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In Parvana's Journey the Taliban still control Afghanistan but Kabul is in ruins Parvana's father has just died and her mother sister and brother could be anywhere in the country Parvana knows she must find them Despite her youth Parvana sets out alone masuerading as a boy She soon meets other children who are victims of war an infant boy in a bombed out village a nine year old girl who thinks she has magic powers over landmines and a boy with one leg The children travel together forging a kind of family out of sheer need The strength of their bond makes it possible to survive the most desperate conditionsAll royalties from the sale of this book will go to Women for Women an organization that helps women in Afghanistan

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    The second book telling of a young girl living in Afghanistan during the control of the Taliban Parvana's Journey is an incredible yet haunting novel of resilience and hope

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    I've been reading this book off and on since school began Sometimes I'm just not able to take the casual brutality being related Parvana's Journey clearly illustrates the indifference of warI read The Breadwinner a few years ago because I was looking for something for my preAP students to read I want them to learn about what life is like outside of the United States; I want them to learn that life in the US is so easy so we ought not take it for grantedThen I was told that parents had protested The Breadwinner Some were protesting because they had family serving in Aghanistan; others were disturbed by the way life in Afghanistan was portrayed; others were afraid that middle schoolers are too young to understand the Taliban and the way women are treated in AfghanistanI believe The Breadwinner Parvana's Journey and Three Cups of Tea ought to be read by American teens especially those we expect to be leaders They ought to learn about life outside their small spheresAnd so ought their parents

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    i enjoyed this story though at most points it was really sad these three children had to live off the streets and had to be careful of the land mines placed everywhere

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    Parvana's Journey is just like what the title says it's about Parvana's journey The book talked about Parvana and her dad's long way from Kabul to find her mother and the rest of her family During Parvana's journey she is forced to face lots of uestions Problems like How will I get food? Where am I staying tonight? What if people recognized me as a girl? Are there Taliban's nearby? And most importantly is this place safe? This book reminded me of another book called Kids of Kabul It's a non fiction book also written by Deborah Ellis Kids of Kabul is a book made up of interviews of kids in Kabul when Deborah Ellis visited Pakistan a few years later after she wrote The Breadwinner series In both books kids weren't able to have an education and struggled through poverty

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    This was the 1st book I read when I was in primary school and since then I realised I would read books as I enjoyed reading this one

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    This is a continuation of The Breadwinner and the comments I made on that book apply eually to this book The break in the story was well placed but I feel they both must be read as a single story I think too much is left out if only one is readThe author leaves the reader with a very pleasant occurrence in the middle of unpleasant things as she brings this part of the story to a close I was still left with the feeling of a cliffhanger at the end but I know I may have to wait a long time for the real ending as the story is still going on in Afghanistan I hope I live long enough and that the ending is better than I expect This is a story that must be read I realize that it's one of many but it must be included I'm sure it's going to be included in a handful of stories that never leave my mind for very long The third book Mud City that follows Parvana's friend has been ordered I'll have that in a week or so

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    I found this book by chance and I loved it It's the second book of a trilogy The Breadwinner Parvana's Journey and Three Cups of Tea about children in war torn Afghanistan In this novel Parvana her father has died and the family has scattered Parvana is now 13 years old and she is determined to find her mother and siblings She has disguised herself as a boy and travels alone a dangerous thing to do because being a 13 year old it has begun to be and difficult to hide womanliness Along the way she finds a baby whose mother had been killed by a bomb a a one legged young boy living in a cave and a young girl Leila living on the edge of a mine field with her grandmotherThis book reminded me of The Silver Sword by Ian Serraillier This is another great book that tells us about the suffering children endure when there is war

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    JourneyAs a whole I hate journey stories because that is usually the whole story In this case it is a journey that has a purpose but there is no long term goal Except to be in Pairs in 20 years Good well researched book Now on to the next book in the series

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    Amazing book The seuel to the breadwinner is eually as good I look forward to reading the next one

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    To call this book sad scary or hopeful feels right This feels right because Parvana the main character goes through sad and scary events such a when there was bombing near her house but she still will keep her hope by singing out loud to herself I like this confidence that Parvana has it really makes me hope too because even though they where starving she had strong hope I couldn't relate to this book but the words did make a clear picture in my mind Also the book made me cry at times There was one problem the words weren't too advanced or strong to me To be honest this book had the most impact on what I was feeling and thinking it made get the chills at times I would recommend this book to somebody who wants to vision what it would be like in a war of chills crying sadness and starvation So I really prefer for you to read this book