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The First Book In The Acclaimed Ready To Read Series From Newbery Medalist Cynthia Rylant Featuring Henry And His LovablePound Dog, MudgeHenry, Feeling Lonely On A Street Without Any Other Children, Finds Companionship And Love In A Big Dog Named Mudge

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    It s time for another blast from the past I must spend a Saturday reflecting on a favorite early transitional chapter book from my childhood I read so many of these as a child, and I have most of them for my own classroom The characters and stories are appealing to young kids, and it s a nice step up from the typical picture book The chapters and longer length help reading confidence tremendously, and the illustrations and larger text keep kids grounded enough to what they re used to with books The very first one that started it all is cute story that introduces readers to the two main characters.

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    Personal Reaction I really enjoyed this book I remember reading Henry and Mudge books as a kid, but I did not remember any specific details This is what made it so fun to read this chapter book It was like being a kid and reading it all over again.Read Aloud This is a cute short chapter book and so it would be easy to read in a day with children during reading time There is not much educational value in this book, but it would be fun to do a creative writing piece along with it Henry got a dog and all of his worries about everything at school, etc went away A good journaling activity would be to ask if there is anything in their lives similar to what Henry went through when he got Mudge Has a pet ever made you feel better and why Independent Read This a transitional book It has chapters in it and longer sentences and paragraphs I think second to third grader would be able to read this book It would be a little challenging for a second grader, but probably relatively easy for a third grader to read This book would be good for someone who is in love with their dog or pet of any kind.For Narrative This is probably going to one of the child s first chapter books This would be a good book to use foreshadowing as a literary teaching device After each chapter, you could have them stop and journal a paragraph or two on what they think is going to happen next After reading the next chapter they could take time to reflect and then foreshadow what will happen in the next chapter until the end of the book.

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    First sentence Henry had no brothers and no sisters I want a brother, he told his parents Sorry, they said Henry had no friends on his street I want to live on a different street, he told his parents Sorry, they said Henry had no pets at home I want to have a dog, he told his parents Sorry, they almost said But first they looked at their house with no brothers and sisters Then they looked at their street with no children Then they looked at Henry s face Then they looked at each other.Premise plot Henry and his dog Mudge star in Cynthia Rylant s early chapter book series This is the first book in the series It is about when Henry gets Mudge, or, perhaps when Mudge gets Henry It is about what they mean to each other Later chapters in this book explore this devotion Mudge learns a lesson about staying close to home.My thoughts I really adore Cynthia Rylant s work What do I love I love her writing, her narrative style, her pacing There s something delightful about her phrasing Every day when Henry woke up, he saw Mudge s big head And every day when Mudge woke up, he saw Henry s small face I don t know that it would be fair to compare Henry and Mudge with the Mr Putter and Tabby series I m glad both exist.

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    TransitionalPersonal Reaction I absolutely LOVE Henry and Mudge books I grew up reading these They are actually some of the books that helped me become a reader That said, I would definitely use these in my classroom because I think they are a great tool that teachers can use to help their students learn to read They are always very fun plot lines that the students will want to read.Purpose A big component of these books are character development Being such a big series of books, students have the opportunity to grow with these two characters They also have the opportunity to go on all of the adventures these two get in to I think groups of transitional reading students would like to read together If the book is about two best friends, why not read them with your friends in your class That way the readers can grow together and improve their literacy skills The illustrations are always light and fun, which will tie into the students want to read of them.

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    Henry is an only child who wants someone or something to play with, so his parents decide to get him a dog Henry picks Mudge as a puppy and watches him grow to be a big dog They do everything together walking to school, exploring, and even sleeping When Mudge gets lost one day, he is lonely and Henry is worried, but they do find their ways back to each other This also teaches them a lesson about how important one is to the other.I read this for a library licensing class, so I read it with a critical eye about format and design This is a sweet tale about a boy and his dog It will also be an easy read for younger readers because of its short sentences and few lines on the page.

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    I m not sure I ve ever read a Henry and Mudge Book before This one is so sweet I will definitely keep these in mind for when my son starts to read.

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    I m buying this entire series So cute and of course because his name is Henry.

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    Personal Response I was actually pretty familiar with these books when I was younger they were very popular but I never really read them But I decided to use the book for goodreads and really enjoyed the book Even though it was a pretty basic chapter book it still gave beginning readers confidence and the story lines were cute as well I also chose this book because it is in a series and if a child really enjoys reading these and can handle them they can continue to read many books just like it Overall I really enjoyed this book.Purpose independent reading I believe this book is written for a beginning reader, this book has a lexile of 460 and could be good for children in the middle of grade 2 Since this is a series it has a common background of a boy and a dog but has a variety of stories the two encounter which is good for a wide variety of interests These books require little knowledge demands and is pretty straightforward when it comes to language and sentence structure The story is about a family and a dog, these are two very common topics that children at a young age would understand It has very simple meaning as well so it s easy for new readers to follow There are pretty detailed pictures on each page allowing readers to use the images to help follow the meaning of the story if they are confused at some point There are only a couple sentences on each page so it isn t overwhelming either The writing on each page switches between top and bottom but it is easy to follow because the pictures end where the writing starts or vice versa this book could also be given to new readers to introduce a narrative which has plot and setting These books create a basic story line for children to follow and understand which could be great to create questions on or activities requiring them to retell some part of the story.

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    Personal reaction I liked this book I have heard of them before when I was young, however, I have never read it Reading them now made me appreciate all of the series I read when I was little, and going on the same adventure they go on read aloud to make a curricular connection I would read this aloud to kindergarteners for the purpose of literary elements, such as plot and structure There is a definite storyline, which students would be able to identify The humor within this book would help the students pay attention and enjoy reading it independent reading This would be good for students around the age of first to second grade It would be great for students who have a dog, because the boy goes on an adventure with his dog It is also an easy book to read, because there are only about 2 3 sentences on each page, which will help students follow the story without it being too difficult If the students like this book, they can be encouraged to read the next book in the series, which will encourage the child to read This is also a chapter book, which will give the student the confidence they need to become good readers For narrative literary elements that could be taught using the book This could be used as an introduction for students to plot and setting There is a basic storyline which will help kids understand how to follow the story as well.

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    There is a lot of emotion packed into Henry and Mudge The First Book The feelings of isolation and lonesomeness that Henry expresses are powerful and extremely well written, though simple and straightforward After rejecting his initial requests his parents decide that his request for a pet can be granted He carefully selects the perfect dog for him little did he know that Mudge would be dog than he could ever wish for They become fast friends and Henry is a different child with Mudge by his side The feeling is mutual Mudge does not like to be away from Henry and when he ventures out to look for him one day, he gets lost The feelings of loneliness return when Mudge is lost Henry decides that he must go and look for his dog Henry and Mudge have the sweetest reunion They were already appreciative of one another, but after their separation, they are sure that they must never be apart again Henry is perhaps a little better at expressing himself than most children his age Despite that, I think his peers share the feelings and reading about them in this story may be a great thing for them.