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I was interested in a later book in this series and decided to start here and read in order I read the others reviews and the people who didn t like it had some valid points but I think I m coming at it from a different place First of all some of the things that bothered people are the types of things that were pretty typical happenings in the bodice rippers of the old days And since I avidly read them as a teenager in the 70s, my mind just told me bodice ripper and I went with it.Also I am a huge fan of sci fi romance so it gets an extra half star just for genre I thought the world building here was pretty good You don t have to like or want to live in the world the author has created you just have to be able to clearly understand it in order for it to be good world building Also I like that alien worlds cultures are different from Earth culture accepted norms Otherwise what is the point in writing an SFR Flint was an ass true but he was a cyborg I didn t want him to act like a human I, in fact, thought that he came to his lightning bulb moment where he realizes he loves her much too easily Mira was a bit wimpy and I didn t agree with all her actions but she was true to how she was written She was a pretty weak woman not a butt kicking heroine at all She didn t suddenly change in the middle of the book.Unlike some SFR books which I feel are mislabeled, this one is really erotica The scenes are explicit, raunchy and plentiful and not necessarily full of love.I will definitely go on with the series. Cover Title 4 out of 5I do not think i have ever said what the fuck so many times during reading a book After reading other books by this author i was expecting the same sort of thing but this book was confusing at times so bad dull awful Flint was completely reserved uncaring, I do not think a hero can be a hero if they are like this He in the end claimed to love her, i was seriously like image error So, I was doing that thing where you don t know what you want to read next so you are wandering through your e reader and listopia, and I was visited by two spirits The first one was my old friend and literature teacher who said to me Jilly, this is a perfect time to catch up on some of those classics You can expand your mind and vocabulary The second spirit was the spirit of Kelly s porny librarian She said, Cyborg porn She made a good point I mean, it would also expand my mind, right How do cyborg s procreate They are part machine, right Do they have settings like the spin cycle of my washing machine, or are they like a roomba bumbling around until they knock into something These questions need to be answered In the name of science So, let me start out by saying that I ve already read the first 4 of these books, and this one is terrible Just horrible But, it s like an accident You don t want to see, but you can t look away Stop that What the hell s wrong with you You will be asking the question what the hell s wrong with you a lot when you read this book Both to yourself, and to the characters who are awful.Our heroine is Mira, who is an idiot She gets kidnapped by a cyborg and he decides to keep her as a sex slave Right away, we have dubious consent But, of course, she falls in love with her captor almost immediately Then, she runs away But, instead of letting her go, he captures her back and sells her to a sadistic cyborg who will sell her as a sex slave She gets down on her hands and knees and begs her original captor to keep her instead, promising her complete submission and obedience She immediately breaks that promise and is a pain in the ass who gives angst a new definition She angsts over this guy so bad that she would give Bella Swan a run for her money.Why oh why doesn t my captor love me Later, when he tells her something she doesn t like, she decides to kill herself to get him to give in That was AFTER she asked him to kill her earlier in the book Seriously Bella Swan Mira has.Anyway, like I said, this book is horrible But, it s so horrible that you enjoy it You find yourself saying, What That makes no sense many times Like, how they have 5 women to every man on the planet so the women have to take multiple husbands, and yet the men also have breeding contracts so that they are forced to breed with any woman whose husband can t knock her up Really You have three husband s and they are ALL sterile Um, aren t there a lot of other available guys out there You really need to FORCE some guy who is in a relationship to breed with you Um, okay Is there enough oxygen on your planet, cuz you all be cray cray Oh, but there s so much The crazy goes deep in this series On to the next review 4 starsI never thought I could feel so much for someone but I feel everything for youMira happened to be at the right place at the wrong time, taken captive by Cyborgs, a race she thought to be extinct Flint, the leader of the ship was entranced the moment he saw her, she didn t look at him and his kin like a walking science project, and she looked at him as if he was a man The moment she smiled and took his hand has sealed her fateI never had a desire to own a woman before, Mira When I met you and you took my hand I didn t want to release it You smiled at me and you made me laughMira and Flint have their battle cut out for them, misunderstandings in their culture causes heated arguments and issues As happy as Mira is to learn that the Cyborgs do in fact exist, she is not so happy to be taken and owned, like a piece of property The obligations Flint has to his people tear Mira up inside and she is so upset that he can t understand why she feels the way she doesIf you weren t such a strong, big son of a bitch, I d at least try to slap you for that obey me crap you keep saying I m not a lap dogWho would have ever though that Cyborgs could be so freakin HOT Totally underestimated they are, Flint was sweet in his own way, everything Mira learned as she grew up has been a lie so she has no clue how to deal with Flint and his world This is def a series I will follow, can t wait to read the next one Just wanted to share one of my favorite parts in the book, and no it was not about sex lolPod 3 Are we still being pursued Affirmative Son of a bitch Order not understood Please restate order He s going to kill me Order not understood Please restate order Pod 3 Stop talking to me Order understood Well, this was my first Cyborg book but definitely not my last Flint is a Cyborg on a pirating mission to get supplies to take to his home planet He wasn t looking for a woman, and he didn t seam capable of love until, he met Mira.Mira is taken by Flint and branded as his property To say she isn t happy with accepting that title is and understatement She finds herself falling in love with Flint but would rather die than spend the rest of her life as just property for a cyborg, that can never love her She fights back and causes herself a lot of trouble and heartache in the process Of course, one should never assume that another is incapable of love I never thought I could feel so much for someone but I feel everything for you The love scenes are as hot as you can expect with Laurann Dohner I look forward to reading of this series This would have been a solid 4 star if Mira hadn t been such an emotional disaster and a stable emotionally Her insecurities got on my nerves But I still can t wait to read the next book in this series Flint Mirasia Carver Mira Exciting Cyborg series, which combines sci fi erotica, action and of course humor in large quantities The first book is mainly introductory, although the story of Flint and Mia is solid and the characters are well developed.Cyborgs were created by humans and Mira thought that they were all destroyed until she was captured by them and chosen by Flint The main part of their relationship involves forced submission for little scared Mira She becomes property of Flint and she is bedded and branded with his tattoos before she has the chance to ask Do Cyborgs have sex like normal humans Her desperate attempts to escape have horrific results She is captive by mutant pirates who want to use her first and sell her later Flint will save her but he will not want her any And then Mira starts begging And beggingMaybe Mira falls in love too fast with the heartless Cyborg Maybe Flint is too harsh with the human woman that he grabbed without asking her if she will miss Earth.Still the story will captivate most of the sci fi romance lovers and most of Lauren Dohner s fans. WTF Romance uh, he rapes her first chance he gets on his ship AND then brands her as his possession And she supposedly is in love at first sight with him and all so very sad about what happened to the cyborgs in the past And then she gets all upset that he might have sex with other women or possibly share her ON THE SAME DAY HE KIDNAPS HER And don t get me started on the erotic part of the romance Not erotic at all We get the obligatory you ll expose yourself to me and anyone else I want you to and you ll like it And a rape masquerading as a forced seduction After a third into the book, I said fuck it, this isn t worth my time Boring characters and a rehashing of bad SF erotic romance make for a sad book I figured by now we d be beyond this.I mean, it didn t even have epic wtf ery to save it It s just boring with bad writing. I have friends who hated the hero, Flint There were sections of the book he was a HUGE d bag He was a cyborg so he had no idea he was being one, but still Had to feel for the heroineBut I still really enjoyed the book and the setup for the series.You have to be a little forgiving when reading this series to some things that would be TOTALLY unacceptable in contemp romance I just told myself they were freaking cyborgs living on another planet Things are different Once I understood that the series really is safe I was able to handle the stuff that bothered me.For my safety gang buddies view spoiler My advice be forgiving if you can.but if not almost the ENTIRE series will bother you.this is a BIG spoiler.A FUNDAMENTAL law of the cyborg society is that females are REQUIRED to join with marry 3 or males and must contribute at least 1 child per person in each unit If their husband is sterile they pick another male from a 12 male breeding pack that all males are required to join to get her pregnant There are heroes in the series that have MANY children not that they are allowed ANY contact with them They essentially were sperm donors, but they had to do it live and in person not through a turkey baster There are also ones with none.A severe shortage of females led to these laws.In NONE of the books do the heroines have to do this and the men find a way out of the breeding packs So there is NO cheating in any of the books.BUTcertainly there are things that might bother you so I will list those in each books review.As for Flint, he is in a breeding pack and Mira FREAKS out He also has a very aggressive female trying to get him to join her family unit So yes there is OW drama But really not all that bad all things considered.The cyborgs are pretty sexual so they are all about sex They all want Mira and try to buy her from Flint At one point he sells her No kidding This was the point when he was a total d bag and I hated him.At another point he has to use her body to show another Cyborg how to get a human woman off basically blackmailed into it He only used his hands I think Definitely did not have sex and I do not think he used his mouth But she was naked a wide open for the other cyborg to see I HATED that part I believe all of the books have violence towards the women Most by other aliens, but some certainly by cyborgs.Other cyborgs hate humans so much they want to torture or kill her Yikes This is a romance series It really is and it works out but it stirs up trouble getting to their HEA hide spoiler Unfortunately this book is my must hate book of 2010 If I didn t have an ereader, this book would have hit the wall at great speed I thought the hero was an absolutely heartless, unromantic, horrible creature He treated the heroine badly and I couldn t find any romance in this book at all I did read it till the end and in my eyes the hero did not redeem himself in any way whatsoever He was horrible right to the end.I ve loved all this author s books love the Zorn series and her others, other than the cyborg books which I haven t read at all at this time after hating this book so much so I was quite shocked that she would produce a hero such as this In all her other books I ve read, the hero has treated his heroine like gold so I expected the same here not so bad, bad, bad hero.I ve been assured by another reader that the other cyborg books are okay, that this hero is the only jerk, so I ll go check out the rest now in the hopes that I can love those books I don t think I ll read Iron s book though, he was such a b stard in this book, I don t want to know about him But this one, sorry author, but no EDITED TO ADD See Mamimi s review she said it so well, my feelings exactly unfortunately after I put this here her review disappeared a pity because it was one of the best reviews I ve ever read she expressed my revulsion for this book so perfectly I have never gone back to read these Cyborg books can t do it after this one Her New Species are wonderful and just what I expect from this author this one just no. Flint Is Tall, Gorgeous And Dangerous He S A Cyborg The Absolute Ultimate Alpha Male He Takes What He Wants And Holds What Is His Mira Is His Now He Takes Her Aboard His Ship And Has Her Branded With His Mark He Captured Her, Owns Her, And She Will Serve His Every NeedMira Is Instantly Drawn To Flint, Fascinated By His Seductive Appeal The Sex Between Them Is Smoking Hot Until She Finds Out He Is A Breeder, Contracted To A Dozen Cyborg Women, And She Is No Than A PossessionMira Won T Share Her Cyborg And She Belongs To No One Not Even To A Man Who Has Captured Her Heart She Doesn T Know If Cyborgs Feel Anything Can Flint Love Her Mira Is Determined To Find Out, No Matter How Much Trouble She Makes For The Big Guy