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    The Sneeze that never came.I read this book thinking it would be similar to The Ninth Orb of Kaitlyn O Connor s which I ADORE still enjoy re reading It is AWESOME, if you haven t read it, go read it now.I have to compare this book to a sneeze that never happens You know the kind where your nose twitches, then you begin sucking in great breaths of air anticipating this massive yet satisfying sneeze but for some reason you never get to sneeze This book was that for me.There was this great setup of Danielle, the fighter pilot having to crash land on this unknown world She s got a mouth on her but she s a military fighter pilot in a war You can t expect Suzy Q Manners people.So she crash lands is found by all these big men They don t speak her language seem fascinated with her vagina HA Those were kind of funny It turns out that this planet was sent to be terraformed by their big robot Manuta Manuta was sent 10,000 years ago to make the planet ready for the Danu people, only the Danu never showed up So Manuta the robot creator had all these parts to make the robots for terraforming work, and he had a library of DNA from all the best smartest highest achieving Danu there was when he was first sent to this planet So Manuta creates cyborgs using the parts from the robots and the Danu DNA Only problem is all of the DNA is from males.So until Danielle crash lands, the whole planet is men They ve never seen girl parts.Honestly, this book is erotica, I was expecting a lot and interesting sex scenes So don t get this book if that s on your wish list.All the Cyborg Danu are falling over each other to Mate with Danielle There s lots of kissing and her explaining to them about relationships romance yawn These guys fight at the drop of a hat, which got a little old When a couple of the guys trying to mate Danielle get into a fight, they both turn into these dragon creatures, which utterly freaks Danielle out So up until the Monster side being outted, she has expressed that she doesn t want babies or a long term relationship, she just wants to win this war She s admitted that she might be interested in recreational sex But the monster side reveal was a big deal breaker The guys avoid her for days realizing she doesn t have a monster side.There is a minor war when the cyborgs overthrow Manuta.Danielle just wants to leave and get back into the war There s already quite a bit of manipulation of Danielle by these men They ve taken apart her ship, learned everything they can from her computers She s been given nano s but doesn t know it They turn her computer not against her, but the computer switches to team Cyborg Danu and with holds vital info from Danielle like her birth control has been deactivated and her nano are making her fertility spike I won t go into , but once they get into space to try and locate the Danu home world is when the book turns this wartime FIGHTER PILOT into a pouty Mary Sue She keeps getting screwed over, lied to, manipulated so they can get her pregnant and what s her response I can t stay mad I want to screw them some Ugh Ugh Ugh I HAAAATE that At one point I was hoping Kiel would get killed or she would abort the babiessomething I think the story could have even been redeemed if the guys would have apologized for ALL the manipulations lies and given her the choice to do what she wanted or be with them followed it up with taking her to her home world or some amazing group sex But no.For the most part, the sex that was in the book was bland and weak Lots of Kissing followed by POUND POUND POUND FANTASTIC ORGASM Really really.It has a happy ending It just.felt rushed or something So they win the war, without Danielle She is reunited with her brother She brother are both in big time trouble with the Federation government for going AWOL Kiel intimidates the general into backing down since Danielle is pregnant with his kid.Danielle has all three babies and sudden happy ending NO SNEEZE FOR YOU

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    There was just way too many things going on in this storyline and some of the explanations given seemed too far fetched or didn t add up and the romance was a bit bland.

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    Another good sci fi romance from Kaitlyn O Connor This like most that I ve read from KO C is a menage book In this one she is a human woman who crashes on a planet filled with male cyborgs who have never seen a woman I will admit that I laughed out loud in a couple of places as the men try to figure her out In this one there were a few problems with the men For one thing you never get any idea of what the alien men cyborgs look like other than that they are humanoid but just a little exotic What color is their hair etc No physical descriptions Also one of the guys she ends up with, I just didn t like He seemed sneaky or something and one of the guys was pretty beta even though the heroine, Danielle, tells us all the cyborgs are alpha males He just does t act like it though The plot was interesting involving a large galactic war I did have some problems with the sci fi element in this one I don t expect great sci fi writing in these sorts of books as a general rule but this one bugged me too much not to mention The ships were ridiculously fast even with the use of worm holes Also, the author says that humans have settled the entire Milky Way Galaxy And the creators of the cyborgs were originally from a different galaxy So they shoot over there to check out the home planet I m not sure Ms O Connor has any idea how big our galaxy really is Plus there is instantaneous communication across the galaxy Either but in realistic numbers of settled planets and reasonable time for messages to get places or just leave that stuff out The important thing is the romance anyway Don t make me think too hard about your sci fi portion of the story cuz I don t want to have to wish I was reading straight sci fi Does that make sense I m giving this type of book a gimme on the sci fi stuff but I can only carry that willing suspense so far And that brings me to my last story jolt shall we say I don t care how many nanos are involved, I m not buying you got pregnant through backdoor sex And yet I still give it 4 stars cuz Ms O Connor writes a good yarn.

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    A surprisingly good story with a well thought out plot There is Sex and a good bit of time centered on the build up to it and then the actual act However, there is than just sex to be found From the beginning you have an accidental crash landing on a planet where a super computer machine dictates the running of everyday life and controls all the other machines Then the search to find the people who were originally planning to colonate on said planet, and then the accidental discovery of the home planet of a race which is warring with the humans Needless to say that a lot happens in between and I think that it was well worth the read I maybe wouldn t read a whole 6 book series on it, but if there was a sequel then I would want to read it.

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    I kept trying to make myself finish this, I failed It wasn t my thing and honestly I was getting an information overload the characters rambled on and on about unimportant things I could feel my eyes crossing O.o

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    The world building was good the explanation was long and just didn t add up like nothing much was answered about the Danu parentage and what really happened In the end after reaching the mother planet of the Danu all they did was speculate if you ask me the enemy might just had been the real Danu as the heroine did one said that the H when they had transformed they resemble the enemy a little The romance was a bit bland for me The h was not that bad but she and I just didn t click I cannot say she was a strong heroine Also for the vast amount of space travel they had it is a mystery that the Federation is only human with no connection to other planets with sentient beings There was no mention of alliance with other planets it was just the reformed Danu people half robot and shifter and the human alliance What I did not like most was the amount of cursing in the book.

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    This book had so much potential but fell flat I was compelled to finish it because I kept expecting it to get better but besides the HEA, I really wasn t satisfied And I love this author but I had a lot of problems reading this one.Quick Rundown Chick crash lands on a planet of half cyborg males who were created by the mother computer that was sent by the Danu people to build an installation on this planet for future habitation Only thing is, that the Danu never come Chick eventually gets into a relationship with 3 of these dudes but it s with such reluctance on her part that it becomes a Who Gives a Fuck.Problems with this book 1 I ve read several of this author s books and she always has a particular Writing Fault in each book but it varies depending on the book so that s a little perplexing for me In this book, she uses TONS OF DASHES AND EXCLAMATION POINTS Literally, if the sentence doesn t have a dash in it or two , it has an exclamation point or both That s a writing fault that I just can t get past I ve read earlier works by this author and she had no problems using commas before so why she starts with all the dashes now, I don t know And just about all the dialogue ended with exclamation points so it comes off as the characters are always shouting at each other and that was way too stressful to read I don t recommend this book on that problem alone.2 Another typical Writing Fault in this book by this particular author is too much inner dialogue and introspection especially at the beginning of an actual dialogue with another character So, a character will say one line and then we have sometimes a full page of inner dialogue before the chick responds In a reader s mind, the person that first spoke is just standing there, twiddling their thumbs waiting for her to respond And sometimes we get multiple breaks for introspection in a single conversation This was particularly bad in this novel and I did a lot of skipping once I realized that her inner thoughts revealed nothing If you cut all that nonsense out, you would have a short novella and not worth the read.3 There were a lot of moments where the author could have made something out of this book and because she didn t, all the fault was with the heroine I kept waiting for the Chick to get all three dudes together at the same time and do some explaining so they could better communicate Never happened she only randomly tells the guys some important information but never enough to understand I kept hoping she would pull her head out of her ass and maybe introduce the idea of a democracy to the dudes once they turn off the mother computer Never happened In fact, this Chick really doesn t do anything but worry about herself and think a lot without coming to any real conclusions or insight She certainly doesn t waste much time explaining anything or pursuing questions She s all huff and puff I ll be honest that the author showed us from the beginning pages that she s completely inept at communicating with computers so it s no surprise that she doesn t communicate with half cyborgs but she doesn t grow in that respect so that s a problem It means that her ending up with these guys makes no sense because she never tries to understand them.4 Without early physical descriptors of the cyborg dudes and little use of their names except at the very beginning of a chapter, you forget which dude is speaking, which dude is around him, etc And the dudes have such similar personalities, they become indistinguishable and boring Kinda makes sense with their background but still boring nonetheless And I found these dudes to be really grumpy and jealous and not in an endearing way Also, they don t really change in this book or grow as individuals soboring.5 World Building is very low And we never get an explanation on what happened with the Danu which was a main plot point 6 Lots of head hopping Another writer fault that was hard to get past.Overall I can t recommend So far, the worst I ve read from this author No point in telling this story and certainly no point in paying money for it The only reason it got two stars from me instead of one was that I was compelled to keep reading for some reason and I did enjoy the epilogue Spuffed, Half stars are for pansies and one gif is plenty

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    Around 2.5 stars.I didn t enjoy this story as much as I hoped I would Danielle is a fighter pilot that accidentally falls through a wormhole and crash lands on an android planet She is the only woman there, so drama ensues Danielle annoyed me a lot She came across as childish, shrill and immature All her snapping at Gertrude her computer was annoying Her love interests were okay, but lukewarm to me I can usually find no fault with this author when it comes to her writing but there were way too many exclamation points It made it seem as though everyone was shouting The childbirth scene at the end was hilarious, but the ending felt anti climatic Still adore this author and will read her other books.

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    12Aug12 re read Although not part of her Cyborg evolution series, it seems as though this was her test book for it Similarities include m enage relationship, human cyborg crossbreeding, cyborgs are better lovers, and nano technology Differences in the Cyborg evolution series, there are female cyborgs, and while they do have nanos that help them heal, they do not morph into a beast form as in Discovery The Forgotten This title, while there is a war, it is brief and humans and the Danu are against a common foe to form an alliance Would like to see from this story line.

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    I almost gave up on this one, but I managed to finish it I didn t like it as much as her other books It was really slow for me and I thought the ending rushed and ended abruptly Left me with a lot of questions Maybe other books in the series answer them, if there are others.