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Dr Temperance Brennan And Her Students Are Working On A Site Of Prehistoric Graves On An Island Near Charleston, South Carolina, When A Decomposing Body Is Uncovered In A Shallow Grave Off A Lonely BeachThe Bone Is Fresh And The Remains Are Still Topped By Wisps Of Hair It S A Recent Burial, And A Case Tempe Must TakeTempe Determines That The Deceased Is A Middle Aged White Male But Who Was He Why Was He Buried In A Clandestine Grave And What Does An Unusual Vertical Fracture Of One Of The Vertebrae Signify While Tempe Is Trying To Piece Together The Evidence, Her Personal Life Is Thrown Into Turmoil But Before Long, Another Body Is Discovered And Tempe Finds Herself Drawn Deeper Into A Shocking Investigation Which Will Challenge Her Entire View Of Humanity

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    I don t know if maybe I m getting over this style, maybe too much Law and Order watching, but this was a little boring for me.Yeah, it had all the classic KR stuffbones, mystery, bones, mystery.But it was so predictable I think that s the main reason I was bored with it Tempe s in trouble again, but now she has Ryan AND Pete to help her out, which is just annoying as hell And throw in some colleague never mentioned before, and there you go, another KRs book I hate when authors introduce a new character as a long time friend or long time colleague and yet, they ve never mentioned them before, in any of the other books So there s my review I might be looking for a new science mystery author soon.

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    Friends ask how I can bear to do the work that I do It is simple I am committed to demolishing the maniacs before they demolish innocents Tempe is back, this time battling a possible serial killer on Dewees Island, SC An unlikely place for multiple homicides, but the bodies keep turning up But she s also battling a crisis of the heart because she s shacking up with two handsome men her ex husband, Pete, and her current lover, Andrew Ryan Hashtag Awkward What I Liked As usual, Reichs writing is taut and descriptive The story moves at a nice pace and the characters are all well represented The story is engaging even with all it s moving parts There was a LOT going on with this story, but Reichs kept me interested and clear along the way What I Didn t Like There were certain depictions in this book that I didn t care for, but I won t harp on them here I didn t like that Tempe keeps questioning her relationship with Ryan She s a very smart person, but in that one area, she seems incapable of analyzing available evidence The thousand and one references to Boyd the chow were distracting and a little superfluous and I m a dog lover I kept wondering how he was going to play into the action since he was mentioned so much What I Wanted More Of I wanted lots of Pete vs Ryan Their interactions were classic cockfights and I enjoyed every minute At the risk of not adding a spoiler here, I ll just say that I wanted a better ending.4 stars because, although it wasn t my favorite Temperance Brennan novel, it was still solid and entertaining.

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    meh.This was definitely not my favorite out of the series WHY Well, it definitely didn t hold my attention, like at all Also, I just didn t care one bit about what was happening Whether it was Ryan or Pete related It was just meh all around I hated that little love triangle because it was just so freaking boring to deal with Then on top of all that nonsense, everything was very predictable.Temperance is always in trouble She s also always annoying or upset with Ryan It s just frustrating to read or to listen to right now I feel like I need a little break from this series again because I don t want to end up being annoyed as fuck with everyone I want my ship back together but like a lot less annoying I want Temperance to stop getting into sticky situations because that s annoying as well.I just want to be happy after a book and this book was just not that.

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    I found out that this series is the inspiration for the TV show Bones so I thought that it might be a fun read I am not a huge Bones fanatic, but I do find it entertaining every now and then The book, to be honest, bored me What I like about the Bones TV show is that Dr Brennan has this antisocial way about her she doesn t really know how to interact with living people, and yet she still has empathy and she does care That s the most endearing part about that character In the book she s just a regular type of typical character I don t usually say this, but I like the show better than the book I didn t finish it so maybe I m judging prematurely, but I was just too bored to continue I decided about a year ago that if I m not enjoying a book there is just no reason to keep reading it I don t have to write a paper on it and reading is supposed to be fun Maybe I ll go back to it eventually, but right now it s just not doing anything for me.

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    Break No Bones by Kathy Reichs.This could have been just another mystery using a familiar set of circumstances but it was so much Tempe is filling in for a colleague during an archaeological dig The site ia an American Indian burial ground in Charleston Not too much exciting for the students or Tempe and then something among the old bones catches Tempe s eye A fresh skeleton is unearthed A chain of events murders soon follows and this story takes off Packed with non stop excitement, clues and red herrings Loved it.

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    Well, it s never a good idea to watch The movie or TV series before reading the book I got my hands on this book, and was very excited about it, because I just loved watching Dr Brennan on TV So, I ended up feeling a bit disappointed with the book although it s an entertaining read, I found it to be quite monotonous, and the twist at the end not worth it.

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    Dr Temperance Brennans work brings her and her archaeological students to an ancient Native American burial ground near Charleston While there they uncover a decomposing body in a shallow grave.Why was this body buried in a clandestine grave And what does the unusual hairline fracture and condition of the sixth vertebrae signify What began as a simple project turns into a heated homicide investigation when three bodies are found While investigating, Tempe crosses paths with her estranged husband a lawyer on business in Charleston Matters become complicated after her boyfriend arrives from Montreal, she is forced to put all distractions aside in order to solve the crimes.Ms Reichs has her own style of writing, short and choppy sentences The plot is good but seems a little far fetched and stretching reality, some descriptions implausible in my view For example sharing a girlfriend s house with her estranged husband and her boyfriend at the same time This novel is a decent enough thriller, but it lacks style and passion If you are a fan you will never the less rejoice seeing our heroine once again up to her armpits in muddy water, foul stenches and dead bodies Not her best book but if you are interested in forensic thrillers you may enjoy this one.

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    Another awesome book in the series I adore Tempe I love her attitude, her personality She s not without flaws, just like any human being, and I love reading about her her feelings, her emotions The novel is smooth with her thought process, and it wouldn t be the same without it.Reading about her troubles between Pete and Ryan, it feels natural and completely real Anyone in her situation would be questioning herself I love how Reichs brings Tempe to life, like an everyday person that you could bump into on the street, no matter where you go.Again, unbelievable details in both crime scenes and crime solving I can get over how much you re brought right into the story and you re stuck there until the end And knowing or reading her Author s Note that she writes from experience is pretty close to both frightening and wonderment at the same time The way she describes everything, you could swear that you re working the case step by step with Tempe And I love it I can t wait for the next one

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    Requires great suspension of disbelief to swallow the idea of Tempe a forensic anthropologist from Charlotte , Ryan her detective boyfriend from Quebec , and Pete her estranged husband, a lawyer solving murders in Charleston Hello, jurisdiction And a shoutout to my librarian friends you might find it annoying that Tempe searches in vain for a journal article online, and then suddenly her hindbrain reminds her where to find it conveniently, in a book in her living room A woman with a PhD can t use a database Gah.Criticism aside, this is a good example of the series Fun, quick, some red herrings to keep it from being too easy for the reader to solve.

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    I had avoided Kathy Reichs books for a while, finding her plots somewhat repetitive and was getting bored with how to me unnecessarily complicated Temperance s personal relationships were and yet they were just going in the same circles So I picked this one up, not sure what to expect I m glad I did Yes, her relationships are still complicated, but I liked the direction this book took them in Reich s writing can be almost formulaic she always ends her chapters on a cliffhanger notean effective if obvious technique All that being said, this was an enjoyable read and I m looking forward to reading the next one.