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BONUS This edition contains an excerpt from Stacia Kane's Unholy MagicTHE DEPARTED HAVE ARRIVED The world is not the way it was The dead have risen and the living are under attack The powerful Church of Real Truth in charge since the government fell has sworn to reimburse citizens being harassed by the deceased Enter Chess Putnam a fully tattooed witch and freewheeling ghost hunter She’s got a real talent for banishing the wicked dead But Chess is keeping a dark secret She owes a lot of money to a murderous drug lord named Bump who wants immediate payback in the form of a dangerous job that involves black magic human sacrifice a nefarious demonic creature and enough wicked energy to wipe out a city of souls Toss in lust for a rival gang leader and a dangerous attraction to Bump’s ruthless enforcer and Chess begins to wonder if the rush is really worth it Hell yeah

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    Updated 172015Love how ChessTerrible relationship is written I might bump up this series into my faves It surely stands the test of time As seen on The ReadventurerHow do you decide which urban fantasy series you should read?Let's be honest there is like million and a half books in this genre all with the same basic premise assemblage of characters mythology structure and story arcs I personally do not even bother to read synopses of UF books any because well they are all the same anyway Only some trusty reader friend's recommendation will do the trick And apparently mentioning some hottie can be enough to perk up my interest In the case of Unholy Ghosts Catie talked so poetically about this one Terrible that I just had to check him out ASAP naturallySo Terrible I am not terribly into Terrible yet but boy do I see promise You see I do like when an author writes a man who is not particularly attractive and then manages to make him sexy If I strain my brain I can think of only one guy in UF who is no Adonis but whose personality and actions make him the hottest guy on the block I kinda enjoy to be surprised and wooed like that Sadly this other guy is a teenager Derek in Kelley Armstrong's Darkest Powers trilogy Like Catie said in her review Terrible is not handsome at least not in a traditional way and not to the main character at first the dialect he talks in makes him sound a tad dumb and yet and yet Stacia Kane manages to slowly make him VERY appealing by writing things like this A couple made out against the gritty stucco wall on the side of the club Chess watched them for a second embarrassed to do so but unable to turn away something uiet and small twisting in her chestThe girl was a little thing platinum blond in a miniskirt and a pair of platform heels that looked like they weighed than her entire body Her thin legs crossed at the ankle behind the guy’s waist while her tiny pale hands dug into his back Chess couldn’t see her face; it was almost entirely hidden by the guy’s hands cupping her cheeks like he thought the bones might break Chess didn’t think she’d ever been touched like that A pang of pure envy ran through herThe girl caressed the back of his neck and lifted her hands to twine her fingers in his hair His hips pressed forward pinning her against the wall and he dipped his head to kiss her throat The light caught the prominent ridge of his brow and the crooked bump of his noseIt was TerribleHeat rushed to her face Yes definitely Terrible No wonder he’d blushed when she teased him about his sideburns She’d never even thought of him as actually being interested in women He seemed totally asexual to her like instead of fucking he preferred beating people up A silly assumption He was a man after allI know exactly what you are doing here Ms Kane and it's workingWhat did not work as well for me is Chess' characterization Would it be too awful to say that I didn't feel like she was junky enough? Hear me out Chess the ghost banisher is an addict she takes pills she snorts speed always waiting for her next fix etc etc But reading Unholy Ghosts I never felt that this addiction was a vital part of her her driving force rather it was something that she did that she could easily put away something that did not affect her work or her mental abilities much I did not feel like I was in a head of a serious addict Maybe my impression has something to do with the fact that the book is written in 3rd person and therefore there is a bit of a distance between the reader and the narrator Or maybe reading Trainspotting left me with a skewed view of what severe addiction is like for an addict Trainspotting I felt put me at the center of an addict's mind but Unholy Ghosts did notI will not be wasting time on summarizing the details of this story or its mythology This post ghostapocalyptic setting worked for me so did the mystery and the characters Whatever I say I liked about Unholy Ghosts will not work for everyone like it happens with most genre fiction I also think that the two main points of contention in this series will be the main character's addiction and the local dialectThe book was a good fit for me though I look forward to reading about Chess and Terrible Terrible has of his 6 ft 4 in everything in proportion glory and prowess to demonstrate I am along for that ride

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    If you've ever been one of those people lucky enough to be gifted without any specific fondness for chocolate or ice cream or sweets then you'll know what it's like to have someone look at you horrified and exclaim How? Chocolateice creamlollies are so goodI would like to start off by saying that I'm prefectly aware that they're apparently very good I don't mind lollies as long as they're gummy bears I'll even eat them I'll have chocolate occassionally but I generally avoid ice cream So you see it's not that I've been stuck in a jungle in Borneo for the last 24 years and am simply ignorant of how good they are I know Family friends acuaintances strangers sales people the media and the world in general has been telling me how good they are for my entire life It's just not my bag babyimage error

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    · A MacHalo Freaks buddy read Yay and stuff ·DNF at 60%I'm in a pretty foul mood these days so I'm afraid this is not going to go well Actually I don't even feel like reviewing this I've wasted enough time with this book as it is BUT I need to get it all out of my system so here goesIf you love this book you might want to either take a few steps back or not read this review at all If you do read it don't even think of giving me hell about it afterwards I've had it with trollsWhat this book isn't✔ Original✔ Weird✔ Dark✔ Creepy✔ Gritty✔ Horrific✔ GrippingI'm pretty sure the author wanted the book to be all these things but guess what? EPIC FAILWhat this book is✔ Boring✔ Boring✔ Boring✔ Boring✔ Boring✔ Boring✔ Boring✘ No I didn't think the story had potential✘ No I didn't think the world building was mind blowingly creative✘ No I didn't think the book was uber cool because drug use is a character in itself someone please kill me✘ No I didn't think the characters were either interesting or well developed✘ No I didn't think Chess was a badass you're kidding right? Please tell me you're kidding✘ No I didn't like Terrible the bad boy with a heart can I scream here?✘ No I didn't think the supposed action scenes were either exciting or well written✔ Yes I thought that the author was trying too hard to be original and failed miserably✔ Yes I thought that this was one of the flattest most unemotional lacklustre stories I've ever read✔ Yes I thought that the characters had zero depth and less personality than barnacles✔ Yes I thought that Chess was the weakest most pathetic heroine ever✔ Yes I thought that Terrible was the most clichéd character ever Then again I've probably seen too many noir movies from the 1940s✔ Yes I thought that Terrible was the lamest character name ever✔ Yes I thought that I would eventually OD from all the drugs Chess was doingAnything else? Let me think Oh yes I know Please don't even think of selling me a UF series by telling me there will eventually be romance or a love story of sorts between some of the characters This is not what I'm looking for when I read UF If I want to read a freaking love story I'll get myself some PNR Get it? GoodOne last piece of advice for ChessAre you still here? I have to say writing this was one of the most cathartic experiences ever and I feel much better now Thanks for staying with me through it allNow time for me to go and read an actual book

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    The most relevant things you need to know about Unholy Ghosts A bunch of self loathing funny talking drug addicts being chased by evil red eyed ghosts in a dirty religionless futuristic city Nicotine drugs ghosts and a freakin’ love triangle Hip hip hurrah This book was very difficult for me to read because of my lack of interest in all of these things It’s just weird I actually like weird things there’s nothing entertaining than watching a bunch of crazy people wearing their underwear over their heads and acting like The Avengers Downside Ghosts is weird in an omg wtf kind of way But people like it so good for them Me? Meh Not my kind of seriesYes that means that I won’t give it a second chanceNo I won’t change my mindYes it does suck that much

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    45 Totally Surprised StarsBR with my awesome MacHalo girls10 things I hate about Unholy Ghosts1 Lex I don't like this guy There is something really off about him I don't trust him at all2 The drugs Huge pet pieve of mine I think that doing drugs shows weakness which the heroine proved right since everyone was using her drug addiction to push her around3 The Church They are fanatical and tyrannical4 The slang Too much Too freakin much5 The love triangle No need for elaboration there I hate love triangles and why that idiotChess would ever choose Lex over Terrible is beyond me6 Chess Because she is pathetic I can't believe she actually crawled at Lexe's feet to get the pill7 Chess Because she is a whiny mess whose only constant thought is her next high8 Chess Because she was a coward All she did was whine about how scared she was and get high to get through her day9 Chess Because she was jumping to conclusions without any evidence and made a huge fuss based on nothing10 Chess Because she was mean and hurt Terrible and she was too blind to even notice view spoilerI will never forgive her having sex with Lex minutes after she'd crushed Terrible hide spoiler

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    I don't seem capable of finding a healthy medium when it comes to urban fantasy books they either do nothing for me or I develop a slight addiction I can feel my love for this series forming already this book was just so gory nasty fun and very very readable It's been a long while since I've finished a book in just one day but I've been unable to put Unholy Ghosts downOnce I owe thanks to Tatiana for bringing this book to my attention I've been struggling with the urban fantasy genre for a while now and despite reading countless books about all kinds of supernatural creatures and mysteries I've come away feeling disappointed and bored I can't pinpoint exactly what it was that I loved about this book and that made it stand out from all the same old blandness I've come to expect but I can tell you a few points that I'm sure contributed to winning me over and hopefully this will help others decide whether the Downside Ghosts series is right for themFirstly I liked that Chess was a faulty human being with problems like a drug addiction and regular fears It's so hard to find that perfect balance creating the kickass heroine we all want but still allowing her to be human enough to relate to I think Stacia Kane did it superbly Chess is not yet a favourite heroine of mine but I have faith in the character and am anxious to hear about her paranormal escapadesAnd Terrible I saw immediately why he would not appeal to everyone his disjointed speech and his less than pretty appearance And yet I think this is exactly why I loved him I've read so many novels so so many where the possible love interest is supposedly all kinds of hot perfect body perfect facial features great hair dazzling smile just a red hot pile of shiny perfection But perfection is just so dull I want me an interesting complicated guy who holds my attention at the times he's wearing clothes as well as the times he isn't Plus no ChessTerrible sexy times in this book but this is a positive because sexual tension really makes me want to read on HeheI am very excited about this series If I were to say anything negative I would just like Chess to get herself a decent girlfriend to balance out the testosterone overload in the novel Other than that a great start to a series that I hear continues to get better

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    ★★★ for story ★ for a guy named Terrible ★★★★ starsI'd heard about this series before but just now finally got around to starting it with my MacHalo girls in a buddy readChess is a witchNot a witch like thisA little like thisBut she's or less a good witch who works for the Church It's present day but in an alternate reality where ghosts got really pissed one day and decided to try and take over the planet killing as many humans as they could The Church got things under control and eradicated religion in the process There's no God in this Church So Chess tries to find rogue ghosts and uses magic to send them back where they belong She lives in a rough part of town by choice Probably mainly because it's easier to get the drugs she likes to take So she might not be on her toes all the time but she gets the job done I liked Chess She's not your typical heroine She's always popping pills she even chews them none of this swallowing nonsense Her idea of a relationship is a one night stand She's got issues But it works for me But what really worked for me was TERRIBLE He's not your average romantic type He has scars tattoos a big nose he's actually supposed to be a little ugly But he's 6'4 with big hands evenly proportioned all over wink wink he opens car doors for ladies wears bowling shirts is protective of children kisses like a mo fo and dang he's just sexyI just found out about these people today but James uaintance and Pippa Holland I guess they are models are what I picture as Chess and Terrible I think this books suffers from a few issues it's the first in a series some kinks are getting worked out the pacing is slow at times it's too early to get a real feel for the world and characters at times But I will definitely be continuing with this I can't wait to find out what happens next

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    ☆☆☆☆☆Feb 2015 Reread with MacHalo Girls ABSOLUTELY FUCKING LOVED IT Everything I said below still stands I think I loved it the second time around because perspective No Spoilers Definitely colorful language abound 1 THIS IS NOT WHAT I WAS EXPECTINGI didn't read the reviews on this until I finished and truthfully it's really a difficult book to review It's not what you think it's going to be It's not what you want it to be It's not familiar It's not unfamiliar So what is it then? It's fucking tragic This world is a place with no meaning Filled with a bunch of people with no hope The class devision is extremely prevalent specifically noted in the dialect of the lower class It's a bit startling at first but truthfully it's something you adjust to and eventually see the fineness the author applied to it It speaks of an uneducated and hardened group of people who have long been forgotten by a system that no longer seems to exist There is no god no light no better place no peace You simply die and your ghost is ushered to the underground where once a year you might be let out for all of eternity consumed by a murderous rage you aren't even yourself Let that sink in for a moment shall we? You get this brief time of being alive where the uality of your life is nothing than a roll of the dice You are born with magic? Great You are born with wealthy parents? Good You are born poor? Well shit You can't change anything you just have to manage to make it through then for what exactly? AN ETERNITY OF NOTHING BUT RAGE IN THE CITY UNDERGROUND2 WHO ARE THESE CHARACTERS? IS THAT A LOVE TRIANGLE? I DON'T EVEN CARE You see anything to do with ghosts typically freaks me the feck out and so that means I'm in eual measure terrified and fascinated Eventually my TBR list lacked the ability to hold my attention and I went out seeking something I couldn't articulate Thankfully I've met some book soul sisters here on GR and was reminded yet again by Jenny of this series Something sparked and I put all my other reads on hold to start thisI made a note at 20% through to myself Even if I were to stop right now even if that was possible to let these characters go I would always remember Chess She is a character that will stay with me forever She is mosaic of painful memories self medicating tendencies and a healthy dose of self loathing She is powerful deeply sensitive and brimming with hope despite herself She expects the worst in others but somehow finds herself disappointed when they let her down She is acutely aware of herself yet slathered in denial She is a junkie with morals She is a powerful witch and debunker but afraid of ghosts She is gritty raw and articulate She is a badass and a pussy She is complex she is herself she is MY NEW FAVORITE CHARACTER Terrible is eually complex and manages to ooze a comfort in his own skin typically only seen in those who have been blessed with the pleasure of growing old As all of the characters in this series his many layers are revealed in a deliciously slow manner and almost in spite of himself Terrible doesn't want you to get to know him but every now and again he slips and you see how clever observant and protective he is Not only does Terrible accept himself without hesitation despite being who he is and what he does he also offers the same acceptance to all those around him He truly see's people for who they are without any preconceived idea's of what they should do or be or say This is especially visible in the way his friendship with Chess builds over the series Lex is the obvious charmer but carries it as his armor You never once assume he will be anything other than what he is I accept him he's interesting and offers what I imagine will be a tough thing to accept in the plot The relationship that develops with Chess is one she may have a very hard time seeing for what it really is Really all of these characters are easy to judge and disconnect from Some are junkies some are pushers some are enforcers and murderers some abusive to themselves and to others They will reflect all the ugly humanity has to offer and it's up to the reader to look deeper and see all aspects of their story 3 THIS PLOT WHAT IS HAPPENING IS THIS HAPPENING?N O T H I N G about this book is something you've read before The drug use is intense and is a character of it's own It's the force that drives everything Chess does from sleeping to working to relaxing to functioning on a basic level It has a sort of love triangle but so far from the YA garbage you've read that you won't even care These ghosts are murderous and dangerous This world is bizarre and confusing THIS FUCKING PLOT IS AMAZEBALLS AND CREEPS UP ON YOU 4 EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS BOOK 5 THE 2ND BOOK IS ON MY KINDLE I HAVE TO FUCKING GO

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    4 45 stars Oh My Goodness This book blew me away First I have to say I really steer clear of movies and books that paint drug use as fun not talking about potmarijuana For some reason it just really turns my stomach I don't judge the users morally but I just can't watch the downward spiral the descent So I really was reluctant to pick up this book But I am so glad that I did The lead character Cesaria aka Chess is a difficult person to focus on for over 300 pages But Stacia Kane makes the experience enthralling I love dark urban fantasy and in this book an alternate reality is created one where something happened in 1997 throughout the world that forever changed the course of the world That time is called BT Before Truth Christianity is gone religious faith is gone There is supposedly no belief in a higher power only a belief in magic The new Church controls the world and protects everyone from ghosts who seek to kill people Kane makes references to bands punk culture and for me it was very comforting homey She somehow creates this very different world with a community that has an odd style of speaking english but yet it is still familiar There are no clear heroes or heroines in this book But the reader definitely roots for Chess despite her repeated bad choices The main male character Terrible is someone who is helping her in this adventure he is physically unappealing a violent man but somehow Kane creates a deep three dimensional character out of this template and he is very sympathetic There are some awkward and emotionally uncomfortable scenes between Chess and Terrible Kane makes the reader feel them I could feel Chess' embarrassment and I so felt bad for Terrible Wonderful first book in a very dark urban fantasy I cannot wait to read #2

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    Unholy GhostsDownside Ghosts Book 1By Stacia KaneNarrated by Bahni TurpinThis is an amazing book A strange future where the government has collapsed ghosts have risen the Church of Real Truth is a church that preaches that there's no gods Our gal of the story works for them She is a witch That makes her feared by most Her many tattoos give her away She has a secret too she's a drug addict The church doesn't know She is wanted by both drug lords she owes one a lot of money She hears of a blood sacrifice human it will bring about than she can handle She has to try to stop it She has one of the tough drug Lord's enforcer with her to keep an eye on herThis book is fast paced gritty vivid details it's unpredictable wild characters are tough and hardened and the world building is superbThe narration is excellent Just right for this book