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The Missing Dead Call To Violet They Want To Be Found Violet Can Sense The Echoes Of Those Who Ve Been Murdered And The Matching Imprint That Clings To Their Killers Only Those Closest To Her Know What She Is Capable Of, But When She Discovers The Body Of A Young Boy She Also Draws The Attention Of The FBI, Threatening Her Entire Way Of LifeAs Violet Works To Keep Her Morbid Ability A Secret, She Unwittingly Becomes The Object Of A Dangerous Obsession Normally, She D Turn To Her Best Friend, Jay, Except Now That They Are Officially A Couple, The Rules Of Their Relationship Seem To Have Changed And With Jay Spending And Time With His New Friend Mike, Violet Is Left With Too Much Time On Her Hands As She Wonders Where Things Went Wrong But When She Fills The Void By Digging Into Mike S Tragic Family History, She Stumbles Upon A Dark Truth That Could Put Everyone In Danger 4.5 Stars Desires of the Dead starts off soon after the first book, and all seems to be right in the world for Violet and her best friend turned boyfriend, Jay That is till Violet s ability to sense the echo s of death begin to call again This time it brings Violet to a little boy trapped in a cargo hold and soon enough the FBI start getting involved, which is only the beginning of Violets problems.Written just like the first book we get the pov s in both Violet, and this time instead of the Hunter, we have a Stalker I actually liked this one better The Hunters thoughts were pretty dame freaky and while the Stalker was clearly not all there, it wasn t so bad, or at least, not for me.Jay and Violet are hands down one of the sweetest couples in YA literature To many yummy moments that just melted me But, they also felt different in this one.Poor Violet, she has some real hard issues to deal with and apart of me felt really bad for her, but the other part, well, it kinda wanted to smack her Just a little.In one scene she totally took it a little to far, and while I get it, I was still pretty surprised that she had that in her The secrets she s keeping was beyond frustrating, I mean I understand that she s scared, and honestly who can blame her But the girl has to have realized all along that she was never ever alone in this.As for Jay sigh Jay Jay Jay, what happen to ya buddy I can almost hear the crack of the whip in the background during that scene Tsk What happened to the stead fast, firm but gentle guy that was in the first book As always, Jay is the knight in shinning armor Fiercely protective and hopelessly devoted, and that s a good thing, but some of the scenes justdidn t add up to there original personalities, or maybe it s just me.Still, I adore these two and if I m being honest, they are the reason I love this series so much.On to the flip side The Stalker No worries, I wont spoil anything, but I will say that it s nicely done with a good twist I didn t see it coming I love how Derting can separate the two sides of the story It s very complex and intense and definitely kept me on my toes As for the new characters, they were fine I guess, I don t really have anything to say about them The FBI was interesting, I can see something happening hopefully in the next book.Overall, I really loved this one Sure it had a few scenes that upset me, but that s why I loved it If a book can piss me off then it means I care, or well, most of the time anywho s This has all the elements I love in a great book Mystery, suspense and swoon worthy characters I hope the series keeps going, I m not ready for it to end just yet.Thanks Alexa for sending me a copy Loved it When I first read The Body Finder I was struck with the feeling I had found something special, complete with the a great plot, heartwarming romance, suspense, and character development So when I heard there would be a sequel I found myself counting the days until the release Then finally I read Desires of the Dead and I must say I feel a little let down I stayed up all night reading The Body Finder because as much as I wanted to put it down and get some rest for work in the morning, it wouldn t release its hold on me Naturally, I thought that the sequel would have the same effect but it didn t I struggled to get through this book and even found myself trying to remember why I was so enad with the first one To summarize my disappointments I will touch on 3 points The first being Violet She was the biggest let down for me in this book She was very jealous when it concerned Jay s new to town friend Mike without just cause At one point Jay even tried to make it up to Vi for spending so much time with Mike She acted very childishly when afterwards he said he needed to stop by Mike s to return something he d left in the car while helping Jay with Violet s surprise I mean, really Violet Get over yourself Many other scenes in which she makes stupid mistake after stupid mistake follow this Her inability to open up to ANYBODY throughout the book including Jay and her family , her overreaction to a disagreement she had with Jay which caused her to miss TWO days of school and become severely depressed, her refusal to even consider her own safety as she places herself in extremely dangerous situations time after time the list goes on and on Second is the relationship between Violet and Jay Though many people will wonder why I see this as a downfall because obviously Jay is head over heels in love with Violet and treats her as though she could do no wrong and what could possibly be wrong with that I see things little realistically The main flaws in their relationship had to do with Violet s hang ups I get it Everybody has his or her own insecurities but whereas Jay was absolutely, sickeningly PERFECT when it concerned Violet, she was the complete opposite toward him and to me the imbalance was unfair to say the least Also, sex does not necessarily show relationship progression in a positive light If anything, it can be the cause for problems and confusion and in light of Violet s lack of confidence in Jay and his feelings for her which I outlined above I do not feel like this helped solidify their transition from best friends to a dating relationship Lastly, it would have been nice to get a little bit of a glimpse into the character of Rafe As I closed the book after the final chapter, I know no about him than when he was first introduced I get that Derting may be trying to set things up for her next installment, but just a peek into his character would have been a nice treat Especially since its pretty clear that if she does continue the series, he will most likely be a key player possibly even a 2nd love interest if all of the not so subtle sparks between him and Violet whenever they would touch means anything besides the fact that they both have paranormal abilities. Why had I not rated this before Of course I give it 5 stars Argh It was like in the span between the first book and this one, Violet has gotten ten times melodramatic It s so irritating seeing a character backslide like that She s jealous of the time Jay is spending without her, she doesn t talk to her family or Jay about her problems even though they have known for years about her ability to sense the dead , and I spend a good portion of the time wanting to slap some sense into her It was like the author took her main character and forced emotional upheaval all over her just to give the book drama Then there s Violet s friend, Chelsea, who is an awful person I don t care if she seems cool, or that she speaks her mind, there are ways to do that without being a jerk Every time she wanders across the page I lose most of my interest and just wait until she goes away How Chelsea is any better than the cheerleaders that the main character derides is beyond my understanding.And, oh jeez, Violet s inability to stand up for herself, to tell her family and Jay what is going on, is the most frustrating part of the book Someone connected to the FBI starts snooping around and what does she do Not tell her family She spends so much time trying to run away from reality that I can hardly stand her now Jay is perfectly sweet to her to an almost sickening degree, honestly , and she doesn t nearly match him in that I liked them together in the first book, but in the second I was mostly feeling sorry that Jay even stuck around Violet.The plot was shallow and seemed mostly petty Then there was the reveal at the end that sort of just pops up and I didn t care at all I expected a lot from the book the least that the book was be all right like the first only to have those expectations fall flat 1 2 stars. What The Heck This book was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO disappointing I loved The Body Finder, so I was really looking forward to this one The Body Finder had an excellent plot, good characterization, awesome twists and was so suspenseful that I literally could not put it down But this one was hard for me to finish.Things I liked The plot wasn t exactly the same as the first book, and could have been good The addition of Sara and Rafe I want to learn about Rafe, and would be interested in learning his storyThings I wish had been changed About 100 pages should have been cut from this book Most of it was Violet whining, or being unsure, or deeply kissing Jay Boring Violet was super annoying in this book I remember being frustrated with her sometimes in The Body Finder, but her stupidity has no limits in this book WHY DO YOU KEEP GOING OFF BY YOURSELF VIOLET WHY You claim you don t want to upset your family, that you want to protect them but EVERY TIME you go out on your own you come back an emotional literal wreck and then refuse to tell them what s going on, because you don t want to worry them Guess what, they re already worried And her reasons for not trusting people are stupid, and oh so contrived Contrived, contrived, contrived This plot was predictable There were no twists Well, I guess there was one, but it was contrived, and therefores super easy to figure out In fact, I figured out everything about half of the way through I was hoping I d be wrong.but I wasn t A completely unnecessary sex scene While it wasn t graphic explicit, it was still unnecessary I ve said this many times, and I will continue to say it when a girl has sex at such a young age yes, 16 is young I know you think you are super mature, but you re not, sorry there are lasting psychological repercussions Sure, the guy can be a real gem, but USUALLY he is not Girls are already far too willing to believe that the guy they are dating is the exception to every rule, that he loves them, will never leave them, etc, when REALLY, the guy just wants to get it on Teenage girl readers should not feel like this is the acceptable norm I know that teenagers are capable of making their own decisions and won t do something JUST because they read about it, but if you re going to have your characters have sex, be realistic about it If she broke up with her boyfriend THE NIGHT AFTER having sex, there would be A LOT of psychological damage done.I think that s all So disappointing I don t know if I ll read the 3rd book in the series This was an amazing sequel It was what I hoped it would be complete with the awesomeness that is the Jay and Violet love story It was filled with new characters, new scenarios, new drama, new challenges If you liked TBF then you will not be disappointed 2.5 3 stars Desires of the Dead is the second book in Kimberly Derting s Body Finder series The premise of this series is quite original The main character Violet has a special ability She can hear, smell, or see echoes of the dead The dead both human and animals call to her A matching echo can be found on the murderer Oftentimes Violet will find dead animals, but there have been occasions where she finds human remains.This book takes place three months after the events of the first book I will preface this review to say that I really enjoyed the first book and while it had a few niggling problems, I gave that book 5 stars or an A rating This book did not strike me in the same way Those few niggling things that bothered me in the first book drove me nuts in this one First the good the story is well written and it has a nice element of suspense I liked how the author interspersed regular chapters with chapters from the mind of a troubled young girl It was a little too easy to guess who it was and not as creepy as the first book Despite my rant below, I did like most of the characters, especially Jay, the most awesomest boyfriend ever Jay is loyal, protective, loving, and romantic A 16 year old boy who creates romantic picnics lit by glow sticks Jay is just too good to be true Jay and Violet have been best friends for a long time Jay understands Violet s talent and how it affects her So we have a girl who can find dead people Not a particularly safe past time for a young teenage girl So herein lays my problem with this book The main character does way too many things with no regard for her personal safety Violet drives to Seattle in the middle of the night to check out a container at a pier because she felt the call of a body Port Pier Container Not the safest place to be on your own at the best of times.Other stuff happens to Violet and again her disregard for her personal safety bothered me Someone leaves a dead cat next to her car A threatening note is left on her windshield Crank phone calls Does she report any of this No Here s the kicker her uncle is the police chief, but she doesn t want to tell him because she is afraid that her parents would worry Violet s lack of communication was another issue for me Rather than talking over her problems with her someone, or anyone, she just shut down This led to many misunderstandings She is also jealous when her boyfriend makes friends with Mike, the new student I was struck by the lack of parental presence in this book Violet does not go to them for help, nor do they act like parents They don t seem too concerned she was out late they only worry about her feelings This is a girl who just 3 months earlier had her life threatened Why would they not be concerned about her safety and well being All criticism aside, I really did enjoy this book and I will be reading the next book when it comes out Check out my review at Badass Book Reviews Romance and Murder two great things that go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Okay, so maybe these two things shouldn t really go together But it sure makes for the kind of story that I would want to read.Three point triple six stars You do the mental math I m sort of freaked out to actually type the number Yes, I am that chicken.For those who aren t aware of what this series is about, it revolves around a girl named Violet who can sense dead bodies and the people who are responsible for those corpses by sensing echoes imprints which connect the killer to their victim Of course, this leaves Violet in constant danger, but she always has the support of her faithful best friend turned love interest Jay Creepy romantically sweet weird, but good mind trip I get why not everyone liked Desires of the Dead as much as The Body Finder. For me, both books were equally enjoyable as reads The reason why this book was just a slight bit weaker, is because the suspense and creep factor of the first book did not even come close to the same level in book 2 In book 1, we got to spend part of the time being freaked out as we were in the mind of a serial killer There were a couple of scenes which had me nervous in book 1 My stress level never tipped into the danger zone for this book.However, this is not to say that Desires was a bad book I might not have gotten as much of a thrill ride in the psycho killer department, but this was a fun little romp nonetheless More of the focus was on the romance side of the spectrum, but there was at least a setup for other heavy duty adventures in future books We ll call this the lovers bridge book In a way, the romance was better because it felt less angsty in the second installment A few random thoughts Using the seven deadly sins as headers when the PoV switched to the bad person was creative There s a new boy in town While he is appealing, I d rather not see this series go the love triangle route Jay is one of the better male leads in YA fiction that I ve read, so he deserves to keep his hero status The transition of the FBI into the story felt clunky and inauthentic When you re not sure if the FBI is even legit, there s a chance that the author probably should have done a little research.Best friends turned romantic a refreshing departure from the tired setup of new and cocky guy comes to town Why can t we truly have decent and likable guys in fiction Is there a reason why everyone s got to be a d ckhead How could you not love Jay Her voice was soft What did you think when I first told you about the animals I found Violet, I was seven years old I thought it was badass I think I was probably even jealous She made a face at him Didn t you think it was creepy Or that I was weird Yeah, he agreed enthusiastically That s why I was so jealous I wanted to be the one finding dead bodies You were like an animal detective or something You were only weird cause you were a girl He grinned But I learned to overlook that since you always took me on such cool adventuresGranted, he is still protective, and he still has his growly moments like any guy who has a thing for a girl, but he is able to continue to be the fun best friend We need characters like this people who show that life is not always about being the most chest thumping control freakOh, and Violet, he whispered against her ear, his breath tickling her cheek, I m still your best friend Don t ever forget it Holy cow Desires of the Dead is one of the best sequels I ve read in a really long time I forgot how amazing Kimberly s writing is I m literally at a lost for words Wow Justwow What I love about Desires of the Dead is how Kimberly write s from Violet s point of view, but switches every now and then to the bad guy s POV This is what originally hooked me on The Body Finder It s dark, it s twisted, it s made of win Violet and Jay s relationship begins to develope into something hotter, sexier and complicated than it was in The Body Finder Just like all couples, they start dealing with intimacy and trust issues It s not always happy, but at least it s interesting Unlike a lot of sequels out there, this one comes full circle I really enjoyed that Sometimes, too much of a cliffhanger can become not only tiresome, but irritating In this case, it s just the right amount of satisfaction and craving for.Fans of The Body Finder will jump and cheer for Desires of the Dead It s deliciously dangerous in all the right ways.