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I read this book a while back The sex is good, but it felt as though that s all there was available for my consumption I don t know when it happenedbutI guessI need some substance with my sex I know I totally hate myself LOL I wanted out of the story and characters. Well since I wrote it it s kinda obvious I loved it lolI hope every one else does too It is heavy on the D s menage scenes, so be warned, it s steamy Please let me know what you think when you read it And remember, if you liked it, tell all your friendsif you didn tTELL NO ONE She S Taking Two Bites Out Of The Big AppleNew York, Book Riley Ramirez Knew That Moving To New York Would Change Her Life She Just Didn T Expect It To Start On Her Very First Night In Town Her Attraction To Nightclub Owner Kincade Marshall Is Instant, Mind Blowing And Mutual When She Finds He Is A Dom Who Requires Her Complete Surrender, Even When It Comes To Submitting To His Best Friend, Trevor Wellington, She Finds Herself Willing And Eager To Embrace The Sexual AdventureFrom Their Earliest Days, Cade And Trevor Have Shared Everything, Including Women Yet It Only Takes One Night With Riley To Know She Is Their Forever Lady Convincing Her That This Is Than A Temporary Fling, Though, Will Take Every Tool In Their Sensual ArsenalAs Cade And Trevor Set Their Sights On Riley, However, They Re Unaware Until It S Almost Too Late That Someone Is Targeting Their Fragile Relationship Someone Who S Taking Deadly Aim At Riley Suddenly Their Struggle To Keep Their Forever Woman Is A Fight To Keep Her Alive Warning This Book Contains M F M M Nage, Bdsm Play, Lots Of Steamy Pda, And A Fine Dining Experience That Will Leave You Salivating For A guilty pleasure book.And all I can say isIt s even intense than Fifty Shades of Grey And the hot scenes they basically make me feel likeThe story is totally unrealistic and quite unbelievable and sort of taboo It s purely fantasySo if you re looking for a smexy read, with 85% erotica in it and less romance, wellRating 5 Sexy StarsPS Don t judge me Lol I enjoyed it, it s hot However, personally I would have preferred it if there was a solid story there to go with all the sex scenes, which were great by the way, but still, I am partial to having a substantial base to stand on since I find difficult to believe the instant trust and love that the three characters have for each other Despite not having much of a plot I had fun reading it so I ll continue on to the next installment Damaged Goods New York 2 So I know that this is 100% fantasy none of this is going to happen in real life but I, for one, really enjoy the fantasy in my fiction and this is seriously sexy and an incredibly erotic read In fact, it s shit hot There is a whole lot of delicious m nage scenes going down between Cade, Trevor and Riley and they are toe curlingly hot, let me tell you.Despite all this there is actually a plot it s not totally PWP Riley innocently stumbles into Cade s BDSM club thanks to a helpful cab driver on her first day in New York and Cade is actually less than happy to see her but, when he gets close enough, he spots the submissive in her instantly and he knows that she is the perfect girl for him and his best friend Trev to share All he needs to do now is to convince Riley who has no clue what is about to happen to her.What follows is a deliciously sinful PDA as Cade takes her quickly and commandingly straight into a scene right there in his club in a privacy booth To say Riley is overwhelmed is an understatement but something about all this feels absolutely right for her and she is swept away by Cade s dominance and goes with him to his penthouse Cade always shares his women with his best friend and Riley is no exception, only this time Cade believes that she is going to be their forever submissive I really loved the scene where Cade reveals a sleeping Riley to Trev and he just melts as he stares and knows instantly that she is perfect for them.Riley will take a bit of convincing and let me tell you that this involves scene after scene of m nage D s that will have your panties on fire Seriously Can you just imagine the intense dominance of the uber alpha male duplicated with two seriously committed doms Riley was actually a great central character despite her instinctive submissiveness, she doesn t just roll over dormat style She asks for a trial period and then still insists that she have a life outside the bedroom She s worked hard to get where she is and doesn t just want to be a kept sex slave.Trev and Cade are melt your ereader, seriously hot, rich and philanthropic alpha doms They know what they want and that is Riley and use everything in their sensual arsenal to convince her of their affections They re very skilful, they re fierce, protective and controlling and it s an absolutely delicious read as they overwhelm Riley time and again with their dominance I fell very much in lust with them both Riley is a lucky girl, that s for sure So this is 2 dominant men, 1 sweet and brave submissive girl, a great romance with a little bit of suspense bubbling away in the background What s not to love We get to meet Brice, hero of the next book in the series which I am hoping to be able to read and review soon This was my first book from Lainey Reese it s definitely not going to be my last.4 stars totally delicious m nage ARC courtesy of Lainey ReeseFor reviews, please visit Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews I always love the menage relationships and watching them come to fruition Let me set it up for you Riley is an innocent of course transplant from Washington State Having lived with her parents for most of her 24 years, she hasn t had much room to explore her sexuality beyond the 3 boring men she has had sex with On her first night in The City , she ventures out to experience the night life and went home with a little than she bargained forEnter hot, sexy AND rich Dom x 2Cade and Trevor are BFFs and have shared every woman they have ever dated since college The are dominant to the Nth degree They have a whole list of their expectations of her as their submissive girlfriend and she is shockingly willing to comply I did feel my blood boil on occasion when that dominant side surfaced, but then the would reward her greatly and pretty much treat her like a total princess around the clock I could live with thatWhat erotic romance would be complete without a mystery and a little suspense This one is lacking neither I am interested to see what Lainey Reese comes out with next I am really looking forward to the next book in the series and if it is anything like this first one, I will not be disappointed Reviewed on I Bookie Nookie ReviewsIf you like this type of book, you might enjoy one of these groups Check us out Menage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie s Erotic Lending Group Well, we all know you learn something new every day and today I learnt that there are lots and lots of ways to have a threeway What an interesting learning curve Lol Let s be honest, A Table for Three isn t going to change my life or move me emotionally, but it was an easy, quick, smoking hot read If you want a bit of smutty trash, read this The sex was graphic, shit hot and incredibly inventive giggle blush And there was actually a storyline, which I was pleasantly surprised about, so for that, I give it four stars Plot There actually was one Ok, so most of it was just sex sex and a bit sex, but there was the odd scene that didn t involve orgasms Amazing I know This book is what it is, at the end of the day, if you re looking for an emotionally gripping, mentally stimulating read then I wouldn t bother with this book, but if you re after steaming hot sex that doesn t require much brain power, knock yourself out Characters Aw, Cade and Trevor were so sweet A little weird that they were so happy to share Riley, but cute nonetheless Riley was likeable I wouldn t go as far as loveable, but I liked her Not brilliantly well developed though.Steaminess DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU BLUSH EASILY And it s probably advisable not to read it in a public place The sex scenes couldn t be any juicy Angst Hmmm there are a few dramas, but the nature of the book tells you nothing s going to happen that brings you to your knees.Negatives I don t know that the comments I ve touched upon can be seen as negatives as I mentioned, you have to take this book for what it is It isn t going to be a world beating, record breaking novel, but it s fun and easy so I don t think the negatives are important.First Kiss 10%First Sex Scene 8%Ending The ending is sweet, if a little unbelievable And also a little too quickly wrapped up.Favourite Quotes It starts now Right here, right now If you do not want to get bent over this table and fucked in this booth, I suggest you say spinach I ll let you go with the warning to never come back here again unless you re ready for it Never say anything like that again You re perfect Woman without curves aren t women, they re boys with long hair You, are definitely a woman You re different, Ry Don t know how don t know why We only know that you re ours. This is my third MFM book and I can already tell this was below subpar.Seriously Gibberish No substantial plot, no substantial character development, just full of sex every 5 pages The characters have sex the moment they meet each other, not even leaving enough room for tension They had sex here than 10 times and by the 2nd scene, I was already bored as fuck Very repetitive that left me feeling empty And seriously You guys love each other when all you did was sex There was hardly any conflict between the three characters, no room for growth at all, how could you possibly call that love And who the fuck would want to live with two guys who want you to fucking quit your job so you can simply stay at home and wait for them to come back so you guys can just fuck each other to kingdom come Doesn t that ring any red bells already I repeat the two guys wanted her to quit her job, to stay at home and watch TV We brought movies for you You can go to the spa But only when we re there otherwise don t leave the house without us ALL DAY LONG EVERY DAY If I were her, I would have fisted both my hands and did two uppercuts up their arrogant, sexist asses.No, thanks Try Sophie Oak instead. 5 stars for the sex2 stars for the storyactuallywhat story Was there a story I can t seem to recall one from all the sexso 2.5 stars overallBut the sex was fucking hot.No real review here since I m a lazy shit But if you re looking for a smutty MFM menage book with some hot sexy loving and little to no plot Well, it did have something, but I happened to find it ridiculous then read this hot little number.