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Back in October of 2002 my parents had the wacky idea to take a family vacation in Florida I wasn t too keen on the idea, but I went along with it because none of the excuses I could come up with sounded good I started thinking about this book because the it was something I read while on this vacation, and this vacation was the scene for one of my big anxiety induced breakdowns, where I acted out in very undesirable ways, made everyone around me really uncomfortable and probably baffled my family by wondering why their son brother ended up curled up on a couch crying less than two hours after landing and since I pulled a minor reprise of the Greg completely loses his shit anxiety show this evening it made me think about this vacation And then this book And to get my mind out of the anxiety ghetto I thought maybe I d write a review to help move my brain back to it s usual state The flight down was a horrific ordeal I hate to fly under the best circumstances Flying for me is physically painful the pressure of taking off and landing feels like needles are being stuck into my head I can barely hear anything while I m in the air or for a couple of hours once I land , my sinuses generally feel like they are filled with expanding balloons and I find the seats in airplanes to be really uncomfortable with not inadequate legroom so my knees are usually jammed into the seat in front of me That is my situation in the best possible conditions for flying On this particular flight I was flying on Jet Blue, which was the equivalent in 2002, at least for flights from NYC to Orlando, as being about as white trash as riding the Greyhound bus between rural area A and rural area B This flight was all the pain of flying coupled with all the worst parts of any bus ride I d ever taken This is going somewhere At the time I took my awful flight to Florida I was reading this book My plan had been to bring the book, read it on the plane and hopefully make the two hour flight go by really quickly That didn t work I succeeded in getting my seat and started to read the book while the rest of the cretins were boarding And I was reading my book, minding my own business when the person sitting next to me sat down It was a woman, and she probably weighed close to three hundred pounds She didn t fit into her own seat and spilled out liberally into my personal space I don t like having physical contact with strangers so I wedged myself as far from her as possible, but still couldn t really escape some physical contact She loudly complained to her equally large husband that she didn t have enough room and about the rudeness of other people who take up too much space I guess that would be me , she then proceeded to dig through a large paper shopping back filled with snacks and began eating I was feeling disgusted by my neighbor It was after I began to think, what a disgusting and loud person this is she was loudly commenting on what she was eating with her husband who sat across the aisle, who was also eating from his own big paper bag of snacks that she turned her attention briefly away from her feeding to notice what I was reading She then loudly told her husband that I was reading a disgusting book and how could anyone read something like that She may have gone on about my book for a while longer but her attention returned to her feeding Once the plane started to take off my ears and sinuses did their thing and I couldn t read any I spent the rest of the flight staring at the little TV screen, watching the progress of where the plane was on a map I m amazed that a person had the kind of reaction she had to this book It had been quite a while since the movie had pissed off Christians and caused a sensation But she remembered and probably lots of other people did too, but what they thought of the book and movie didn t necessarily have anything to do with what was actually in either I remember when the movie came out all the uproar, and what passed into my young teenage mind was that Jesus has fantasies of graphic sex with Mary Magdalene while he s on the cross This isn t what the last temptation of Jesus is in either the book or movie The temptation that the devil gives to Jesus is the possibility of living a regular life Marrying Mary Magdalene, having a family, not being crucified, not having the weight of being a savior on his shoulders Having a happy life Being a man instead of the son of God so yes in the temptation he would have had sex, but it would be like the sex people normally have who are married and have kids I don t understand what the problem Christians have with this Personally, after reading the book and seeing the movie I d be willing to take the Jesus story seriously It adds a humanity to the figure of Christ and creates a sort of existential hero out of Jesus, as opposed to a rather boring story of a thing that knows it s a God and goes through with an ordeal of pain knowing full well that it can t really hurt him since he is divine than human The story in this book is almost a reverse of Pascal s Wager Jesus could be divine, but he s uncertain The Devil offers him the choice of taking the consolation prize, grabbing the sure thing of a happy life Not taking the Devil s offer is taking the old Kierkegaard leap, trusting with faith and knowing somewhere in the back of your mind that all the suffering could be in vain What I find disgusting is the idea that Christians would be so disturbed with the humanity and doubts of Jesus I d get it if they found the whole Jesus was a man thing disgusting, but they have no trouble with knowing he was man enough to be die What sick fucks The only humanity that they will give to the guy who they claim to worship is the human condition to die To live, to be human, is an outrage to them I loved this book and the movie. The Internationally Renowned Novel About The Life And Death Of Jesus ChristHailed As A Masterpiece By Critics Worldwide, The Last Temptation Of Christ Is A Monumental Reinterpretation Of The Gospels That Brilliantly Fleshes Out Christ S Passion This Literary Rendering Of The Life Of Jesus Christ Has Courted Controversy Since Its Publication By Depicting A Christ Far Human Than The One Seen In The Bible He Is A Figure Who Is Gloriously Divine But Earthy And Human, A Man Like Any Other Subject To Fear, Doubt, And Pain In Elegant, Thoughtful Prose Nikos Kazantzakis, One Of The Greats Of Modern Literature, Follows This Jesus As He Struggles To Live Out God S Will For Him, Powerfully Suggesting That It Was Christ S Ultimate Triumph Over His Flawed Humanity, When He Gave Up The Temptation To Run From The Cross And Willingly Laid Down His Life For Mankind, That Truly Made Him The Venerable Redeemer Of Men Spiritual Dynamite San Francisco Chronicle A Searing, Soaring, Shocking Novel Time agora This book was scandalous when it was published by Kazantzakis in 1955 and the reason that he despite being a fervent Orthodox Christian was refused an Orthodox burial It was of course the source of the similarly scandalous movie of 1988 with Willem Dafoe as Jesus Why the scandal Well, like when Rushdie imagined in The Satanic Verses that perhaps Satan sat on Mohammed s shoulder and dictated parts of the Qu ran, Kazantzakis looks at the human side of Christ as depicted in the Gospel of Mark where his is of a man than a man god , he allows Jesus to have sexual fantasies about Mary Magdalene and he experiences the guilt of these fantasies and works through them I found the plot quite plausible and challenging to my imagination and my belief system but in a positive way I read it after the Christians went ape shit crazy in 1988 when the film came out and I can say that the book is far better than the film I ended up breaking with my belief system not because of the book but because of what I perceived as the hypocrisy of a religion that calls Islam closed minded but that could not accept the slightest interrogation into the psyche of its founding figure Perhaps you should read it and judge for yourselves. . , Nikos Kazantzakis 1883 1957 was one of the greatest Greek writers of the last century In 1957, he lost the Nobel prize to Albert Camus by one vote One vote Ugh Most people who hear about The last temptation of Christ immediately think of the 1988 Scorsese movie with Willem Dafoe as Jesus and other equally atrociously miscast actors a film that was meant to come across as scandalous and provocative, in the typical Hollywood low brow fashion I never saw the movie and probably never will That is a very good thing if you re going to read the book, because this is a very complex and beautiful work, that Hollywood would never be able to do justice to I loved many parts of the book The language is very poetic, and I found that NK was great at reproducing the spiritual fervor of the time in Palestine, the social acceptance of visions, miracles, prophecies, and overall a very intense and palpable spiritual reality In short, all that we have lost today in the West Someone will argue for good and for bad , but my opinion is that it is only for the bad Our loss We have shrunk from a large, human dimension to the dimension of things Anyway, that s a different topic see some modern scientist who states that everyone in ancient times suffered from a form of schizofrenia Fascinating theory, although probably wrong Sounds like a way to formalize the mental state of modern westerners as healthy and better , which is obviously extremely arguable Back to the book Is NK s Jesus a credible, authentic, realistic Jesus No, he is not I will summarize here the opinion of Lord Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury and one of my intellectual heroes In this video he says that, in his view, from a classical Christian theology perspective, NK gets some things right about Jesus and some other things not so right Lord Williams says One of the things that makes us human is that we can allow the divine light to flood us and fill us, or as some theologians say, we can grow into the divine image So I think Kazantzakis is right in saying that it s not a question of just one eccentric individual who lived centuries ago, but it is about the destiny of humanity, it is about how humanity itself grows into that divine image Where NK s view is at odds with a classical Christian view and perhaps indebted to a 19th century religious perspective is that he tends to merge the divinity humanity tension with the flesh spirit tension, which historically and theologically is not correct Still Lord Williams about this book They said NK tried to portray a Jesus who was human and relatable than the one in the Gospel I think for a Christian Jesus must be like us enough to understand what he meant, what he was all about, and different enough to spring from the trap of a humanity that s turned on itself However, the paradox in NK s narrative is that Jesus is this extraordinarily unusual, tormented and unique individual To try and make out his psychology in the novel is very hard work, I m not at all sure if I understand quite what the enormous gear shifts in the story are all about In some ways, in trying so hard to make Jesus human , he created a Jesus at least as difficult and remote as the Jesus of the classical theology And this The notion that Jesus is in a state of constant inner flux about his identity and mission I m not so sure In the gospel, the tension comes from someone who knows who he is and again and again he needs to confront the cost and the consequences of that But that s very different from the unceasing struggle of NK s Jesus to find a place to stand I very much agree with these comments In this book, Jesus is not just someone who has a doubt here and there, and therefore is relatable He is a man in constant, unceasing spiritual pain, scared of his own shadow and insecure about pretty much everything He lives a life of torment, and even during his short public career, he is constantly shocked in front of the miracles he can make, always reluctant with regards to his mission.The communion of Jesus with God is portrayed as a curse almost a mental illness rather than a loving relationship Rather than Jesus being highly educated in the Scriptures as he must have been, and a confident leader, God seems to be using this poor, sickly and bizarre fool as a mere instrument for his plans Meanwhile, Jesus as a person comes across as a mentally unstable man who s gifted with deep sensitivity and extraordinary intuition, but has no confidence at all about what he is doing and no real idea where he is going Despite what the Hollywood movie tried to imply, the real last temptation of Christ in this narrative is not sex, but domesticity While on the cross, Jesus dreams of being old, married and with kids and grandkids, as his final temptation Another issue I have with this work is that Mary is presented as a very embittered woman, a mother with a heart closed on itself, constantly thinking about her own misfortunes rather than the good of Joseph and Jesus Such a huge difference between this Mary and the one shown in Mel Gibson s The Passion , who unflinchingly supports her son until the very last moments of his life Also, while Jesus of the gospels simply warned the rich about the fact that it will be difficult for them to enter the kingdom of God, NK s Jesus keeps referring to them as enemies, as people without any hope As for the movie, Scorsese wanted to bring this peculiar Christ to his audience in his modern guise, as an unsettling, tortured Jesus, unsure whether his inner voices are divine or demonic, and torn between his love of the flesh and his need for the spirit Like he demonstrated with his latest movie Silence as well, Scorsese seems to be drawn towards extremely contrived versions of Christianity, that seem to lack spontaneity and heart And, of course, for him there needs to be sex and violence In any case, if you are accustomed to Jesus as he is portrayed in the gospels, Kazantzakis Jesus will be shocking He is a troubled young man, attacked by pains that mimic bird s claws, nagged by his mother, and disappointed in his father But most striking is how passive and inept he is and how constantly unsure he is of his divine calling And without Judas he would be lost Yes, one of the many inventions of NK is the role of Judas in the story of Jesus Judas is the strongest apostle, the only one who is able to give strength and courage to Jesus, and in many instances he turns out to be the one who actually leads Jesus Quite a weird, interesting take.Don t get me wrong this is a powerful, poetic, wonderful novel.There are many scenes that draw you in with their sheer power and intensity, and I think anyone can enjoy this work, no matter where their heart is in terms of spiritual matters.But the Jesus portrayed here has probably to do with NK s personality than with Jesus Christ p.s NK did not believe in any traditional God, nor did he believe in a spiritual afterlife As a catholic reader, I think I could feel that this book was written by someone who was not religious This transpires especially from NK s incredible effort to build this monument of a novel to the historic man Jesus of Nazareth, and to squeeze all the layers of meaning of the Gospel into the life of an individual using the tools of historical research This effort does not make sense, and it shouldn t make a lot of sense to a catholic Like Joseph Ratzinger said, Jesus was entirely man, but he was also one thing with God Starting with the 1950 s, in many writings the hiatus between the historic Jesus and the Jesus Christ of Catholicism became wider and wider But what meaning can Faith have, if the real Jesus was in fact so different from how he is described in the gospels In trying to study and analyze in the most subtle ways the historic Jesus , scholars ended up in a foggy mist, losing sight of Jesus Christ as he is proclaimed by the Church In other words, the evangelists described Jesus and the facts that took place in his life, but they also went beyond the historicity of those facts, therefore allowing Jesus to have an eternal presence and eternal life, and not only a human life Christian faith is based upon an intimate relationship with God and with Jesus If you limit Jesus only to the historic perspective, which is quite vague because we don t have a lot of available data, you risk undermining this relationship and having the faithful reach for something that is very elusive The reality of Jesus Christ, his presence in the Church today, goes beyond and is much broader than the life of the historic Jesus. 1956 1951 1954 1988 40. 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