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Best Book, Arrow By R.J Anderson This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Arrow, Essay By R.J Anderson Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I am an absolute sucker for stories which feature the power of names, so I really loved this Arrow begins with the plight of the Children of Rhys, a group of Welsh fairies, whose island homes are hidden in the mists off the coast of Britain They ve lost their naming stone, they ve exiled the followers of Garan who took the stone and has gone off to fight in the War of the Oak somewhere on the mainland and, worst of all, they ve brought their existence to the attention of the dark queen, Jasmine.By tasting their blood and thereby learning their true names, Jasmine has enslaved countless fairies and forced them to do her bidding Her hatred of humans is ironical she herself is a changeling almost three hundred years old It is exacerbated however when the fairies of the Oak ally themselves with two boys.Rhosmari was Garan s betrothed Realising the dangers facing the Children of Rhys who are forbidden to shed blood and who would be annihilated in a war with Jasmine s forces, she resolves to leave her mist shrouded island and get the naming stone back.To do this, she has to travel through the world of humans and, well, her old fashioned cloak and her attempt to acquire money through trading a perfectly matched pearl necklace at a jeweller s, not to mention the fact that she can t enter a house or shop without an invitation, all combine to make her very conspicuous.She is found by Martin, a fairy who has acquired a new name from the naming stone and has gained his freedom from Jasmine and who is now on the run from her forces, in particular the raven brothers, Byrne and Corbin Blackwing.Only when she is betrayed into Jasmine s hands does she begin to have any idea that her action in leaving home has changed the balance of power entirely Jasmine now has a real chance of the ultimate power that had eluded her to that point.I was initially surprised to read that there would be a fourth book in this series because it seems to be tied up quite neatly at present Though on discovering it features my favourite character Martin who is the sort of villain you just can t help feeling sorry for, I ordered it straight away. I am as proud of this book as I am of anything I ve ever written I hope those who ve enjoyed the first two in the series will find it a satisfying resolution The exposition for race in this book is literally the best I ve ever seen it This is a book with a black female protagonist with an interracial romance I really did not appreciate this diversity when I was 11 but now Oh man It s so good I also like the slightly religious moral undertones of this whole series They re not in your face there, but it does a lot to show people being kind to one another and helping strangers Choosing to do the right thing and be honest, that sort of stuff Again, I never picked up on it when I was younger so it s obviously not that overt, but this time I could really appreciate the subtleties This was always my favourite book of the series The opening is so enticing and the world building is just there And it strikes the balance between Rhosmari s personal growth justly giving her a focus while also raising the stakes for The Final Battle. I m not sure how I feel about the character of Rhosmari I liked that she had a reason for being a pacifist and that she was determined to stick to her principles, but she could be so passive at times that I just wanted to shake her.Timothy was even awkward in this book than he was in Rebel And not in a genuinely awkward teenager way, but in a sentimental spouting deep feelings way that was awkward to read Did we HAVE to have another human faery romance I refuse to believe that everyone meets their true love aged fifteen.