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El Secreto De La Flor De Oro Es El Secreto De Los Poderes De Crecimiento Latentes En La Psique Humana A Partir De Esta Definici N, Jung Y Wilhelm Abordan Un Nuevo Enfoque De La Sabidur A China Tomando Como Fuentes Un Antiguo Sistema Del Yoga Chino Y La Psicolog A Anal Tica Y Nos Demuestran El Profundo Desarrollo Psicol Gico Que Produce Un Buen Equilibrio Entre Las Fuerzas Que Confluyen En Nuestra Mente

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    Secret of the Golden Flower is an ancient Chinese book from an esoteric religious sect In Memories, Dreams, Reflections Jung wrote this about it I devoured the manuscript at once, for the text gave me undreamed of confirmation of my ideas about the mandala and the circumambulation of the center That was the first event which broke through my isolation I became aware of an affinity I could establish ties with something and someone I don t like rating a book like this by stars If you re into Jung this is an important text but if you re not it probably won t be up your alley For me, personally, the book s teaching about non action strikes a chord and makes me understand the words have no expectations as something active rather than passive a conscious action Here are two quotes on the subject The most important things in the great Tao are the words action through non action Non action prevents a man from becoming entangled in form and image In what does the spiritual Elixer consist It means forever dwelling in purposelessness What I have revealed here in a word is the fruit of a decade of effort On meditation The chief thought of this section is that the most important thing for achieving the circulation of the light it rhythmical breathing The further the work advances, the deeper becomes the teaching During the circulation of the light, the pupil must co ordinate heart and breathing in order to avoid the annoyance of indolence and distraction The Master fears that when beginners have once sat and lowered their lids, confused fantasies may arise, because of which, the heart will begin to bat so that it is difficult to guide Therefore he teaches the practice of counting the breath and fixing the thoughts of the heart in order to prevent the energy of the spirit from flowing outward From Jung s commentary section of the book Our text promises to reveal the secret of the Golden Flower of the great One The Golden Flower is the light, and the light of heaven is the Tao The Golden Flower is a mandala symbol which I have often met with in the material brought me by my patients It is drawn either seen from above as a regular geometric ornament, or as a blossom growing from a plant When my patients produce these mandala pictures it is, of course, not through suggestion similar pictures were being made long before I knew their meaning or their connection with the practices of the East, which, at one time, were wholly unfamiliar to me The pictures came quite spontaneously and from two sources One source is the unconscious, which spontaneously produces such fantasies the other source is life, which, if lived with complete devotion, brings an intuition of the self, the individual being Awareness of the individual self is expressed in the drawing, while the unconscious exacts devotedness to life I also like these quotes from the Chinese text Related things attract each other Disciples, keep it secret and redouble your effort

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    Great little manual of meditation and philosophy Each time you read it you are sure to discover something new.

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    The poetry and symbolism in this ancient text shed light in my life during a shadowy time Real transformational symbolism.

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    A fascinating work of Taoist literature and the first in the genre that I ve read so far which even came close to being understandable in English a credit to the translator Richard Wilhelm.

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    This is an excellent book This isn t a religious text It s a Taoist Method Text It s related to advanced Fire, Water, Air path breathing and internal meditation See Taoist texts about Tai Chi and internal arts For Philosophy I would recommend Lao Tzu Also the Tao Teh Ching My favorite translation of the Tao Teh Ching is the small hardback from Shambhala written by John C H Wu.

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    This lovely book is a description of an ancient Chinese meditation technique, and the underlying philosophy Cleary also translated this work, but I find his rendition pedantic than Wilhelm s By practicing this straightforward meditation, many people have found many benefits Not only does it quiet the mind and focus inner being, it also works to bring the body into a harmonic state.

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    What That was mostly my thoughts on this There may be a lot in here of use, but it wasn t necessarily written for anyone s use.

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    Jung s marvelous commentary is balm for the writer s psyche He warns us against being enthralled to the secret objective of gaining power through words He explains how this ancient text guides one through disentanglement Here is the context in which Jung makes his statement It is really my purpose to push aside without mercy the metaphysical claims of all esoteric teaching the secret objective of gaining power through words ill accords with our profound ignorance which we should have the modesty to confess It is my firm intention to bring things which have a metaphysical sound into the daylight of psychological understanding, and to do my best to prevent the public from believing in obscure words of power pg 128Read through Jung s lens, you can see the narrator telling us, right at the beginning of his text, that it is not to be taken literally, that it is an allegory Master Lu tsu said, That which exists through itself is called the Way Tao Tao has neither name nor shape It is the one essence also translated human nature , the one primal spirit Essence and life cannot be seen They are contained in the light of heaven The light of heaven cannot be seen It is contained in the two eyes To day I will be your guide and will first reveal to you the secret of the Golden Flower of the great One, and starting from that, I will explain the rest in detail The great One is the term given to that which has nothing above it great definition for God The secret of the magic of life consists in using action in order to attain non action One must not wish to leap over everything and penetrate directly The Golden Flower is the light What colour is the light One uses the Golden Flower as a symbol It is the true energy of the transcendent great One pg 21What can be taken literally is some excellent advice on how to meditate.