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She s just so damned good at this Too much beauty Too much love Too much wit, and heart, and kindness.Been crying for 3 days, already. Short story, intense feelings I LOVED IT Brian a shy and lonely young guy, in the bus ride to school will meet Tate, aka Talker.Lovely story Strong and contradictory feelings not only made me give 5 stars, but I just bought the second and I ll start it right now 5 stars and if you have this book in your to read shelf don t wait any I did it left there and now I really regret it I should read it a long time ago Loved it loved it love it. ALL TALK AND NO LISTENING I really enjoyed this short, but lovely story It offers up great conflict and a character that is sure to break your heart I was just blown away by the many messages offered in this story It can be interpreted many ways by each individual reader, for it brought back memories of being close to someone who never saw through, she is my friend and that s all there is I wish I had the guts Brian had to make Tate Talker finally see him.Tate aka Talker is covered in tattoos from his face down to his arms, all people see is the punk persona, and that Talker is gay and never hides it Even through all his I don t give a fuck attitude, there is a boy who is hurting and no one can see that He is far from shy and will talk your ears off, hence the nickname Talker is alone even with his very friendly attitude that is until he meets Brian.Brian is our third person narrator, and it s through his POV that we come to understand Talker He never expected to fall in love with the chatterbox who sat beside him on the bus It takes awhile for him to figure it out, and help is offered up by the most unlikely person.This story is a rollercoaster of emotions, and it really pulled at my heartstrings It s sometimes hard to see true love when it s staring you right in the face, and Talker makes some really bad decisions He is so oblivious to Brian s feelings The title is so clear Tate is talker, not a listener or someone who pays attention If only he had stopped to do both those things, and paid attention to Brian, things would have been easier Therefore, Brian had to go and say look at me, see me, listen to me It was quite intense, I never expected it to be and I was truly impressed.There is still room to grow for both characters and would be excited to see them again. M M romance Our hero tries to tell his best friend that he wants him, but he never actually, uh, uses his words So he figures hey, the problem here is that the bestie is just refusing to notice him, and the bestie was recently raped and is really fragile, okay, so the thing to do he has a plan, you guys the thing to do is to manipulate events so he and the bestie are in a sexual situation but the bestie doesn t know who he is until after there are orgasms.This being a romance, this is fed to us as romantic instead of, you know, creepy and awful DO NOT WANT. This review is for the 3 books in the Talker series as they are all make up the story If I was to rate them individually I would give the first two 4 stars and the third one 3 The story of Brian and Tate Talker is an emotional roller coaster Tate s horror show of a childhood has left him scarred, but optimistic and looking for love When Brian meets Tate in college on a bus to their track meet, he instantly finds a friend and is able to look beyond the veneer Tate has created to keep people from looking too closely at who he really is Throughout the story we see Brian coming to terms with feelings for Tate that go beyond friendship, Tate making very bad choices while desperately looking for love, and the consequences that violently come back to haunt both men The Amy Lane angst is in full force here and you will need the tissues.The first book is mainly Brian s POV while the last two are Tate s I found the third book to be a bit rushed as far as giving them the happy ending they so deserve and also found the narrative with the time jumps to be a bit choppy After all the struggling it would have been nice to be able to spend some time with the two settling into a peaceful life. Coming late after many have read this one so there s little I can add that hasn t already been said It s typically well written like Lane is fast becoming known for and the subject matter is honest, affecting, and moving The characters have so much texture and depth that they are really quite fascinating even though not much happens over the course of the story It s a character driven piece about accepting love and growing from pain If there s any fault it s that I wish the story had been fleshed out into a full sized novel Lane knows how to develop emotion and intensity and this is the perfect setting for such an engrossing novel As a novella, I found Talker to be thoroughly entertaining, engaging, and I didn t want it to end Talker is told from Brian s third person perspective and develops two very different, but needy young men Brian is an orphan that grew up homeschooled with an eccentric but loving aunt He s desperately lonely and needs someone to love and call his own Brian is constantly described as simple, though that s an oversimplification Brian is content with uncomplicated needs and desires He takes longer to process things, needs time to think things through, and thus he s often quiet and rarely talks He s not stupid, though he s portrayed as not the brightest He s a caretaker and incredibly loving What I loved most about Brian is that he s an incredible partner caring, nurturing, solid, dependable, and not someone you d ever worry about cheating or lying He may not be the flashiest but he s the rock of the relationship Brian is well contrasted with the jittery, twitchy, desperately vulnerable Tate Tate was burned in a fire as a small child and thus covers the burns and graphs with tattoos He tries to hide his own needy and fragile nature Since the story is told from Brian s point of view, Tate is always fragile, vulnerable, and transparent Brian sees through Tate, also called Talker since he talks all the time, and so the reader is given Brian s insight a perspective rarely seen by others Tate is depicted as desperately lonely and needy as well so he and Brian just fit together Brian is the caretaker while Tate is the dreamer The story is told with numerous flashbacks since the two met to how they fell in love I didn t mind this though again I would have preferred a fully fleshed out, linear novel There is so much left out that could give added intensity and depth Brian s own journey to accepting his sexuality is rather easy, though he has the most trouble with getting Tate to see Brian s love is than just friendship There are a number of great scenes such as Brian s girlfriend Virginia and her help, memories of the Christmas tree, the blanket mention that feel cheated in their simplicity Mentioned and glossed over when I wanted to know and see of the characters and situation Wanting is not a negative in this case so it didn t work against the story for me I think it stands easily as a well written, entertaining, and absorbing story that had enormous potential to be something It could have been great but I think it s pretty good the way it is and this is a couple I really hope we see of It d be rather sad if we never saw of their journey. I have had this series on my iPad forever, and I seem to be really behind the curve in reading it, so I am going to rectify that and start now 4.25 Ok, first I am very happy I waited to start this book until all three stories were out, if I had read this and not known there was of their story for me to get to right away..I would have been grumpy Mandy.Brian is a sweetheart and I hate that he keeps thinking he is slow and stupid, he isn t, he might not have gotten a vital part of himself without Virginia s help, but I think that s because he was thinking far about Talker than about himself And while I m at it, I love, love that the girlfriends or ex girlfriend in this case was smart, sweet, helpful and caring, a positive female, not the vindictive, jealous homophobes we usually get.This book barely scratches the surface of Talker s issues, and I am pretty sure Brian hasn t been left unscathed by his childhood or his guilt for what has happened to Talker.It was sad and made me angry and unhappy but it was also hopeful and left me looking forward to their future.Now off to read book 2. Woah, this book was so beautifulIt s my third Amy Lane book and god, how different from one another her books truly are It s like you can never know what she s preparing next Mystery boxesIt also is my favorite so far This couplethey re so sweet and good together I hope they ll have the most perfect happy ever after, as they deserve And, Amy Lane, I m ready to face their obstacles, but thank you for the warning in the book, it helped Read it in one sitting because, really, I couldn t put it down Applaudes the author Tate Talker Walker Has Spent Most Of His Life Hiding His Scars Under A Bright Punk Facade, And Until He Sat Next To Brian Cooper On A Bus, It Worked But Brian Has Spent His Whole Life Being The Invisible Man, And He S Used To Looking Below The Surface What He Sees In Talker Is A Fragile And Lovable Human Being Brian Is Outwardly Straight, But Talker Is Desperate For Love, And When Talker S Behavior Leads To Some Painful Consequences, Brian Is Forced To Come Out Of His Closet In Dramatic Fashion He Ll Do Anything To Make Sure Talker Sees That He S The Prince Charming Talker Has Always Needed Oh goodness This was sweet and it just about tore my heart out Brian and Tate sigh Such pain, such love, such devotion, so much unknown, so in need of healing heads and hearts and the story is not over so I am gonna shut my yapper and go read the next one.