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cute animals cute pictures..how I wish I could be an animal explorer..loved it.. See A Baby Beaver Help Build A Dam, Watch Baby Chicks Learn How To Scratch For Food, And Catch Baby Walruses Basking On An Iceberg In The Sun Including Every Kind Of Animal, From Birds And Insects To Mammals And Reptiles, Big Babies, Little Babies Delivers A Huge Amount Of Information In A Storybook Like Style Lots of information about a wide variety of baby animals in a short, completely understandable and adorable package. This informational book features information about different species of baby animals It includes photographs, small information insets and at least one paragraph of information in a larger text about each animal It also includes an index, a table of contents and a glossary It would be appropriate to share with children between six and eight years old Older children may also enjoy reading the book independently It may be a good starting place for a research project about a given animal. Wonderful introduction to nonfiction for young readers Although, hopefully they will have seen nonfiction books before they can read them on their own, of course DK upholds its wonderful production quality with photographs and interesting facts Can t wait to buy this for all the neices and nephews starting school.