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A Secret FantasyHunter Had Everything Until A Bullet Put His Career As A Navy SEAL On Hold Restless And Uncertain About His Future, He Accepts An Intriguing Proposition Share An Acquaintance S Girlfriend And Fulfill Her Fantasy Of A M Nage It Should Have Been Just A Night Of Sexual Adventure Between Three Consenting Adults But Kata Is Like No Other Girl Hunter Has Ever Met By Turns Audacious And Sexy, Then Vulnerable And Aloof, She S A Heartbreaker He S Determined To Master But He Needs Than One Night And He Wants To Do It AloneAn Uncontrollable ObsessionKata Never Expected To Leave Her Comfortable Relationship And Explore Something So Dangerously Forbidden With A Stranger Hard As She Tries To Resist, The Guilty Pleasure Overwhelms Her, And She Surrenders Herself, Inch By Inch, To The Hardcore Man Who Wants Her For Himself Consumed By Blazing Desire, They Re Soon Threatened By The Shadows Of The Past And Now To Keep Kata Safe, Hunter Makes Her A Bold Proposition Of His Own Saying Yes Will Destroy Her Heart But Saying No Could Cost Kata Her Life

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    I don t know what s wrong with me, but I can t fully surrender to these BDSM themed romances Yet I keep trying If it s bdsm lite , I can usually enjoy it If I know it s going to be heavy bdsm with whips and floggers and humiliation and pain , then I avoid it This one I wasn t entirely sure that there would even be much of a bdsm element in it the back cover blurb doesn t actually spell it out, although I guess the phrase determined to master should ve been a clue Surrender To Me falls somewhere between lite and heavy , and that and the over the top dominant hero made this nothing than just an okay read for me While I like my heroes on the alpha side, this guy, 32 year old Navy SEAL Hunter Edgington took alpha to the extreme, at least in the bedroom Hunter Kata The plot Extra curvy Latina beauty Kata Munoz is celebrating her 25th birthday in Las Vegas with her sister and a few close friends Lafayette, LA probation officer Kata is being treated to this Las Vegas excursion by her neighbor and friend with benefits Ben Ben knows that one of Kata s fantasies is to participate in a m nage, so he invites an old Navy buddy, Hunter on leave with a shoulder injury to help make Kata s fantasy come true No sooner does Hunter lay eyes on Kata, then sexual sparks fly, and he knows this is the woman he s been looking for all his life The fiery beauty is his fantasy come true a potential sub with intelligence and strength The only question is can he make Kata his in one week s time, before he has to ship out on assignment for six months What follows is this lots of dominating sex from the demanding, controlling, intense, protective, possessive, manipulating, pushy, determined, bossy, smothering, extremely sexual Hunter, who tries to convince Kata in one week s time that she s a perfect sub in the making The problem is that Kata s afraid of her sub tendencies, because she doesn t want to end up like her doormat mother, who gives submissive a whole new meaning Kata is waging a battle between what her body so obviously enjoys and what her logical mind is trying to tell her If she gives in to what Hunter wants from her, won t she lose herself in the process I should mention that this book isn t all about the D s storyline there is a suspense subplot here involving someone out to kill Kata and Hunter s determination to protect her at all costs Of course this ensures that Hunter can be with Kata 24 7 before he has to deploy, and gives him time to convince Kata that yes, they can make a life together, no matter her fears about surrendering totally to him.Now, what turned me off in this story Hunter just came on too strong Eek This guy barely gave Kata time to breathe If he would ve just let up a little, eased into it a bithe was just too much His whole approach made him come off like some sort of caveman He just tried to bulldoze right over Kata it took him 3 4 of the book to actually hear her and realize her fears and concerns He did have some good characteristics he was protective, brave, determined, honest, and compassionate, and of course he was sexy but jeez, I think this guy would be hard to live with unless he turned it down a couple of notches Thankfully, he did change his ways a little bit near the end of the book and actually did something that brought a tear to my eye , but it might have been a little too late for me.As a heroine, Kata was okay She was tough, sarcastic, brave, and independent, and she could certainly take what Hunter dished out sexually She was a bit of a flip flopper though, and couldn t seem to make up her mind whether she wanted Hunter in her life or not At one point I yelled at her to make a decision already and stick to it Besides all the sexual antics that pushed my comfort zone that made up the book there weren t that many acts , but they sure took up a lot of pages with the descriptions of what Hunter does uses to get Kata to submit , I really enjoyed the rest of the story and Ms Black s writing I enjoyed seeing all the characters who helped Hunter figure out who was after Kata from the prior books Jack and Morgan from Wicked Ties, Deke and Kimber Kimber is Hunter s sister from Decadent, Luc, Tyler, and the mention of Alyssa from Delicious, and Hunter s brother Logan from the upcoming Belong To Me.So to sum up if you re a fan of BDSM stories, or if they don t bother you, you ll probably enjoy this one Hunter is one dominant Dom, but at least he s not into pain although those spankings he insisted on giving Kata had to hurt or humiliation marks in his favor The author did convince me that Kata was the perfect woman for him although the pool of women who could handle this guy has to be small , and did deliver a fairly satisfying ending Unfortunately, it didn t totally click with me I did keep turning the pages since I wanted to see who wanted to off Kata and see if Hunter and Kata would come to some kind of compromise, so kudos to Ms Black for keeping me interested Now call me crazy, but I do plan to read brother Logan s story Belong To Me even though I know he s a Dom and probably intense than Hunter But darn it, SB made his story sound a little intriguingso now I m curioushopefully he ll come off a little likable than Hunter 3 1 2 stars Warning This book contains graphic language and sex including oral and one anal scene a D s relationship and all that entails a near m nage some spankings and restraining of the heroine, and the use of some bondage apparatus and some sex toys Not for the faint of heart.

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    3 stars BDSM Erotic Romantic SuspenseI was fairly disappointed with this one The hero s declaration of instant love ahhhI think it s called lust and then demanding total submission was borderline creepy and the annoying, whiny, wishy washy heroine s constant back and forth between oh yesgive me of those earthquaking, soulshaking orgasms, even though they make me bawl like a baby afterward cause I m scared that I revealed what a total hussy I am and snapping her fingers and busting out the you don t own me speech gave me whiplash I m a fan of BDSM erotic romance and D s relationships can be very hot when it fits the characters, but I just didn t really care much for Hunter and Kata together And don t even get me started on the assassin suspense subplot because it was rather ridiculous.Wicked Ties is one of my all time favorite BDSM erotic romances and Decadent is one of my favorite m nage erotic romances, but Delicious and especially this didn t quite live up to my high expectations I hope things get back on track for this series with Logan s story Belong To Me Here s Kata s theme song in between screaming multiple orgasms that is You Don t Own Me by Lesley Gore You don t own me, I m not just one of your many toysYou don t own me, don t say I can t go with other boysAnd don t tell me what to doAnd don t tell me what to sayAnd please, when I go out with youDon t put me on display, causeYou don t own me, don t try to change me in any wayYou don t own me, don t tie me down cause I d never stay

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    Surrender to Me is the fourth book in the Wicked Lovers series and in many ways I liked it much better than the last two installments So far my favorite is still the first book, Wicked Ties, and to be honest, I m not sure anyone can ever top no pun intended Jack be still my heart Cole.As with all of the books in this series, the heroes are over the top alpha and would definitely give a caveman a run for his money In fact, in this snippet, Jack sigh tries to help Kata understand Hunter s need to dominate her She braced her hands on her hips You don t think spanking is condescending Am I offending your feminist sensibilities with the truth Jack raised a dark brow Look, we know you re women, not children But the spanking isn t all for you, cher When a Dom feels his woman has endangered herself, sometimes he needs to reassure himself with your skin under his hand and your cries in his ears We re only a few thousand years from cavemen In evolutionary terms, the blink of an eye So yeah, even Jack fans self knows that they act like Neanderthals sometimes Okay, okay most of the time.So anyway, while the sex scenes were incredibly hot, I didn t care much for the storyline, or the heroine I think Kata s non stop No man controls me comments were overdone and pretty pathetic sounding I mean, we re expected to believe that she s this strong, independent, intelligent woman, and yet she wasn t able to recognize all this need to be in control for what it was fear I m sorry, but the author didn t do a good job of selling Kata s angst, so I didn t buy it It was Hunter s holy hell hotness and the cameos by Deke, Luc, and especially Tyler, Logan and Jack oh my Cole that kept me turning the pages.I ll share a couple of quotes with you, and one scene that had me giggling.He hesitated, then levered himself up to shut the bathroom door blocking out Ben s soft snores He lowered himself to the mattress again, hovering over her, his stare drilling into her in the shadows I m going to take you alone tonight I know Repeatedly, he vowed.Wow, talk about swoon worthy How could anyone pass up a promise like that And then there s this one I spoke vows to love, honor, and cherish you That includes protecting you He leaned closer, spoke softly in her ear So if I have to tie you to my goddamn bed and keep you naked and busy until we catch this guy, don t think that will bother me one bit Now see, why couldn t I have found a guy who knows what it means to sweet talk his woman right out of her clothes And finally, this little scene had me crackin up It s not a spoiler, but definitely funny AFTER a quick trip through a nearby drive thru for a burger and a stop at the video store, Kata settled beside Tyler on the sofa as he cued up their movie When I said cuddle up on the couch after Luc left, this isn t what I had in mind His pained expression said he d rather be boiling in oil Are you really going to make me watch this Hot, funny, attentive without being overwhelming, Tyler was everything she normally went for in a guy Sure, they d flirted It was like breathing for him, both constant and automatic But she wasn t feeling a serious vibe between them which was a relief Usually, she loved flirting, too, but Hunter had invaded every last brain cell and filled it with thoughts of him I ll take your silence as a no Tyler reached for the remote.She yanked it out of his hand, then had to laugh at his mock pout I love Edward and Bella Have you even seen any of the movies she challenged Hell no She looks constipated, and I swear he plays for the other team Kata stifled a laugh She really shouldn t encourage him It s called angst Guess you ve never felt any Tyler leveled a hard stare on her that told her she was dead wrong Then he saved her from muttering an awkward reply by starting the movie.She stifled what she d planned to say, since his life was none of her business and she was in no shape to be giving advice Instead, Kata focused on the familiar Bella Swan voice over that began the film.About halfway through, he shuffled into the kitchen for popcorn, and Kata noticed that while it popped, his stare barely left the screen Pulling one of the sofa s throw pillows to her chest, she smiled Oh, come on, he groused Helen Keller and Stevie Wonder could both see this love triangle coming And this movie made how much money Kata threw the pillow at him Shh Don t shush me, woman, or I ll take you over my knee She froze You roll that way, too What am I saying Of course, you do You re friends with Hunter And didn t she feel stupid for failing to figure it out sooner So yeah, I did enjoy many parts of this book, a lot, and I m glad I read it I m definitely looking forward to moving on to Logan s story next, and thank heaven s it s already on my Kindle just waiting for me And I d be lying if I said I wasn t looking forward to a possible revisit with Jack come to me baby Cole.3.5 5 stars

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    Surrender to Me is the fourth book in the Wicked Lovers series and while I liked Hunter from the previous books, there were times where he just scared me I knew there would be BDSM so it wasn t that I just felt that Kata and Hunter stood on opposite sides of the spectrum Hunter is an all or nothing kind of guy, so he expected a full surrender from Kata But Kata just kept resisting and resisting until it just got annoying I understand her conflicts with her stepfather and her independent nature, but all her crying and whining started to get to me.She didn t want to submit, so Hunter folds and agrees to sign the divorce papers and give her a romantic night without any BDSM kink But then she realizes that she doesn t want that and insist on doing things Hunter s way And let me tell you, when she surrenders completely, it s worth it all for Hunter The last 100 pages or so changed the book for me The sex scenes were somehow hotter, the pace picks up and I just thought it made up for Hunter s sometimes scary dominance and Kata s whining Also, there are appearances by Jack, Deke, Luc and Tyler Logan, Hunter s brother is there too and I am both scared and intrigued about him since I know for a fact that he likes administering pain for pleasure His sex dungeon ahem I mean, living room was just a tease for his upcoming book Belong To Me.And lastly, I need to gush about Black s writing style I LOVE IT Despite the hot as hell sex scenes and likeable characters, she writes with such ease that I always fly through her books and then kick myself for devouring them so quickly I love love LOVE Black Favourite Quote It s just She scrubbed a hand across her face I keep looking for someone to share life with, someone patient Not afraid of a mop or the stove Even tempered, understanding, not allergic to emotion She closed her eyes momentarily Someone sweet Hunter stifled a grimace She was describing a female with a penis.

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    Let me just start by saying that I have really enjoyed all of the books in the Wicked Lovers series, but the last two books somewhat tried my patience, with that said Hunter s book yanked me right back in Hunter runs a very, very close second in deliciousness to Jack Cole in my book Hunter is very much an Alpha and a Dom but he is not an A hole, IMO I really loved Kata too, although, also IMO, she waffled for a little bit too long on whether she could handle a man like Hunter I was willing to take him off of her hands, but like an good HEA, she comes around In all, a very HOT story, in which, to my delightful surprise, all of the characters from the previous books make an appearance, even my man Jack.mmmmmmsorry, lost focus for a moment Anyway, I highly recommend this book Even if you may have kind of given up after the last couple books, SB jumps right back in with Surrender to me If you haven t yet, GO GET THIS BOOK

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    I read an ARC of this book, and I can t begin to say how much I love it I ve followed the Wicked Lovers series from the beginning and this is right up there with Wicked Ties Hunter, a Navy SEAL, meet parole office Kata in Vegas where she s having a birthday party Kata s boyfriend has a surprise for her He s set up a fantasy a menage with Hunter Before you can say threesome, boyfriend is drunk and out of the picture A couple of hot hours later, Kata and Hunter are married in a Vegas chapel The next morning Kata regrets the marriage Hunter is so alpha, she s not sure she can handle it Hunter proves true to his name and follows her back just in time to stop an attempt on her life That s the set up, but the book is full of hot BDSM sex, great suspense and the deep emotion Shayla Black is known for.

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    With this fourth book in her Wicked Lovers series, Shayla Black continues to deliver the sizzle and her plots never fail to be anything but compelling Surrender to Me was wickedly seductive and totally intoxicating Black s characters are dynamic and complex and they never fail to pull at your heart strings I was drawn in from the moment I picked up this book and found myself unable to put it down until the very last page Surrender was intensely passionate and searingly sexy and will leave you begging for .

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    For Kata s twenty fifth birthday she flies to Vegas with her friend with benefits lover Ben and friends to celebrate Months ago she had told Ben one of her fantasies was to have a m nage and Ben has decided this trip is the perfect opportunity to give her this gift He calls up his friend Hunter Edgington, a Navy SEAL who is on a week vacation while recovering from being shot Hunter takes one look at Kata and it is love at first sight.When Ben ends up too drunk to make it into the bedroom for the m nage, Hunter is than happy to have Kata all to himself Hunter is a dominant, and he can sense a submissive nature in Kata, although she vehemently denies it When Kata s life is endangered, Hunter becomes her protection.Let me start by saying I didn t like Surrender to Me Hunter is a very alpha hero we are talking all out, no holds bar alpha He is a dominant and when he finds Kata, he immediately recognizes the submissive nature in her, even though she denies it That is all fine and dandy I love alpha heroes, if done well An early description of Hunter She could decorate the house however she wanted, name the pets, choose the vacations He d give her a lot of latitude during their married life, but he was in charge when it came to sex and her safety.Or Your obedience goes straight to my cock honey Okay sometimes reading about an alpha hero like this can be fun But I don t feel like Hunter is a good hero at all.First, I don t believe in love at first sight Lust, instant attraction Sure Love knowing you want to be with this person forever after knowing them for less than one hour, or even 24 hours No So coming into this book with that personal view, when Hunter meets Kata and has talked to her for all of 30 seconds and then thinks to himself The moment he d touched her, something inside him had jarred, then settled in place He d known she would be his And then He couldn t wait to figure out exactly why he was going to love her I just don t buy this instant love I m not saying this could never happen in real life, but it doesn t work for me.Fast forward a couple of hours Hunter and Kata spend a very passionate time in bed where Hunter starts to introduce Kata to the Dom Sub relationship, minus Ben who was too drunk to participate Kata is not left out with the instant love, by thinking as they have sex, At that moment, she could never imagine being without him They don t know each other They haven t talked, only had sex I just don t understand how this can be a basis for love and total commitment to each other.And then something happens which just made my mouth drop open Kata kind of freaks out after having sex and tries to ditch Hunter and starts doing tequila shots Hunter tracks her down offers her food and coffee because he knows how much she has been drinking Again, we are told There it was, the truth that had been simmering in his consciousness, the reason he was pursuing her so hard Suddenly, it was crystal He wanted her permanently At this point, the chapter closes out The next chapter, the next morning, Kata wakes up married to Hunter And he is shocked and dismayed she doesn t remember getting married um..she was wasted and she runs out on him Sorry that is creepy He is so possessive of her, he has to marry her, when he knows she is drunk And this passage bothers me so much If there d been another way, Hunter would have chosen it, but time and her fears weren t on his side Last night, he d never expected to meet someone he connected with on every level, then marry her almost immediately, but things happened he dealt That was the nature of his job.This wasn t his most noble moment, but if being a SEAL had taught him anything, it was that sometimes you had to fight dirty to complete a mission And if his father had taught him anything, it was that a man must be ready to do whatever necessary to hold on to his woman or lose her forever.This mind set is creepy and selfish Marriage is not the only solution he had How about ask her out on a date Call her on the phone Maybe ask her one question about her There are other ways Hunter Dragging a drunk girl to the alter, six hours after you met her because you feel possessive is not normal.At this point, I almost stopped reading, but I was only on page 80 I thought I don t love this marriage, but lets see what Kata has to say about it She made me keep reading She wasn t happy, and her reaction is very valid But then her life becomes endangered, and she needs a safe house She chooses to go with Hunter into hiding, and I liked this decision She doesn t know who is after her, but she assumes it is someone very dangerous But then things fall apart again for me.Hunter introduces Kata to the D s lifestyle Kata rebels, but Hunter keeps assuring her that this is the type of lifestyle she needs That deep down she is a submissive Which is fine I ve read lots of books where the heroine doesn t realize this is what she needs But as I continued reading, their constant battle made me uncomfortable Squirmy It didn t feel romantic at all Hunter came across way, way too pushy Kata would finally submit, but it didn t feel authentic Sometimes it felt like she did it just to shut him up I didn t like it At all I can blame a lot of it on Hunter s completely controlling and pushy attitude but I also find fault with Kata You can tell me all you want that she is submissive on the inside, but if I never see that, then the hero is never going to work in this situation.And don t even get me started on the end Her actions when she comes back to Hunter at the end felt completely fake Hunter and I didn t get along I don t recommend this one.Rating D

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    This series started out wonderful, Wicked Ties was such a great book the characters were so wonderfully written that I couldn t wait to read of the series For me, however, each book has captured my attention less less and I was barely able to finish this book Never have I rooted for the couple involved to actually part ways, but with Hunter Kata I did Their story was painful to read and I just wanted it to be over IMO, they had absolutely no chemistry I felt nothing for them as a couple Hunter s character was written so coldly I realize this was in part, on purpose, so that we could see him warm with Kata s love, but I think it cost me the connection that I needed to his character I will say that the last 25% of the book saved it from getting a 1 star rating Hunter finally realizing that his dominance, complete possesion railroading of Kata wasn t working helped somewhat Also helping was Kata finding her voice standing up for herself a little, as well as, stopping all the incessant sobbing While I don t mind reading about BDSM or D s relationships, this particular story just really turned me off to the world Maybe it was the way that Hunter finally broke through to Kata s submissiveness, IDK, but I do know I didn t feel the love radiate off the page the way I did with Jack Morgan.

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    I had really been looking forward to this book and it just didn t live up to my expectations I LOVED Hunter however, it was unrealistic for him to fall in love at first sight.I also loved seeing favorites Deke and especially Jack since in my opinion, his story is the best.What made it only ok for me was Kata and her wishy washy behavior I understand that this was all new to her and she had baggage about a D s relationship and Hunter was very overwhelming, but come on, she just took wishy washy over the top I hate heroine s who are not strong and are so stubborn that I want to slap them.That being said, I didn t hate this book and am looking forward to Logan s story.