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Tom Golden is a boy who doesn't fit in Grey Arthur is a ghost who can't figure out where he belongs When a trick of fate creates an instant connection between them Grey Arthur discovers what he is meant to be Tom's invisible friend It seems like such a good idea Grey Arthur can make sure Tom always has his homework in class and protect him from bullies and Tom never has to know But when an accident gives Tom the ability to see and communicate with the ghost world chaos breaks loose Now everyone wants a piece of Tom and Grey Arthur is the only one who can help him

10 thoughts on “Golden & Grey (An Unremarkable Boy and a Rather Remarkable Ghost)

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    Eh It had its moments And it had lots of weaknesses The following uotation is representative of the book as a whole Mum desperately looked like she wanted to spit on a tissue and clean Tom to within an inch of his lifeErm Nice insight but should be looked desperately and to within is very awkward and an inch of his life is inappropriate when Mum is expressing love and concern and is a cliche to bootAlso I got peeved when we're informed that we learn about stalactites from geographers rather than from geologists And I'm tired of bad guys and bullies that are so unremittingly boringly just plain badOtoh I do like the idea that the ghostly world is spread upon the Real world like butter on toast and that cats can move between the two And Tom's feelings as he copes with these adventures feel authentic and make me enjoy getting to know him And I want a proper British 'cheese and onion' sandwichI might just read the next in the series because there is potential here and since Arnold's debut got sold maybe she could afford or be assigned? a professional editor for her second? I don't know how publishing works ok

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    Tom Golden a lonely boy who is bullied and labeled a freak by Big Ben mutters to himself Life isn't fair at the exact moment that Grey Arthur a timid lonely ghost distraught over never fitting in says the exact same words to himself The human and ghostly worlds collide at that moment and Golden Grey can see each other and they become friends Arthur takes on the role of Tom's invisible friend and tries as hard as he can to make Tom's life bearable As time goes on Tom's friendship with Arthur causes some oddities at home and school He appears to be talking to himself when he is really talking to Arthur cries a lot and brings Tom's parents to call in a renowned child psychologist Dr Brown to help him Dr Brown is fascinated with Tom's insistence that he can see and talk to ghosts He asks Tom to have Arthur prove that he is 'real' What Tom and Arthur don't know though is that Dr Brown is a fraud and only wants Arthur to perform illegal activities that will make him rich When Dr Brown kidnaps Tom to force Arthur to aid him in his dastardly deed all manners of ghosts from poltergeists to faintly reals and sadness summoners to chain rattlers come to help rescue Tom and in turn Arthur Golden Grey is a slightly scary but mostly heartwarming story of ghosts and humans and the friendship between one lonely little boy and one disillusioned ghost An adorable ghost story that isn't too scary for the younger set

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    Cute silly ghost story for kids It has very little substance I can't be bothered to read the next one in the trilogy some gross out jokes kidnapping a wide variety of silly ghosts a not very attractive human protagonist and a slightly attractive ghost protagonist It's kind of like one of the early Harry Potter books crossed with Adrian Mole or Diary of a Wimpy Kid but much lower uality than any of those There were points at which I really enjoyed it and others where I could hardly imagine why I should keep reading it That's not to say it's actually a bad book but in a world where we have lots of really enjoyable hefty books full of ghosts potty humor and loser kids it's not very worthwhile

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    Ghosts are NOT nor have they ever been humans At least according to Grey Arthur the ghost who befriends the recently moved with no friends Tom Golden Humans can no longer see ghosts so it makes all of their jobs harder In fact Arthur has tried all sorts of ghost callings Sadness summoner Poltergeist Faintly Real etc He has failed miserably at them all until he stumbled upon his true calling Invisible Friend to Tom Golden Arthur remains invisible until something happens to make Tom able to see ALL ghosts Now attention starved ghosts everywhere and the villian who would use Tom's uniue abilitycome calling Great new series from Great Britain

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    This book was something I just stumbled upon it was actually given to my little brother He read it first but then I read it and it was great It's a funny remarkable book because of its story a boy that gets a guardian ghost which he can't see but then gets hit by a car and can Fantastic

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    Picked this up on the recommendation of a pupil in my class who read it and loved it The Ghost World is spread over the real world like butter over toast but humans can't usually see Ghost's because they have decided that they don't exist A creative and fun story perfect for aged 8 and upwards My only reservation was that the bullying is awful unchallenged and uite serious would like to think as a teacher that there's no way that this could happen in a school today35 stars

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    35 starsMy problem was how unrealistic and unfair the way bullying and adults were handled I think it’d leave a bad impression on kidsOther than that it was a fun uniue concept and a fun story

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    usually not a fan of ghost books but this was not a horror book it was actually uite good

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    Good book

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    It was pretty good It was different and interesting but it wasnt the best book