Free Textbooks Under Grand Hotel, Volume 02 –

Sen Owari, A Japanese Student Formerly Studying At Columbia University In New York, Was Sentenced To ServeYears In Prison At Under Grand Hotel For The Murder Of His Lover S Husband While Serving His Time In Jail, New Evidence Surfaces For Sen And Sheds New Light On The Crime It May Prove To Be His Chance To Be Released Early Unless It S A Setup But A Setup For Who And, Why Would Anybody Want To Frame Sen My I was blown away by volume one of this two part yaoi series The art was clean and beautiful, the sex frequent and the plot gritty and reflective of the prison setting and hard core yaoi Volume two is just as good, if not a little bit better than volume one This is still adults only as there is extreme violence, rape and drug use in the story.Sen and Sword s unorthodox relationship is tested by a new power player at the prison, the warden He wants Sen, but he also has some secret agenda concerning Sword His interference causes a rift between the lovers, amplified by new developments concerning Sen s conviction, and both become victims of violence and rape In addition, Norman s obsession with Sword causesproblems The plot isdetailed than volume one, which was a big bonus Ironically, as violent as the story is, this volume actually builds the romance between Sen and Sword Even better, they get an HEA How the mangaka accomplishes it is extremely well done and fits with the storyline There is plenty of explicit sex throughout, and with other characters besides the main two.This volume is the same size and shape as volume one 6 by 4 bunko , with a connected image across both covers when laid side by side The retail price is still significant, but I think it s worth it considering how long and in depth the story is Overall, this is a fantastic hard yaoi series that I will read again and again Highly recommended. same review as for vol 1 Loving you is the worst crime I ve ever committed I LOVE UGH I usually enjoy all Sadahiro sensei s works but UGH has been one of my favorites for years now, even before it was licensed in the US finally The plotline is unique and the way Sen and Swordfish s relationship is worked in the setting of prison life is thrilling Plus the intimate scenes are hot as hell UGH has everything you would expect from both a love story and a prison movie, and it makes it work Its one of those series that I love to discuss, love to re read, love to reccomend, and always enjoy.Sen and Swordfish are both strong men coming from two completely different backgrounds Even they admit that if it weren t for prison, they never would ve met much less have been together The romance that occurs between them is completely unexpected but is very strong and pushes both men to do things for each other they never would ve thought they d ever do For Sen that means standing up to gang members and learning to fight and for Swordfish that means protecting someone and caring about someone else s feelings.Its a great read. This is a dark, violent manga series set in an underground prison The graphics are good and the storyline is quite gripping too with some unexpected twists and turns Of course it isn t for the fainthearted The violence starts very early on with its realistic depictions of brutal prison life Having said that the twists and turns also lead to the main characters having some kind of emotional life and eventually developing feelings for each other In this way the story conveys some kind of hope amongst the depressing life of a brutal underground prison regime It is a good read for manga fans but a brutal one.