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4 starsI m enjoying you right where you are so don t you dare move Don t you cuddle after sex No A laugh bubbled out of her at his horrified tone You do nowGotta love a woman who knows what she wants and how to make the most out of even the worst shituations Rena volunteered for a mission to gain her freedom from a failed marriage, tired of keeping up appearances with her cheating husband, but her plans all turned to shit when she is captured and given as a giftYou don t like to share women, you re the biggest cyborg that I ve seen and I know you don t want me dead That means that I want to stay with youRena realizes that she is safe, just as long as she can convince Steel to keep her He isn t too happy with his human, she is far too fragile and doesn t think she has what it takes to satisfy a man like him, that was all the invitation Rena needed to prove to this man that she can take everything he can dish out and she was in control It was kind of empowering and the sight of him tied down, muscles straining, turned her on than she wanted to admit, feeling the wetness between her thighs. Tired of putting herself out there, Rena has to accept that he is only willing to help her for right now and not for the long haul Steel is looking for a life partner, who he can breed and fulfill his obligations with and sadly Rena doesn t fit in that picture, no matter how much he want her to be All they have is the few nights together until he sends her back to EarthI m a breeder who wants a woman I can t have children with He sighed loudly Ironic, isn t itKissing Steel, was such an unexpected love story, Steel is a logical man, he is so smart and controlled which drives Rena crazy She s a strong compassionate woman who shows Steel how to enjoy losing a bit of control I totally devoured this book, I just wish it was a bit longer so I can spend time with these two view spoiler I also wished she had a little bit verbal sparring with the female cyborgs especially since she ended up with the manlol hide spoiler I M LOVING STEELE Steele is a big, sexy cyborg and he s a sweetie He s smart and logical I don t know why, I always find a very logical person to be funny..you know, they re rigid and stick to their ways, look cold and detached I know, I m weird to think that s funny.Anyway, Steele met Rena, an insurance investigator whose shuttle ship met the cyborg s starship Rena was kept as a prisoner and was given to Steele.Now..I love Rena She knew what she wanted and smart enough to be realistic She took charge of herself and decided to seduced Steele.Steele needed a mate to breed but he believed that he should be in a family unit with a cyborg woman He needs to have little cyborg babies with one of his big cyborg women. It s a fun, sweet, sexy and emotional story The author built a new world with this series I enjoyed it a lot It s nice to get away from the real world once in a while Off to the next one Slightly better than the first book because the male character is actually pretty likable The female character is another dumbass, but apparently you can t have everything in your cyborg smut It s not like there are tons of other choices if you want robot porn oh, there are Eh, I ve got this series sitting in front of me I ll deal might as well embrace the suckiness..Another great thing about this book that only halfway sucked is that the dubious consent is on the male instead of the female Yup, she ties him up and forces him to accept her sexual advances But, don t worry, she almost gets raped later We wouldn t want a story where things go completely off kilter It wouldn t be right if the girl doesn t have to deal with at least a couple of rape attempts Cuz, that s sexy, right ladies right oh shit Can we ship him out into space So, this one sucked slightly less than the last one Let s see what door number three holds, shall we Holy Fuck Cyborg Sex is on fire What an Amazing love story this turned out to be Steel is a Cyborg in need of a mate Rena is an Earth girl on an Intergalactic mission when she is abducted by Cyborgs She is given to Steel as a gift And boy is Steel in for a Surprise I was just blessed with a forced seduction love scene with the female in control That was pretty Freakin Hot Thank you Laurann Dohner If you love Erotic Sci Fi or Cyborgs, You must read this book Not great but still goodThis was a fast paced cyborg romance I would have rated it higher had I felt closure with the ending Everything just came together a bit too easily An epilogue would have been a nice addition While I didn t fall in love with this read, I still found it to be enjoyable for the most part Ill read in this series for sure. Not one of my favorites And upon reread it did NOT get better Steel did not want a human and he pushed her away for most of the book Rena s forced seduction of Steel was hot.No repercussions or retaliation for her almost rape made me ragey Luckily I was able to forget the names of the almost rapists when one of them had a later book If I had not there is NO way I would have read it Safety Gang view spoiler no cheatingnear rape of femaleall of there books have violence toward womenHero pushed her away A LOTWomen were constantly throwing themselves at Steel he said no to them For overall series spoiler read my review from the first book.https www.goodreads.com review show hide spoiler yeah i think i m a bit weird love the premise of this series cyborgs big, gigantic men with big, gigantic penises human women some brash, some wimpy, all soon consumed with the need to have sex with aforementioned big, gigantic penises.don t get me wrong, though this book is SF erotica but the back story world building is cool, and there is absolutely an emotional element and although i may be a bit weird i m also evidently a bit of a puritan because all the relationships end up being monogamous love matches le sigh deep, impacting love big, gigantic gray penises an awesome bath time read. Another good one by LD The cyborg world is interesting and our knowledge of it is expanding We got a good glimpse of the females of the cyborg race in this one The characterization of Rena was very well done She had a difficult life and was doing the best she could with it When she is captured by the cyborgs she doesn t spend a lot of time fussing about it and trying to escape She s realistic and knows that she is unlikely to get away since she is so far from home, she doesn t know how to pilot a space ship and the cyborgs have no reason to put themselves in danger taking her back to Earth She looks around and decides that Steel is her best bet for staying safe in the cyborg world and does everything she can to stay with him even though he doesn t want to own a human I like it when heroines look realistically at their situation and try to make the best of it Being sassy and difficult just for the sake of the plot gets old.Steel wants to marry a cyborg so that he can have a family and have children He however is a very honorable man and does his best for Rena He is not nearly as cruel as Flint in the first book All of his decisions have a rationale behind them I found the relationship pretty believable in this one You could definitely see the progression here of Steel falling for Rena Looking forward to getting the next one downloaded and getting started on it. All Rena Wanted Was To Steal Back A Spaceship And Earn Enough Money To Buy Her Freedom From Her Travesty Of A Life Her Mission To Recover Stolen Property From Pirates Backfired And She Became A Possession When She Encountered Cyborgs Instead Now, One Of Them Will Own Her Rena Is A Survivor And She Wants The Very Tall, Big, Brutally Sexy Cyborg Who Doesn T Like To Share Anything That Belongs To HimSteel Is Beyond Irritated When He Is Maneuvered Into Ownership Of A Fragile Human Female She S Not Nearly Big Enough To Handle His Size Or Strength, Yet She S Determined To Get Him Into Bed Into Her Steel Realizes Just What This Little Female Is Capable Of When He Awakens, Chained To His Bed, With Her Riding His Very Turned On Body For A Man Who Prides Himself On His Unyielding Control, Steel Soon Finds Rena Stripping Him Of It An Inch At A Time 5 Kissing Steel Stars I am a FAN Yep I remember reading these a long time ago but, I am loving them even now I wasn t a fan of Steel in book 1 but he totally redeemed himself in this book Rena is another human who really doesn t want to return to earth And being caught up with the Cyborgs really isn t a hardship for her Only she doesn t want to be passed around she takes a likening to Steel and does everything in her power to convince him she will be what he needs I loveeeeeeeeed how this one ended I mean awe and swoon and awe I don t want to give anything away but Yeah if you enjoyed book 1 you re going to love book 2 Again Mindy does a fabulous job with the narrations I love how she has the right kind of voice and tone for the cyborgs it s how I picture they would take You don t have to like my review but its 100% my opinion, and I am allowed to have it.