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Want To Live A Longer, Healthier Life This Book Proposes Specific Exercises On The Subject, Instructing Readers In The Backward Flowing Method, A Powerful Meditation Technique That Can Also Be Used To Control Addiction This Method Not Only Prolongs Life, It Also Provides Tools For Facing Death Without Fear Most People Are Scared To Death Of Dying They Don T Have To Be Death Is Only A Transition The Spirit Lives On For Anyone Wishing To Connect The Dots Between The Various Aspects Of The Secret Teachings, This Book Is A Must Semple Looks At Meditation Techniques Across Cultures And Throughout The Ages, Demonstrating Decisively That The Backward Flowing Method Holds The Key To Prolonging Life And Preparing For DeathFor The First Time Ever, A Book Dares To Reveal The Secrets Of The World S Most Influential Meditation Method, A Series Of Techniques Originally Compiled In The Th Century Masterpiece Of Chinese Alchemy, The Secret Of The Golden Flower Not Even Richard Wilhelm, The Translator, Or Carl Gustav Jung, The Famous Psychologist, Who Wrote The Original Commentary To The Secret Of The Golden Flower, Were Able To Plumb The Depths Of This Method This Book Is An Extraordinary Statement About The Inevitability Of Karma And The Obstacles One Must Overcome In The Quest For Self RealizationIn His Masterwork, Kundalini The Evolutionary Energy In Man, Gopi Krishna Summoned Us To Search For, Knowledge Of The Safest Methods For Awakening Kundalini That Would, Yield For Humanity A Periodic Golden Crop Of Towering Spiritual And Mental Prodigies Since Those Words Were Written, How Has The Search For The Safest Methods Progressed In His World Renowned Lecture, Activating The Life Force, JJ Semple Presents His Candidate For The Safest Method Golden Flower Meditation It S A Method He Discovered Over Thirty Years Ago Through Trial And Error Experimentation With The Secret Of The Golden Flower A Method He Discussed With Gopi Krishna InAnd Recently Wrote About In His Highly Acclaimed First Book, Deciphering The Golden Flower One Secret At A TimeJJ Semple Traces The Origins Of The Backward Flowing Method To The Tibetan Book Of The Dead And The Secret Of The Golden Flower, Detailing The Effects It Induces Correcting Physical Defects, Rebuilding And Healing The Body, Self Healing Techniques Rejuvenating The Body While It Ages Reversing Self Destructive And Addictive Behavior Heightening And Enhancing Consciousness To The Point Of Effecting Release From Karmic Bondage Providing The Tools For Facing Death And Facilitating The Transition Into The Next State Of Being

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