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I Wasn T Free Of My Past, Not Yet Sydney S Blood Is Special That S Because She S An Alchemist One Of A Group Of Humans Who Dabble In Magic And Serve To Bridge The Worlds Of Humans And Vampires They Protect Vampire Secrets And Human Lives But The Last Encounter Sydney Had With Vampires Got Her In Deep Trouble With The Other Alchemists And Now With Her Allegiences In Question, Her Future Is On The Line When Sydney Is Torn From Her Bed In The Middle Of The Night, At First She Thinks She S Still Being Punished For Her Complicated Alliance With Dhampir Rose Hathaway But What Unfolds Is Far Worse Jill Dragomir The Sister Of Moroi Queen Lissa Dragomir Is In Mortal Danger, And The Moroi Must Send Her Into Hiding To Avoid A Civil War, Sydney Is Called Upon To Act As Jill S Guardian And Protector, Posing As Her Roommate In The Unlikeliest Of Places A Human Boarding School In Palm Springs, California The Last Thing Sydney Wants Is To Be Accused Of Sympathizing With Vampires And Now She Has To Live With One The Moroi Court Believe Jill And Sydney Will Be Safe At Amberwood Prep, But Threats, Distractions, And Forbidden Romance Lurk Both Outside And Within The School Grounds Now That They Re In Hiding, The Drama Is Only Just Beginning My reaction after reading this book.I have this shock type face right now, which I usually get when I read a disappointing or a really good book I don t even know if I am disappointed or happyI was so excited for this book I was screaming with happiness when I got it read it But Bloodlines was so NOT what I was expecting I thought it would be an action filled story with awesome characters and some romance here and there But what did I get after reading this book NOTHING Yes, people who loved Vampire Academy series and are dying to read this book, NOTHING.I wouldn t say I didn t like Bloodlines It was good but I would point out each and every freaking thing I hated about it I am so ashamed I don t know why or on whom but I am ashamed..FAIL 1 What happened to you Ms Mead Do you know why people liked your books Its because of the KICK ASS heroine Yes, please notice and think about the word KICK ASS for a minute I knew it before reading this book that Sydney would not be a fighter or anything but this was so frustrating I was thinking after reading than half of the book that when will she actually start fighting or you know do something exciting It was just like this Protecting Jill Reminding herself that shes An Alchemist Protecting Jill And that sequence went on and on and stopped when only 100 pages were left I liked Sydney but the author made her so dull, she had no life Even though she was the main character of this book, Jill took all the fame.FAIL 2 I hate Jill from the core of my heart So all the Jill fans out there Please don t read this fail This book was basically ALL about Jill, protecting Jill, loving Jill UGH I freaking hate this bitch so much that if she was alive, then I would have shot her or something after reading this book Why the fuff was everybody attracted to her EVERYONE Tell me one guy, ONE guy who had not fallen in love with her Because of that dumb bitch, Sydney had no story at all And WHY ADRIAN WHY Do you have be feel sorry for that weirdo Jill should die DIE She always caused trouble, than half of this book is about her which annoyed me to death, shes just fifteen and attracted like every guy from 18 21 All I want to say is,FAIL 3 I just blame the author You made every character, which I loved, behave wrong From Sydney to Eddie, I was like, no noway is Adrian or Eddie like that Because of the characters, I was so sad Even though Adrian was the only male character who behaved like himself, the rest were changed As if I never knew them And when I came to know about Eddie s love interest in the end, My hands were on my face and I was shaking my head in disappointment FAIL 4 I give Bloodlines an award for the most predictable book ever When I thought I couldn t get any disappointed, the author decides to give us such a predictable story, I didn t even have to use my brain I guess I have read and seen many thriller and mystery books and movies to know that the villain is the least person you suspect I am reading and reading and reading, and suddenly the book finishes and I am just staring at the freaking wall and being like, Thats it FAIL 5 No romance at all You heard me, NO romance Not even a tiny bit I am so shocked And yes, I will never get to know who is on the cover beside Sydney I think its Adrian but whatever, I don t even picture Adrian like that anyway More or maybe 100% like Chace Crawford xD I was so angry Poor Sydney She couldn t even have a tiny bit of romantic thingy with Adrian This story was all straight and adventure type No action No romance No cliff hanger No nothing Breaks the brick while Banging my head against the wall but still alive Now a letter especially for the author Ms ReadDear Author, Cool down Saniya, Cool down Anyway, I would like to tell you that you should write the next book, The Golden Lily much better or else don t be surprised if you see a creepy figure standing outside your bedroom window with a gun On my knees PLEASE Write the second book nicely PLEASE PLEASE From your crazy Vampire Academy fan, Saniya.If this book was about Sydney, about Adrian and Sydney, action, romance and a better cliffhanger I would have rated this book 4 4.5 stars I am rating this book 2.5 5 stars half of the book was bearable I liked Bloodlines, but these points I mentioned above irritated me alot and I am going to read the next book because of Adrian, Sydney and Eddie.I AM DISAPPOINTED and readers who read my review and then comment like you are wrong, etc Please, why did you even bother reading the whole review You just see my 2 star rating and go read another review. LOVED IT This was the perfect book for me to finally shake off the rest of the reading slumpy feelings that were hanging around I was surprisingly happy with Sydney s character and I love her banter with Adrian I can t wait to see where this series is going to go and I need the next book pronto Definitely recommend if you enjoyed the Vampire Academy series My God, Sage Your eyes How have I never noticed them That uncomfortable feeling was spreading over me again What about them The color, he breathed When you stand in the light They re amazing like molten gold I could paint those He reached toward me but then pulled back They re beautiful You re beautiful The greatest changes in history have come when people were able to shake off what others told them to doI love this series I love this book Even though there is not romance here, I still love it It has adventure I liked Sydney when I read Vampire Academy Now, I love her character The book is from Sydney s POV, so we understand her a lot better I loved Adrian before and I still love him He is amazing and funny In half of the book I was laughing at something he was saying He is uniqueTakes a lot of tries before you hit perfection He paused to reconsider that Well, except for my parents They got it on the first trySydney is an alchemist, a group of humans who is keeping the vampire world a secret from humanity The alchemists don t trust Sydney any because she helped Rose Hathaway, a Dhampir So, they gave her a last chance She is assigned to protect Jill Mastrano Dragomir from a group of Moroi who are agaist the Queen Lissa Dragomir 1 I knew from the beginning that Jill and Adrian are bonded He came at Palm Springs but he didn t want to Then, Jill always knew what Adrian is doing and why she felt hungover every morning because of Adrian s drinking It was so obvious.2 I loved the relationship and trust between Adrian and Sydney.They understand each other even though Adrian is vampire and Sydney is human Their relationship is not romantic YET but they are so much fun to watch them The adventures and the jokes were the bestThanks for looking out for her, Sage You re okay For a human I almost laughed Thanks You can say it too, you know I walked over to Latte and paused Say what That I m okayfor a vampire, he explained I shook my head, still smiling You ll have a hard time getting any Alchemist to admit that But I can say you re okay for an irreverent party boy with occasional moments of brilliance Brilliant You think I m brilliant He threw his hands skyward You hear that, world Sage says I m brilliant3 Two bad guysHmmm I will start with the complicated it.Number One Keith I didn t like Keith from the start He treated Sydney bad all the time and he always wanted to find something to incriminate Sydney and send her to re education.Then, we learn that he raped Sydney s sister, Carly How ironic Syndey s father is literally worship him and Keith raped his daughter He was also supplying Never Moroi blood and saliva Never was place where a lot of people were having a unusal tattoo to make them stronger Sydney and Adrian expose him and Keith end up at the re educationThey re waiting for you Go on in Adrian leaned close to Keith s ear and spoke in an ominous voice If.You.Dare He poked Keith s shoulder and gave a Muhahaha kind of monster laugh4 Number Two Lee I just can t I liked him And he was so good to Jill I will admit that he gave clues But I ignore it How could he I did not see that coming Lee was a restored Strigoi and he killed several girls Moroi, dhampirs and humans He drunk their blood to reawaken , as Strigoi s say But we learn something new A restored Strigoi like Lee, Dimitri and Sonya can t turn again He wanted to try alchemist blood to see if that works But he couldn t drink from Sydney hmm..interesting Then, he called his his Strigoi friends using Sydney and Adrian as a bargain for being re awakened One Strigoi tried to turn Lee to a Strigoi but she couldn t and he end up dead Also, one Strigoi goes to drink from Sydney and once again she couldn t drink from her They feed both on Adrian Syndey created fire and she distracted the Strigoi Just then, Eddie and Jill showed up and with the help of Jill s water magic Eddie kills both Strigoi.5 The point is that Sydney has magic She is a witch I was so excited at first and then she said she didn t want to use magic again Mrs.Terwilliger is amazing I can t pronounce her name but I can write it I love her She is also a witch and with her way she introduced Sydney the human magic She also calls her Melbourne because her fake name was Sydney Melrose.6 I love Eddie He wants Jill and I want them together but he is stupid He wants to sacrifice his love for Micah Micah is his roommate and he looks like a lot like Mason his best friend who died 7 I loved the relationship between Jill and Sydney Sydney treats her like sister even though Jill is a vampire 8 Finally, we learn the secret between Abe and Sydney Sydney obeyed his commands because she asked him to attack on Keith and he ended up with a glass eye I still love Abe.9 Adrian was hurting at first because of Rose and Dimitri He was still thinking about her But then, Sydney gave him purpose To find job at first that didn t go well and at last she helped him apply for art classes and that made him happy But in the ending, Dimitri arrived in Palm Springs 10 The good thing is that Angeline arrived too She is so much funYou look too pretty to be useful Truer words were never spoken I decided the Alchemists needed an entire department devoted to handling Adrian Ivashkov