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Is This Town HAUNTED Jack And Annie Wonder When The Magic Tree House Whisks Them To The Wild West But Before They Can Say Boo They Rush Headlong Into An Adventure Filled With Horse Thieves, A Lost Colt, Rattlesnakes, And A Cowboy Named Slim Will Jack And Annie Have Time To Solve The Next Tree House Riddle The Answer May Depend On A Ghost Per L I like when Jack and Annie they found out the magic word was echo. Lots of good facts in this one, the kids are well on their way to becoming Master Librarians I enjoyed the mustangs the most, of course It was cute that the kids got cowboy nicknames, Smiley and Shorty Annie s seemed most appropriate I love the classic time travel paradox at the end And that as usual, the kids appreciate the pleasures of being home after their adventure. This one edges into the realm of classic children s literature, what with cowboys and horse wranglers and ghosts, but it does so in a way that focuseson historical context Of course, the Wild West is a super generalized topic, so this one really casts a wide net in terms of coverage, but most of the MTH books do, and there s nothing wrong with doing that for beginning readers. We listened to this one just before our trip to Bannack, Montana a real ghost town that is now a state park It did a great job of giving the kids some context And it was just fun. I really liked this one Love the Wild West and I loved the tale of the ghost Red river valley was stuck in my head for a day or so after this. I didn t like this book because I don t like ghosts I enjoyed this book because I liked the part when Jack Annie found the answer to there riddle. Personal ResponseThis was a very interesting book It taught a lot about the Wild West and what occurred during that time This was by far one of the best magic tree house books I have read PlotThe magic tree house sent Jack and Annie to Rattlesnake Flats When they arrived, they met a cowboy named Slim He taught them about the west and explained why hardly anyone lived in the town While Jack and Annie were looking around town, they noticed a colt roaming all by itself Then over the hillside they saw a bunch of people on horses take off They knew they had to do something Slim, Jack, and Annie followed the men on the horses back to their camp When the three of them were close enough, they saw the Colt s mother tied up Slim came up with a plan, and they moved in with it Jack was ordered to run and get the mother horse while Slim and Annie watched his back Jack captured the horse and the three of them rode off back to Slim s ranch CharacterizationJack really changed throughout the story Being the oldest he oddly followed what his youngest sister Annie ordered him to do That all changed when Jack saw the thieves run off, with one of the Colts He said they had to go find it, and with the help of Slim they did just that Then for Jack, he had to make the biggest move He jumped on the horse, and rode it away I think he really gained respect from Slim and even Annie for being brave enough to take the horse back.Impact of SettingThe setting takes place in the late 1800s in Rattlesnakes Flat There are only a handful of people who live there The streets are bare, the shops are all closed, and tumbleweed is flying through For Jack and Annie, this was a whole new world They were used to cars, but all that were in the Ghost town were horses Thematic ConnectionThe theme that stood out the most to me in this book, was always trust in yourself Jack and Annie had never rode a horse before Slim made Annie ride Sunset into the mountains to try and find the other colts Once the three of them found the other colts, Jack had to ride one back On top of riding a Colt back Jack, was being chased by thieves.RecommendationI would recommend this book to any middle school aged boy It taught many different lessons, one being how to have a positive attitude doing things you have not accomplished I think that would help middle aged students overcome their fears of trying new things. a dear friend read it to me and my best friend last night such a flashback to childhood This book was about this boy name Jack and this girl name Annie going on a scary adventure It was early in the morning Jack was reading a book and Annie was looking if the magic tree house came back for them to go on the next adventure Annie herd the magic tree house land she told Jack but he didn t want to miss lunch but Annie was very excited and ran into the frog creek woods Jack hade to ran and get his sister Annie he found her and the magic tree house and their best friend Morgan was their waiting for them Jack and Annie claimed the ladder and went into the magic tree house Annie ask what was their next adventure Morgan told them to take a book that said days of the Wild West Before Jack and Annie left Morgan gave them a scroll because Morgan wrote a Ridell for them to figure it out but Morgan said that when the magic tree house land Morgan left and Jack opened the book of the first page and the picture that Jack saw was a prairie Jack said he wish he and his sister Annie the magic tree house spin and spin in till it was absolutely still they landed they opened up the scroll it said Out of the blue my lonely voice calls out to you who am I Jack took the book that told him about the place in the book it said 1880 the spooky town became a ghost town because lot of people used to be her all the people left the town because they didn t have lots of money to keep the town so it became a ghost town so Jack and Annie went into the ghost town Annie saw a hat and some shoes she asked if she could try them on Jack said okay Annie found some shoes fore Jack too he tried it on to it fit when Jack and Annie herd a piano and then he quietly went in no one was their they figure out that the electricity was letting it play Then horses came Jack and Annie hide in the box they dust came Jack sneezed they found them and they asked if they can have a ride on the pone Annie ride the little one Jack ride the big one they ride withe the man it was midnight the camped and sleep their in till the after noon the woke up and ride their horses bake And said good by and went back to the tree house they found the answer was the horse then Morgan came and told that their next adventure would be fun they said good by and left and went back home The end