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Fill Your Daily Life With The Year Old Traditions Of Early America Simple Chants, Spells, Charms And Recipes Bring About Healing, Prosperity, And Protection In The Tradition Of The Pennsylvania Dutch Country Settlers Explore The Legacy Of The Famous Pennsylvania Dutch Pow Wow Doctors And Artists Travel Back Into Time Through The Vivid Examples And Rare Testimonials Of The Few Living Practitioners Of This Occult Tradition Very interesting historical info about early German American practical magick. This is the same book as American Folk Magick It is an entertaining look at PA folk practices and healing magick Pow wow There are definitive works on the topics, but this is an easy to understand compendium of it. I did enjoy this book, and looked deeper into Pow Wow I found her information useful, and can traverse any realigious background actually. Love it The author s own brand of Powwow, which combines elements of Wicca with the healing traditions of early German settlers. This book was interesting I think Silver Ravenwolf opened the door for further reading I disagree with her position of swapping Pow Wow rituals spells to Wicca ritual spells How often have we heard grumbling from the pagan community about the Christian practice of creating their rituals from pagan roots I recommend The Red Church by C R Bilarfi to give understanding of Pow Wow It is a great book to read This book is part of my studies and I have found my magickal calling Pow Wow is a tradition rich in practical application and a wonderful blend of any religious background you may be interested in I have throughly enjoyed practicing the techniques in this book and being part of the movement to keep this artform from dying out.