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The Liaden UniverseR series has enthralled thousands of readers and now two of its most exciting space adventure novels are combined in one popularly priced Omni trade volume Plan B Val Con yos'Phelium is a fugitive The heir of Clan Korval is wanted by the covert Liaden agency known as the Department of the Interior whose rulers have declared unofficial war against the entire clan With only his love Miri Robertson by his side Val Con plans a desperate gamble by forming an alliance with Clan Erob on the planet where Miri was born But Val Con's cousin Shan yos'Galan can't wait for help that may never arrive With enemy agents closing in he invokes Plan B setting in motion a series of events that will have dire conseuences not only for him and his life mate Priscilla Mendoza but all of Liad I Dare On the run from the agents of the Department of the Interior Val Con has been separated from Miri Shan Val Con's cousin and Shan's life mate Priscilla continue to search for him believing that he's the Clan's last hope for survival But the DOI is attacking Clan Korval in a subtle fashion Pat Rin yos'Phelium Val's ne'er do well nearly identical cousin gambler and shooter is offered control of the clan The DOI believes they can manipulate him into serving their agenda They're wrong I rarely rave on and on about stories but I am devoted to Lee and Miller novels and stories Anne McCaffrey

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    Great read I love this series

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    The Story of Clan Korval's banishment The Department of the Interior has fiendish plans to take over Liad and destroy Clan Korval Here Are the maneuverings of plots and counter strikes which split the family each going into danger separately and attracting allies and lifemates before they finally converge on the Department Cousin Pat Rin takes a major role while Val Con and Miri are also active Excellent series Definitely a favorite

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    A delightful wrap for the story of the previous omnibus volumes as everything comes home to roost both for Clan Korval and the Dept of the Interior

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    April 2015 Re read A complete delight as usual; especially I Dare in which so many long running independent subplots at last merge into an extremely satisfying wholeJune 2014 This omnibus contains two excellent novels both of which end on rather exciting cliffhangers The first Plan B is the apex of the Agent of Change seuence; it's a very military book packed with epic land and space battles and terrific feats of derring do Continuing the long running theme of 'turning strangersenemies into friendspartners' it also brings Clan Korval some unexpected allies in their war against the Department of the Interior not to mention view spoilerthe return of Daav yos'Phelium from his lengthy exile hide spoiler

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    This is two books Plan B and I Dare Korval' s Game was the only edition of I Dare that I could find at my local library I Dare is a continuation of the story from Plan B I've already reviewed Plan B so this review is for I DareUp until now Pat Rin has been portrayed as a playboy with no useful occupation or interests The Department of the Interior makes this assumption and is surprised to find it has awakened his innate administrative abilities and strong family ties that drive him to seek balanceBy the end of the book most of the clan is back together and planning to move Korval lock stock and barrel from Liad Towards the end it was really hard to put this book down

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    The best thing about this omnibook is these two books are the cumulation of all the set up in the prior novels The pace is uick and the stakes are high SO GLAD I didn't have to wait YEARS between these booksThe first half Plan B is Miri and Val Con being sucked into defending against planetary invasion while continuing to prepare for the DotIThe closing half I Dare is concurrent with the first but from the pov of a Korval clan member I was NOT fond of when introduced in Carpe Diem but uickly and shockingly became a favorite

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    Another excellent set of books in this omnibus furthering the core story of the Korval line Lots of action and warfare in these two books pitting the Department of the Interior against the House Korval and their honor bound duty to protect the various clans on Liad despite their short sightedness and political wranglings

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    Plan B 2962014 Wow No rest for the wicked Amazing wonderful intricate fascinating mind blowing continuation of the story Love 5 stars I Dare 29 3062014 Exuisite worldbuilding exciting adventure fantastic character growth satisfying relationships absolutely wonderful to read 5 stars

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    Next time I go hunting for pat rin start hereHunter long and hard to find surebleak beginning the plan b initiative to were it boiled up to Lots of cool characters to choose a favorite from Curious to see if Dave ever comes back to clan and a side story with uncle ? Won T that be a double whopper

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    Plan B Now that was fun readingI Dare Fills in all the gaps I had by starting with the Theo booksI hate that I am up to date with this storyline At least I have the first vol of short stories on hand