divine Rule Of The Pharoahs In Khufu S Wisdom, The Legendary Fourth Dynasty Monarch Faces The Prospect Of The End Of His Rule And The Possibility That His Daughter Has Fallen In Love With The Man Prophesied To Be His Successor Rhadopis Of Nubia Is The Unforgettable Story Of The Charismatic Young Pharoah Merenra II And The Ravishing Courtesan Rhadopis, Whose Love Affair Makes Them The Envy Of All Egyptian Society And Thebes At War Tells The Epic Story Of Egypt S Victory Over The Asiatic Foreigners Who Dominated The Country For Two CenturiesThree Novels Of Ancient Egypt Gives Us A Dazzling Tapestry Of Ancient Egypt And Reminds Us Of The Remarkable Artistry Of Naguib Mahfouz