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When Jonathan Kechter Agrees To A Blind Date With Cole Fenton, He Expects Nothing Than Dinner And A One Night Stand But He Gets Than He Bargained For In Cole Cole Is Arrogant, Flamboyant, And Definitely Not Jon S Type Still, When Cole Suggests An Arrangement Of Getting Together For Casual Sex Whenever They Re Both In Town, Jon Readily Agrees Their Arrangement May Be Casual, But Jonathan Soon Learns That When It Comes To Cole Fenton, Nothing Is Easy Between Cole S Fear Of Intimacy And His Wandering Lifestyle, Jonathan Wonders If Their Relationship May Be Doomed From The Start But The Cole Pushes Him Away, The Determined Jon Is To Make It WorkCoda Which Book Do I Read First

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    two imbeciles initiate a series of idiotic fights interspersed with clinical sex while being defined by a systemic failure to communicate.

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    4.5 starsThings that were amazing in this book the build up of the romance the characters the development of the characters the depiction of emotions humor writing style structure conflict amount of angst endingOnly one flaw The erotic scenes were not as explicit as I d like Originally posted on my blog on October 11, 2015 My favorite quotes on Tumblr.

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    I couldn t resist 4.5 Can t get enough stars Strawberries for dessert was Sweet Riveting Charming Captivating An unforgettable story See, I didn t read the other books in the Coda Books series before picking this one up, so I can t compare this novel from Marie Sexton to others she wrote I know a lot of reviewers said it s not as good as the previous ones in the series, but I thought this novel was fantastic A MUST read for all fans of M M romance and contemporary The characters were very realistic and had something that ll make you like them automatically The story was entertaining and just so beautiful Second chances letting go true love The perfect combination.A wonderful read to completely escape from life and witness some swoon and sigh worthy moments Since, as I said earlier, I didn t read the other books in the Coda Books series, so I don t think you need either if you don t feel like to Maybe you ll be a bit of confused, at the beginning of the story, but just keep reading and it won t be a bother any.The only thing that I found as a weakness was the fact that the story pretty much was axed on the dialogues when the author clearly could ve explored much the world building because of how many countries places they visited Overall, it was an excellent, excellent contemporary M M romance story.I repeat,A must read PS Cole, you stole my heart The sequel

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    5 Strawberry Scented Stars This is like some sun warmed, sweet, tiny strawberries good, sweet, tasteful and colourful heartbreaking fine and incredibly romanticThis story is about two guys who create a fuck buddy relationship They meet when the restless Cole is in town and need a lover , Jonathan A settlement both of them think is really good from the start It s dinner, sex and otherwise just a friend relationship No kisses, gentle words or promises Both are very on the move and both are perhaps afraid of love and decisions about the future But then time passed and their relationship, which was supposed to be so simple, becomes and complicated and emotional That this was not a question of love, or a couple s relationship, created a tension in the book that felt a bit fresh and also interesting The fact that this story all the time was from Jonathan s POV, with the exception of letter Cole wrote to a friend, created that uncertainty about what Cole really felt and wanted, etc I don t always like that, but in this story it worked great for me as a reader Cole remained mysterious and exciting I also like that this isn t about two tough, beefy, muscular males but is rather about a slightly feminine guy Cole , with swinging hips and beautiful clothes, and a guy Jonathan who has some trouble dealing with this I must admit I had a little hard to feel for Cole at first, but then my heart bled for him He is flamboyant, ironic and quite shallow but I began to really love him Everything is just maybe about that Jonathan would also see that little guy who probably just want to be loved behind the glittering shell I was engaged from the first page and loved every single line Wonderfully romantic and cute Will definitely read of Ms Sexton s books.I LIKE this romance has it all absolutely wonderful I discovered now that it is a newly published short novel 140 pages with a sequel to this story

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    This was a very lovely romance from my new favorite woman, Marie Sexton I didn t love Cole and Jonathan together at first and I wasn t sure how she would turn this book around Slowly but surely, I fell for these characters and saw what all the fuss was about Now did I love this as much as Promises No, no, no sorry, for me they aren t even close I think part of that has to do with the fact that I have a weakness with a capital W for gay first timers and out for you themes I also had a little bit of trouble connecting with Cole and Jonathan They are both so closed off and emotionally distant that it took me a lot longer to warm up to them than it did with Matt and Jared I also think that this book could have been a wee bit smuttier for my taste However, was this book beautiful and skillfully written Absolutely It, like Promises , kept me up late into the night I love the way Marie Sexton writes first person POV and creates electric chemistry All in all a very sweet, romantic read.

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    I almost DNFd this book at about 20% For two reasons 1 Fade to black sex.and honestly, this area didn t improve much I think it started out this way to show how there weren t feelings involved between Cole and Jonathan It was just a convenient arrangement Just sex Obviously over time that changed I found Cole to be very hard to like, especially in the beginning And I never really understood why he was so emotionally closed off But I grew to like him over time 2 All of the pet names darling gag , lovely double gag , honey, sweetie.the list goes on and on Cole s overuse of these pet names really nearly did me in But again I think this was part of his facade and the the book progressed, the less the pet names were used Thank you lord I still found myself wanting to read their story I wanted to see them admit their feelings And in the end I really liked this one.

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    Let me start this review with a confessionI was never a Cole fan It s not that I disliked him, it s just that he never registered on my radar as anything other than a plot tool in Marie s other two books Promises and The Letter Z His friends with benefits relationship in Promises and his party quickie in The Letter Z just seemed like devices to launch other character stories off When I read that Marie was planning a whole book involving Cole, as much as I LOVE Marie s writing, I wasn t very excited Sound like you Well, let me put your fears to rest Read this It s wonderful One of the best of 2010.Maries takes two characters from previous books, Cole and Jonathan, puts them together and creates one hell of a couple Both characters are out gay men with a little personal baggage The good thing is that their issues are not related to being gay, but to issues that any reader, regardless of orientation, can relate with family history, career, prior relationships Together each characters helps the other see the world around them and refocus on what is important and real I don t want to give the impression that either of them are pitiful or bitter, they aren t They are both just living their lives the way each of us do everyday Content perhaps, or blind to just how much happier we could be if we took a chance at somethingor let someone take control Cole is happy to travel and have his friend at each stop, closing himself off to the possibility of finding loveor, at least to him, the greater possibility of being hurt by love Jonathan takes pride in his career, but to what end He started on the ground floor and worked his way up the ranks and he s on his way to a senior position he s desiredbut to what end More travel, responsibility, work and less personal life Strawberries for Dessert is a hard book to put down The chapters flow by, the characters are well formed and interesting and the dialogue is trimmed of unnecessary detail There are moments in the book where the characters say things to one another that had they been said to me in real life I would have rolled my eyes, but coming from them they seemed so natural, honest and heartfelt.As a reader Marie Sexton has spoiled me With the exception of this book as I stated above my expectations have been very high and she has met them each time I have no doubt that if I was to raise them for the next book s she would sail over and not even touch the bar.

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    Unpopular Review Ahead proceed with caution Spoiler Ahead Ha I called it here it comes Its not the book its me This book has so many 5 stars reviews and I went in with high hopes Oh Boy I ended up disappointed, I thought maybe it will be better on Audio, Oi It made it worse returned the audio I liked Trailer Trash and Promises but this I ended up not liking at all.Why Cole I really wanted to like him but I failed miserably, I did not like his behavior from the beginning of the story, maybe I would have understood him if we got his POV but we only get to was see him through Jonathan s eyes We are told that he disappears for days weeks sometimes months without even a phone call to Jonathan my question is why He doesn t like to cuddle again why I wanted to know about him but. Jonathan he was just boring, I really could not get into his narration I wanted to smack him at time and tell him to stand up for himself And i did not fell the chemistry between the two.This made me angry at both of them I m leaving for New York tomorrow You re what I asked, stunned Why It s just time, love That s all How long will you be gone I don t know really A week, I suppose Maybe two I resisted the urge to ask bitterly if he would be seeing Raul while he was there We ve only had a few nights together since before Thanksgiving, I said, trying not to sound like I was whining Do you have to go now I really do, love, I GOT up the next morning and went for a jog When I came home, he was gone That was it He didn t even say goodbye I tried not to be hurt I tried not to be angry I did my best not to imagine him with Raul I partially succeeded at the first two, but at the last, I failed miserably I told myself over and over again that I was being an idiot The fade to black sex scenes, bummer I love reading detailed sex scenes here we are told they went to bed and had mind blowing sex Ummmm Please show me, please And then this, There had never been any pretense that our relationship was exclusive.I had known about his other lovers from day one So why did I care so much now We had been seeing each other for approximately nine months In the first two or three months of that time, I had still seen other men occasionally Cole had been out of town a lot, and I never knew when he would return It hadn t been a big deal But at some point over the summer, I had quit wanting to see anybody else It wasn t that I ever made the decision to be exclusive with him It wasn t out of any false sense of faithfulness.I simply didn t have any desire to look elsewhere I always knew he would be back eventually, and I chose to wait It was that simple Ohh And there were no apologies, when MC s behave badly I really need some serious groveling.Nope not that simple, I could not get over that.

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    good story turrrrrrible narration3 stars for the story maybe 3.5 Mebbe.1 star for the narration I don t relish being mean but honestly the narration on this was so awful that it hindered my enjoyment of the story The sad thing is I think the story was a good one but I spent the entire time swimming upstream IN A HURRICANE trying to find it I listened to a sample but what doesn t happen there is the narrator s uneven speaking style His cadence is up and down with the added bonus of on the down he sounds bored AF YAY sarcasm AND there s no real rhyme or reason that I could parse as to why some things were up and other s down Six and a half hours of this What s , he stumbled over words, mispronounced words and none, I repeat NONE, of that was edited out I ve had some sub par listening experiences since I started doing the AB thing and this will vie for the worst of the worst title As for the story, I liked the way Cole and Jonathan were constructed as characters The progression of their relationship was realistic given that they started super casual I m a sucker for femme characters and I REALLY liked that Cole s femme ness at times has depth and meaning, how it varied depending on the situation I do wish I knew about him, about his backstory I found myself hungry for those little glimpses inside his head through the emails to his friend Jared sprinkled throughout As I mentioned earlier, I liked the realism of this story I found Jonathan s reservations regarding being a kept boy and his struggle with that to be credible His pride does dip into misogyny with a dash of socially acceptable gender roles, both topics that could ve turned the narrative preachy but I thought Sexton handled them with aplomb The way this issue was resolved spoke to me and went a long way towards convincing me of their longevity There were some heartfelt moments that not only touched me but worked toward convincing me of their connection It is a romance but it s not a super fluffy one which aligned with them as people and their relationship, but I admit I was hoping for some fluffiness at the end Maybe in the follow up One can hope Also, it wasn t a very sexy story which I m actually kind of grateful for considering the narrator, but I was mildly shocked by this considering I know Sexton is capable of melting my face off So, as awful as the narration was these characters were strong enough to compel me onward with their story Not gonna lie, I was relieved to see the narrator change for Fear, Hope and Bread Pudding, though Thank all the things Recommended to fans of casual to love and or opposites attract stories.

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    This book This book I know most of my GR friends loved it but it kept grating on my nerves.First of all, the people in this story kept blushing I felt myself blush, I felt myself blush again, I still saw the blush that had appeared on his cheeks, I stammered, feeling myself blush, I felt a blush start to creep up my cheeks, I suspected it was to keep me from seeing the blush on his cheeks, his blush deepened, his blush deepened and he looked away, I saw a blush start to creep up his cheeks, I felt myself blush as I remembered, a blush was creeping up his cheeks, he turned away from me to hide his blush, my dad blushed a little, my cheeks were turning red, feeling my cheeks turning red again, his cheeks were bright red, I felt my cheeks turning bright red, his cheeks red with embarrassment, my dad s cheeks started to turn a little bit red, his cheeks slowly turning red, as his face turned even red, I felt my face turning red, Frank s cheeks were red and so on.The people in this story also kept tearing up and crying I thought maybe he was fighting back tears, he might even have been close to tears, with a voice that was thick with tears, he was fighting tears, his eyes opened, and they were moist with tears, there were tears on his cheeks, his eyes were red and wet with tears, whatever it was that had him in tears on my couch, I suspected he was near tears again, I kissed him and tasted tears, I could hear the tears in his voice, I fought back the tears, I kissed the tears from his cheeks, his eyes were swimming with tears, his tears started to come faster, his voice choked with tears, there were still tears on his cheeks, I stopped short fighting back tears, I lost my own battle to keep my tears at bay, the woman was fighting tears, wiping the tears from her cheeks, it almost brought tears to my eyes, let go and allowed the tears to come They also kept bristling I felt myself bristle, I felt myself bristle a little, I bristled at that, the man bristled notably The sex scenes were almost non existent, there was no sexual tension between the main characters telling me that they went to the bedroom and had earth shattering sex won t do the trick, I m afraid Show me so I wasn t convinced Jon and Cole were right for each other.In a nutshell, for me, this was the story of two drama loving, constantly flustered saps who had no particular chemistry between them and bristled a lot Yeah Not good.