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Being A Female Mechanic On A Space Station For Eight Years Has Taught Dawn A Lot Of Tough Life Lessons That Have Hardened Her Heart She S Got A Temper And A Mouth To Match Her Red Hair And Has Never Backed Away From A Challenge Then She S Kidnapped And Blackmailed Into Agreeing To Be A Cyborg S Personal Sex SlaveIron Is One Big Bastard With Long, Fiery Red Hair, Intense, Dark Blue Eyes And A Stubborn Streak As Thick As His Dense Muscles If Iron Thinks He Can Tame Her, He S About To Learn That Meek Is Not In Dawn S Vocabulary But With That Handsome Face, A Body To Die For, A Wickedly Talented Tongue And Those Magical Hands, The Guy Just Doesn T Fight FairDawn Is Intent On Melting Iron S Icy Resolve To Never Fall In Love With A Human He S Winning Her Heart And She S Determined To Win His Right Back These Two Redheads Have Just Met Their Matches Let The Battle For Love Begin

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    3.5 Hot Cyborg Stars Iron has never been with a human woman, but one look at Dawn and he has to have her She has red hair just like his, and a fiesty personality to match Iron is used to giving orders and having them followed Which is really amusing when he try s to get Dawn in the mood Activate your sex drive now Yes, these two have a few communication barriers to tackle Dawn starts to work her way under Iron s skinand he wants everyone to know, just who she belongs to I will not grow tired of you I will never give you away or release you I own you You will carry my name on your body You re mine, little red, Iron growled And I m marking you in every damn way so you know who you belong to Dawn s a total tomboy, badass She ends up saving another cyborg and dares to ask about him later Let s just say I love it when alpha males experience a little jealousy You are mine, Dawn Never forget that I won t share your body, or space in your thoughts, with another man Yes, Iron sounds like a neanderthal at times, but he s so damn sexy and endearing about it that I just couldn t get enough These two were so different yet so compatible I loved the way Iron fell for Dawn, even as he attempted to keep her at arms length You make me so hot, Dawn You warm me where I was cold once It s like I m melting right into you and want to get so damn close that we re one I am loving this Cyborg series and can t get to the next book fast enough I ll fuck you slow later, but for now, I want you You make me lose my control.

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    The complete asshole cyborg from the first book gets his own human sex slave in this one Oh goody Let s reward the dick The good news is that his sex slave is actually the first female in the series that I like, because she s just not having it DickheadI mean, Iron This will work between us Dawn licked her lips If you think it s going to be that easy, think again Iron s smile died Your going to be difficult for me She smiled You have no idea You go girl Finally, a chick with some backbone There were funny moments in this book Iron had no idea how human women worked, so when he wanted to have sex with her, this was his foreplay Activate your sex drive now You wish, dude No wonder all of the women cyborgs are such bitches What does a girl have to do to get a little warm up around here So, Dawn doesn t take any crap I like her And, dammit if I didn t end up liking this asshole, Iron, who made me want to kill him in the first book I hate when that happens

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    Iron DawnIron is a big, bad, stubborn and red haired Cyborg He is drawn towards Dawn because she is red haired too, but he does not know how to approach her First of all he makes her his slave, so she cannot escape and then he locks her in his room He attempts to have sex with her, but he is not sure how it works with humans You re not ready for sex Activate your sex drive I m not a damn computer I can t get turned on at a command, ass le So he gets an induction course by Flint and Mira You may remember this funny scene from book 1 Burning Up Flint It is not repeated in this book, but you can imagine where he goes.Afterwards he comes back, ties her up and then we have one of the most intense forced seduction scenes I have ever read.Dawn is a fierce, badass, possessive and red haired human She used to work as a mechanic in a space station before she became Iron s property She was shocked when she found out that he has her father s age, but this does not stop her from developing feelings for him She will be jealous and will fight for him with other female Cyborgs She will also try to make him feel things for her and admit it Her objective will be to melt Iron s heart, but at the same time she will manage to gain the respect of the rest of the Cyborgs Clever girl

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    4 Melting Iron StarsIron Iron and I don t see eye to eye at the beginning and I think that is why I rooted for Dawn so hard, she was feisty She doesn t let Iron walk all over her She fights back Fights for what she wants I really enjoyed that part of their story Trust plays a big part of Cyborg life and past and present Most all the stories have trust to be had and fight for Really like that this is part of these stories It s not always about love and lust but trust on both sides really plays a big part And I like that we see that with these big guys When they have to learn to trust the humans just as the humans have to trust the Cyborgs not to hurt or harm them for being human Again a great book I am looking forward to continuing my marathon of this series You don t have to like my review but its 100% my opinion, and I am allowed to have it.

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    Activate your sex drive now This cyborg cracked me up DDawn was a mechanic working in space station when she was taken by the cyborgs and blackmailed to be a sex slave by Iron Cyborg.Dawn was independent, tough and feisty heroine Iron was introduced in book 1 Burning up Flint and he was an ass Here I got to know about him and like him better.The relationship between Dawn and Iron escalated too fast for me, Dawn being a fighter and hate the fact that she was kidnapped but found herself warming up then fall in love with the big, red haired cyborg, was not believable Iron seemed possessive of his property rather than emotionally involved But all in all, this could be the world they lived in, it was set in the future, not much choice for the survivors I still enjoy the whole story Up until this point this series has been a fun, quick and satisfying read The writing is good, flows nicely and it s getting me out of a hangover after ToS series Kind of nice to be in a space world before getting back to earth and read contemporary p I might like it here longer before I return to reality.

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    Re read Jan 11 12, 2017It took me a while to warm up to Iron since he s such a hard ass, cold and withdrawn He decides to take Dawn as a sex slave and this really irked me Dawn is also a hothead so when these 2 redheads lock horns, it can get really ugly.Dawn figures that since she s forced to be with Iron she should make the best of it With some work, she convinces him to sleep in her bed, then to shower together Eventually, she managed to reach through his tough shell and get to the gooey center My favorite part.

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    This series is freakin AWESOME I can t believe I just found it I m gonna bypass book 4 for now, and jump right into 5, Stealing Coal He his story just seems way intriguing for me right now.So far Books 1 3 have been my faves Book 2 wasn t all that great for me It wasn t bad, just didn t hook me like the others Hoping book 5 does not disappoint SexyCyborgs

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    I adore Laurann Dohner s writing The woman can write the HELL out of some STEAMY sex scenes AND she is great at getting my emotional investment.But this book bugged me SO much.Dawn is taken prisoner, and the book begins with her in a cage freaking out thinking the cyborgs will be harvesting her body parts When she was about to cut open the hull so they could all be killed and she s yelling I ll see you in Hell that was a cool heroine.Iron calls dibs on her, takes her to his room, bullies her, is cold.makes her come like a rocketand now she s no longer acting like a prisoner is being sexually coerced She s working to make Iron happy and flirt with him and hold his attention Begging for him to spend the night holding herIt s as if every orgasm he gave her sucked her personality out through her vagina and replaced her with a Stepford slave.If Ms Dohner had just made Dawn resist a little But alas no, Dawn is metaphorically doodling hearts with Iron s name in them after the first time he lays pipe or maybe if Iron hadn t been SUCH a dick.ugh He shows no caring, emotion or want outside of sex for Dawn until the very endand that was barely.This book just didn t do it for me.

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    This one was just so so for me The heroine did improve for me but I didn t enjoy this one as much as I have others in this series I didn t warm up to either Dawn or Iron This one just didn t work for me I do still enjoy this series and I am waiting for the next one from the library.

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    This one was tough It was in Dawn s POV and I felt like I lost a lot by not getting Iron s POV Iron was hated in book 1, but you knew he had formed a bond with Dawn by the end of that book But I swear in this book I could not tell that at all until the end It took place during and after book 1 For most of the book Dawn is trapped in her room and only used for sex I say used for sex, because the dickhead refused to even sleep with her for most of the book However, I found myself liking Iron which I thought would NEVER happen Dawn also started off strong, but then once they started f cking she became a bit of a simpering idiot.Safety Gang view spoiler DubCon definitely H pushes her away emotionallySee my review of the first book in the series for some series spoilershttps www.goodreads.com review show hide spoiler