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Ryan Is Determined To Be A Professional Snowboarder But He S Learned From What Happened To His Whistle Blower Father That Doing The Right Thing Doesn T Always Pay Off When His Parents Leave Kamloops, Ryan Decides To Stay With Relatives So He Can Be Near The Salmon Valley Ski Resort He Spends All His Time At The Ski Hill, Volunteering With The Junior Safety Patrol To Cover The Cost Of His Lift PassWhen His Board Is Stolen, He Discovers That His Cousin, Kevin, Knows Than He Should About Recent Thefts At The Resort Kevin S In Way Over His Head, And Soon Ryan S Involved, Whether He Wants To Be Or NotAs Ryan Prepares For The Video Shoot That Could Be His Big Break, He Learns That Kevin S In Danger Ryan Has To Choose Between Career And Family, And Hope That, For Him, Doing The Right Thing Will Pay Off

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    Ryan is determined to be a professional snow boarder when he gets a chance, so after his dad s good deed reporting his boss criminal activities to the police drives the family from town, Ryan elects to stay with his aunt, uncle, and cousin Kevin to stay close to the slopes Not all is well, when Ryan s board is stolen Kevin gets it back for him but may be involved in the original theft When Ryan gets the break he needs to go professional, could Kevin screw it all up for him A quick novel, the pace is steady and the action keeps coming A little easier to read for those who know the lingo, there s enough here to keep everyone turning the pages.

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    Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka Readingjunky for TeensReadToo.comLiving with your cousin while you finish high school is not easy Usually, Ryan and Kevin get along just fine, but things have been kind of rocky lately Ryan isn t sure why Kevin is suddenly looking the other way when he approaches, and when there is conversation required, Kevin barely utters a word The months until school is over are going to be very uncomfortable What Ryan doesn t realize is that it s going to uncomfortable than he can imagine.Weird things start happening the day his snowboard disappears Ryan works at the same ski resort as his cousin Ryan works ski patrol while Kevin operates a chair lift The two rarely have contact One afternoon, Ryan leaves his board outside the patrol hut for just a minute, and when he comes out it s gone Normally this would be a slight inconvenience, but today it could spell disaster.Ryan s one goal in life is to become a professional snowboarder Today he is scheduled to try out for a possible snowboarding video A well known producer has invited Ryan and his friend, Jamie, to show him their stuff, but how s he going to do that without his board After a quick search doesn t reveal his missing board, Ryan is shocked when his cousin offers the use of his new one.The tryout doesn t go as planned, probably because he is using an unfamiliar board Shortly after it s over, Kevin shows up with Ryan s missing board, claiming he simply knew the right people to ask This is the beginning of a series of strange and even dangerous events that have Ryan wondering just what the heck is going on.BOARDER PATROL is a fast paced read filled with not only snowboarding action, but also skiing accidents and rescues, competitions, and even duffel bags filled with pot Erin Thomas s book should appeal to adventure fans, thrill seekers, and mystery fans.

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    Boarder patrol is about a 16 year old boy who loves to snowboard When one day is board gets stolen and he asked anybody if they seen it or misplaced it well is cousin said he had found it, And that had made Ryan very suspicious Ryan soon finds out that is cousin is a drug dealer and part of stealing snow boards skies for money Ryan also gets asked to compete in many snowboard computations for money and even to become a professional When finally its Ryan s big day to perform for a snowboard computation his cousin calls him and says I am in trouble and I could die Will Ryan stay to compete or will he save his cousin Read the book to find out.

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    This is a very good book I would definitely recommend it Ryan really wants to be a professional snowboarder He loves to snowboard than anything He works at a ski resort as a ski patrol He works there so he can pay off his chair lift pass One day when he was done boarding he was called into the chalet and when he comes out his board is missing Will what happens next ruin his snowboarding career

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    Contrived and unbelievable.

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    it is a cool book you well like it